nintendoAt today's Nintendo Financial Results Briefing the President of Nintendo, Satoru Iwata, finally gave us more details about Nintendo's invasion of the mobile gaming world. In an interesting admission of how the digital world's changing, Iwata talked about how the Internet and smart devices have transformed people's lifestyles to the degree that Nintendo has to adjust and move beyond its traditional focus on dedicated video game systems. Gamers have often complained about the way Nintendo has stubbornly ignored mobile gaming, especially given the fact that the mobile gaming revolution could fill up Nintendo's coffers to the brim. Finally, Nintendo seems to have realized mobile gaming's potential for its brand.

In respect to mobile gaming specifically, Iwata reiterated that the company will be deploying Nintendo IPs on games for smart devices (which we've written about recently), and that it will start the service for the first game application by the end of this calendar year. To reiterate his company's commitment, Iwata stated that Nintendo is currently restructuring to properly operate the smart device business. Iwata even announced that he's selected a Mario Kart series' producer to be in charge of the development of one or more of these titles, and even though details about this specific move are still thin, it appears that he's probably referring to Hideki Konno, producer of Mario Kart 7 and Mario Kart 8.

As many have already guessed, Nintendo won't be porting "software that already has a track record on a dedicated game system" because, as the president stated, if it doesn't match the play styles and "business model" of smart devices (read touch screen, short play sessions, and, of course, Free to Play), the game wouldn't be able to survive the intense competition of the mobile gaming world. He even went into specifics about the number of titles to be expected, with the magic number being five titles by the end of March 2017. Even though he admitted that the number is low, he said it's because Nintendo aims to "make each title a hit" and commit plenty of resources to thoroughly operate each title for a long time post release. Iwata said that Nintendo sees mobile gaming as a way for more people to associate with Nintendo IP, so I'm hoping that speaks to the company's intention to produce great mobile games. According to the President, in order to create a bridge between the various platforms, Nintendo will be working hard to build an "integrated membership service" that will allow players to access multiple devices using one common ID.

So, are you excited about the announcement or do is five games in two years not what you expected to hear? It does appear that Nintendo is serious about mobile gaming, which is good news for everyone. As an avid Nintendo gamer since the days of the original NES and an admirer of the innovation the company used to bring to the gaming world, I'm excited to see what I'll be playing on my iPhone next year.

  • Andrei

    Non posso aspettare!
    Finalmente Nintendo si è decisa: speriamo che continui su questa linea

    • Kenan2000

      Ah never mind...

      • Kenan2000

        Oops lol,wrong place to reply!

    • NickyNichols

      Omg are you Mario??

      • B30

        No, he's Andrei.

    • spsummer

      That's what I thought too.

    • Press2Play

      Agree! 101%

  • Kenan2000

    Let's hope that they won't be freemium.

    • Kenan2000

      Never mind...

      • Kenan2000

        Tbh I'm not that excited about this since I'm sure that Nintendo does not know jack about a well-done freemium model,they are new to mobile market,way too new I'd say.

      • Bryanw95

        I'm very disappointed that Nintendo wants to go free-to-play at all. A big name such as Nintendo could survive, I think, as a premium game publisher on mobile. Any innovations for mobile they pioneer will be overshadowed by their aggressive monetization techniques, if their free-to-play games on 3DS are any indication.

      • vai_levar_no_cu

        yeah, as everyone knows, premium games on mobile is where the big money
        is. its just such an amazing market for that kind of games. actually, nobody ever complained about the fact its a toxic market, or anything 😛

        dunno why nintendo bothers to have CEO's. they could just get all their
        wisdom from online comments sections and their armchair economy
        specialists. love also the part about "nintendo could survive".

        truth is, freemium is the only viable model on mobile, in terms of real profit. nintendo is not a indie developer looking for salary

      • Agkelos

        Sarcasm is the lowest form of wit.

      • Anova

        Nintendo partnered with DeNa to help them with "getting" freemium.

    • vai_levar_no_cu

      Nintendo's partner DeNA is actually very well known for its non-fremium games. absolutely. thats their forté

      • nini

        Exactly, think less Candy Crush, more Record Keeper.

