From The Forums: Does the App Store Need Curated Storefronts?

We saw a very interesting thread on the TouchArcade Forums today from Tom Bowen of Thinkerton Games, who made an interesting suggestion regarding what he calls “Community Moderated Store Fronts." Saying that “if the deluge of daily app submissions is too many to curate for the App Store engineers, why not put it in the hands of the users?" He suggests different curation-style pages, not unlike Steam’s curation functionality, which could bring fans of certain genres or of different publications that could run their own curated storefronts on the App Store. You could even have a top and recommended list of curators like what Steam has:

Steam Curators

It’s a very curious idea, though I’m not completely on board with it. But you’ll have to read the forum thread to see what I and others think about it. And if you have any thoughts on this, feel free to put them in the thread yourself!