It's that wonderful time of the year in Japan where the heat starts to subside a little, the kids are trying to finish two months of homework in two days, and game companies start to reveal their line-up for the annual Tokyo Game Show. Held at Makuhari Messe in Chiba prefecture each September, the show has made a huge recovery after a pretty depressing five years or so. A lot of that is on the back of mobile gaming, the market which now dominates the Japanese games industry. Naturally, as one of Japan's gaming giants, Square Enix will be there, and they've announced quite an assortment of games for their booth this year.

dq7 dq72

Square Enix makes games for just about every part of the market these days, so rather than give you the full list, I'm just going to tell you which of their mobile games will be on the floor this year. The highlight as far as I'm concerned is Dragon Quest 7, the last of the announced Dragon Quest ports. Square's website offers up a few pictures and confirms a few bits of information. First, like the other Dragon Quest ports, the game is played in portrait mode. Second, it's a port of the 3DS remake rather than the PlayStation original. The developer listed is ArtePiazza, who handled the Nintendo DS remakes, so we probably don't need to worry about the issues that cropped up in TOSE's port of Dragon Quest 8. The rest of the line-up offers few surprises.

The complete list of Square Enix's TGS 2015 line-up follows:

  • Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius
  • Heavenstrike Rivals
  • Mobius Final Fantasy
  • Rampage Land Rankers
  • Alice Order
  • Kingdom Hearts Unchained Chi
  • Dragon Quest 7
  • Final Fantasy Grandmasters
  • Final Fantasy Record Keeper

Just like last year, yours truly will be on the show floor scoping things out for you all. This year, the show takes place from September 17th to the 20th, so check back around that time to get all the latest from Square Enix and Japan. Now, the real question: will we see this version of Dragon Quest 7 in English?

  • Dailon Huskey

    Awesome news! Can't wait for DQ7

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  • Bliquid

    We will. We have to.

  • Adsinjapan

    Hey Shaun! We should meet up! I'll be covering the event for Japan Today!

  • Anonomation

    What's brave exius, and is heavenstrike rivals related to FF15?

    • Shaun Musgrave

      Brave Exvius is the Final Fantasy social RPG being made by Alim, the developer of Brave Frontier. Heavenstrike Rivals is another social RPG which released earlier this year in the American App Store.

      • Anonomation

        Oh, thanks.

  • curtisrshideler

    Hoping somewhere someone is working on that English translation for DQVII. I'd be more than willing to Kickstart that! Hahaha. Thanks for the exciting news, Shaun!

    • Solarclipse

      That's right, I remember reading about that—but given final fantasy 7 actually ported, I feel like games such as dq7 is more of a possibility too. Fingers crossed!

      • Jesse_Dylan

        They always say it's too much text to make translating economically feasible. Otherwise we'd already have the 3DS version.

  • LelqTian

    Interesting. Supposedly the DQ7 and 8 remakes are headed to lands outside Japan, but is it this, a 3DS release or both? What does it mean for the DQ8 version on ios - will they also release the remake?

    I do hope a 3DS version hits first though.

    Also hoping that Sqeenix announces a DQ9 port for iOS as well, and soonish

  • TakKuroda

    DQ7? This makes me happy.

  • Milotorou


    *sad puppy face* i really really want it *sob*

  • mrsaturn789

    Everyone chant with me:
    DQ7 3DS port...DQ7 3DS port...DQ7 3DS port...

  • rafa01

    DQ8 release in japan an year before the english version.
    So the release date for outside japan is 2016 (end)

  • saucybag

    I really hope they do release DQ7 in English. Discovering the DQ series has been amazing and worth every full price penny. I'm playing them in order so I hope there won't be any gaps.

    • Milotorou

      VII is its own seperate story, so is 8, only 1-3 and 4-6 are related, so you can keep on playing worry-free, 7 could be played after 8 with no consequences whatsoever 🙂

  • Mr Forsyt

    It's been so long since Square was making good games that I can't even recall when I last had hope they MIGHT make a good game. Square merging with Enix took the heart out of the games, mobile gaming stole the soul.

    • curtneedsaride

      Good games? I consider the Chaos Rings series good games, as well as the GO! series, Deus Ex, and many people would also say that Final Fantasy Record Keeper is pretty good. Personally, I enjoy their ports and remakes the best, so far, but that's because I didn't get to play them when they originally came out on other consoles.

    • Dragontears969

      Tomb Raider? True I was a but skeptical about the result but I thought it was a really good reboot.

      • Jesse_Dylan

        You guys are just talking about the Eidos properties they got. Those aren't even made by the same people.

    • Jesse_Dylan

      Don't blame Enix. Enix made great games too until the merger.

    • Shaun James Musgrave

      Different strokes for different folks, but I've recently enjoyed Chaos RIngs 3, Theatrhythm Curtain Call, and the Bravely Default games, and I've heard plenty of good things about FF14's relaunched version.

      I think the old Square feeling left with Sakaguchi, and that's been evident in the FF mainline games more than anywhere else, but there have been a lot of excellent Square Enix releases post-merger and post-mobile. The Dragon Quest games in particular haven't missed a beat, and the only reason we got DQ8, DQ9, and the remakes of DQ4/5/6 in English is because of that merger.

      I'm less happy with their social RPG experiments, mostly because outside of Record Keeper I don't feel like they're even particularly good social RPGs, let alone stacking them against SE's core RPG efforts. But it's a genre in its infancy, so I'm willing to be patient and see how it all plays out.

  • 8bitme

    Hopefully it has a better control scheme than FF7. It was so horrid that I got a refund...

    • curtneedsaride

      I'd imagine the control scheme would be that of the other DQ DS ports, like DQ 4-6.

    • Milotorou

      Well, look at all the other DQs on iOS, they all share the same control scheme.

      Nothing like ff7

  • Jesse_Dylan

    I think this means we can kiss any possibility of an English release goodbye. If it had been the old version, maybe they could have been satisfied just sprucing up the translation, but I doubt they'll want to translate this since we never even got the 3DS version. 🙁

    • Shaun James Musgrave

      They were never going to use the old localization, regardless of the version they used for this game. The version of the company that did that localization doesn't even exist anymore, and I'd be awfully surprised if the files made the move when the Enix America offices closed.

      I'd say this release greatly increases the odds of both the 3DS version and this one coming out in English. They can now use the same localization to reach two different audiences, and since the same developer that did the 3DS version is doing this one, it should be a snap in terms of implementing it across both versions.

      Now, I feel like we're either getting both or neither, but in the case of the mobile version, the potential costs aren't as high due to lack of physical inventory, manufacturing, and associated other expenses. There's a reasonable case to be made for DQ7 not releasing on 3DS but still being viable on mobile.

      • Jesse_Dylan

        I'm so desperate, I'll buy anything and everything they put out!

  • ElPumo

    I want these to come out in the U.S. but I will never have time to play them all

  • Serenityinaz12

    I want DQ9 - it's impossible to get all the content for it now since there was so much downloadable quests and things and the service for Nintendo is gone to Dowload that stuff now

  • Serenityinaz12

    Also if you guys are truly that desperate to play 7, and if it doesn't come here with the newer versions, it was brought here originally for the PS years ago - so you could hunt it down and dust off your playstations. All DQ games in the main series are available on one platform or another in the U.S.

  • timbojill

    Mr Forsyt

    and Shaun James Musgrave make good points. Since the merger between square and Enix there games have gone down hill. For example the Chaos RIngs series for Mobile. All the games start with a good story but in the end the story gets bogged down with mechanics.