      • Nycteris

        I played Mobage DeNA games and they seemed awfully mercenary to me (but... I did keep playing)

  • NickyNichols

    I can't wait to play Angry Birds: Kirby, Temple Run: Mario Edition, and Clash of Hyrules

    • Tuzzo

      If Clash of Hyrule is half good as Hyrule Warriors, it's insta-buy for me ^_^
      Well, assuming they won't go the freemium way, in which case it may be out of question for me.
      I don't know if Dena freemium model will be the shitty "I will make your game sessions so boring and going nowhere unless you pay lots of real money" or the way better "if you stick to the game a reasonable amount of time, you can get everything while still enjoying the journey" type.

    • Wizard_Mike

      Don't forget about Metroid Match-Three!

      • WhovianWithALightsaber

        Would totally play this, or even a behind the back endless runner - as long as I see Ninty give Samus some sort of love!!

    • B30

      And the new Mario Kart three-lane endless runner, with triple currency and timers by DeNA.

    • Cirnol

      Those...don't sound that bad actually...though Mario would have to be a 2D runner like the Rayman Run games. And maybe Metroid could be the Temple Run clone with elements from the Brave version that include shooting objects.

  • icepulse

    That's about par for the course. It's why their home console sales are foundering.

  • Tim Cant

    What the f is going on in these comment

  • GSport

    If they go freemium I will pass! I would pay good money for a quality Mario Kart or Mario Brothers. Freemium games are an insult to us mobile owners. It means that are platforms are not good enough even though some are surpassing dedicated handheld consoles. EA ruined Real Racing. I have played RR3 on and off since its release and never spent one cent! I would gladly pay $20 for the whole game.

    • Stormourner

      freemium games is an insult to the mobile gamers? ROFLMAO!! this is the most pathetic thing I have ever heard X'D

      • Dailon Huskey

        Yeah I agree with you I used to be a dumba** too about it and now most of the games I play are F2P as long as the mechanics are good and it's not a pay to win it's all good and DeNA makes my fav free to play game ever FF Record Keeper so it may be good to go as a matter of fact I have spent nothing on that game and have played it more than any other since it came out and this may be biased since I'm a FF head but to me it's the best game I have ever played on the App store and it's free.

      • Stormourner

        indeed you and the rest prefer freemium games done right, I'm the biggest fan of MinoMonsters and despite the game having timers, it's important to know that freemium games has a fandom and they should be respected

        allow me to show the list of games that I'm a fan of:
        - Armello (© League of Geeks)
        - Bloodborne (© From Software)
        - Burn & Turn (© Robot Bear)
        - Demonstar series (© Mountain King Studios)
        - Doom series (© id Software)
        - Flower (© Thatgamecompany)
        - Infinity Blade series (© Chair Entertainment)
        - Jamie's Revenge series (© Voltic)
        - MinoMonsters (© EDEO/MinoMonsters Inc.)
        - Raptor: Call of the Shadows (© Mountain King Studios)
        - Sanctuary series (© Clockwork Pixels)
        - Shoot First (© TeknoGames)
        - Souls series (© From Software)
        - XOP series (© ToastSoft)

        MinoMonsters is the only freemium game in my fandom list, there's alot of freemium games that deserve to have fan like me

      • Desertking24

        Does that mean free-to-play is an insult to PC gamers?

      • nini

        Everything not PC gaming is an insult to PC gamers, precious things.

      • Stormourner

        freemium games is not an insult to PC gamers, freemium haters are an insult to freemium games ;P

  • GSport

    I would hope that a respectable company such as Nintendo would be classy enough not to travel the freemium road. As consumers let's make sure they hear us and not go to the wrong path.

  • GSport

    Nintendo should also offer there own MFI controller. I think it would sell like crazy!

  • Dailon Huskey

    So is it safe to say the first title will be a Mario kart game? Would be awesome for sure

    • bubby525

      They stated numerous times that they will not port games to the mobile platform so no not Mario kart sorry

      • Dailon Huskey

        I didnt mean a port I meant a new Mario kart since the guy behind those games is on the team.

      • bubby525

        That would be porting the game to mobile.... Again they will not take any names from their flagship console and put them on mobile. They stated numerous times they will be brand new games that are not in their flagship consoles.

      • Out5poken

        Which could still mean a totally NEW mario kart for mobile. Porting would mean for example, taking the 3DS version of mario kart which many would believe is possible and slapping it straight on iOS, that is what they are NOT going to do.

