If you like racing games, I've got a nice one for you. Brownmonster's Rush Rally 2, the sequel to the entertaining Rush Rally, is under development and the gameplay videos and screenshots look quite promising. The upcoming game features over 70 tracks, 6 game modes, 8 cars, championship modes, downloadable ghosts for checking how well you can do against your friends, and online leaderboards across platforms. The original received mostly positive reviews and players in our forums seemed to enjoy it.

Rush Rally 2

According to the developers, the game includes persistent damage across stages, plenty of visual treats, different traction for different surfaces, and has transitioned from the top-town camera of the original game to either bonnet camera or chase camera. Also, this time around you'll be able to tune your car in regards to drive-train, aerodynamics, and so on. In what will be good news to many gamers, the developers are leaning towards shifting from the F2P model of the original to a one-off premium price. The game seems to be getting very close to being ready for beta testing, so if you want to try it out, visit our forums.





  • pillzhereish

    I've been following following this since the release of Rush Rally the first.
    The dev is very involved and wants to build the ultimate mobile rally experience.
    The F2P model of the first one is very fair.

  • orangecan

    I loved the first one but I liked it because it was top down and not f2p. I really hope this is just as good so fingers crossed

    • orangecan

      Just re read the article - I'd forgotten the first was free with a premium unlock.....

  • squirpe

    Has potential - Colin McRae Rally is my favourite rally game on iOS, will be interested to see how this compares. Premium pricing is also a big plus for me.

    • Stephen Brown

      Feedback from my Beta testers puts this in another league to Colin McRae. The Rally equivalent of Real Racing!

  • gaymerX

    Looks great. I think it's just the video, but the overall colors could be more contrasting. Also, I'm not a big fan of the draw distance. I get easily distracted by the pop-in of trees etc. can't wait to see the final release!

    • Stephen Brown

      Hey, check out the latest trailer hopefully your worries above are no more 🙂

  • H4nd0fg0d

    Have a feeling this will b the iOS rally experience by which all others will b measured.

  • Gamer_Kev

    I'd does look fun. I'm tired of F2P racers, but if they do go premium, I'll be interested in getting this.

    • Stephen Brown

      It will be premium and out this month!