        To sum up the conference, reluctantly Nintendo has finally accepted many people are not buying their dedicated consoles anymore to play mario and the like...not enough to keep the company a float for the long term anyway... So they're teaming up with mobile games specialist DeNA to bring their IP to smartphones. Done!

      • AdamBoy64

        I could see Mario Kart doing really well on mobile.
        They could do some pretty neat things with the multiplayer too.

        It's a great idea.

    • AdamBoy64

      Well, it's certainly not a sure thing, but it could well happen somewhere down the line.

  • Mighty Black Duck

    > Gamers have often complained about the way Nintendo has stubbornly ignored mobile gaming.

    No, they haven't.

    > Especially given the fact that the mobile gaming revolution could fill up Nintendo's coffers to the brim.

    Are we still ignoring that the app store is basically a lottery and that the money makers are abusive IAP games?

  • Kirs

    5 mobile games-2 year plan


  • AdamBoy64

    Awesome news.
    Really excited to see what they'll bring out for their first moble game.

  • Anotherkellydown

    Well Tasos, I'm excited. Mobile gamers complained, and Iwata listened. Been a Nintendo fan from day one and I'm just glad they're doing *something* for mobile.

    • AdamBoy64

      Totally agree.
      I'm in the same boat - I've been a Nintendo fan for quite some time, and it's nice to see them taking positive steps to adapt to a changing market.

  • Alexythimia23

    I guarantee you we will see a mario game in some form or some of their other classics, surely they know these games are still cash cows and that they would kill it on a f2p mario kart game, it will happen regardless of what you think. You see money talks, and when they see all the money rolling in from there freemium games, im sure they will also feel they can make a more dedicated premium game to cater for the more experienced gamer if they do well enough, and im sure they will. So watch this space for their resolve to crumble, and finally bring the games you thought you would never see to their new home...IOS lol

  • PoloBaquerizoH

    Probably cheap free games, so really nothing to expect, hopefylly they wont kill the classic's legacy with fremium aspects. Cross fingers thats they will be premium as they should.

    • nini

      Please, you can do freemium right yknow. I know it's not the thing to say that freemium has redeeming qualities and that being a paid app won't guarantee a good game but it's okay, DeNA has a good track record in doing this right, so does Nintendo on their own platforms so don't worry, God won't be killing an indie dev because Nintendo isn't charging upfront.

  • vic_viper_001

    Kirby's Tilt & Tumble 2... make it happen Nintendo!

  • jamesgecko

    Nintendo is actually doing freemium pretty reasonably on the 3DS. Pokemon Shuffle has fast energy recharge times and limits the amount that you can spend per month ($100). Pokemon Rumble World won't let you spend more than $32, total. Rusty's Real Deal Baseball has a negotiation mini game which allows you to haggle down the price of additional content, down to $16 for the entire game.

    Don't get me wrong, I'm dubious that Nintendo's mobile efforts are going to be as good as the absolute gold they're pouring into the WiiU and 3DS right now. But I'm willing to give them a free pass on free-to-play until we see what they come up with.

    • Intendro

      20 minutes per play recharge and only 5 plays (that lasted me 14-16 minutes altogether) is not fast. It'd be fast if a loss was the only thing that removed a life, but merely playing does. 15 minutes of play, over an hour to play that much again. And I though I was supposed to be playing the game, not going and playing a different one. Timers shouldn't even happen.
      And a limit of $100 a month? The price of 2.5 3DS games a month on one game, a simple one even? That's a lot of money for this thing.

  • curtneedsaride

    I reserve my excitement for once I actually see these games. DeNA's history with free-2-play and Nintendo's hesitance on entering the scene earlier leaves me feeling quite unsure.

  • merkball

    Oh dear god... Not freemium... You'll probably have to pay to refuel your kart or pay A quid per pokeball... I seriously hope not though.

  • Morgan01

    Hard to get excited without knowing more details about releases, titles, game types, pay models (ie. Feemium), etc. Will have to wait and see what they release before forming any opinion.

  • MirriamE

    5 games in two years? Sounds like every indie developers business plan.

    I'm so excited to see Flappy Mario Bits, and Crossy Zelda!

  • EZ Ice

    I see Nintendo Town builder, Mario Match 3, etc...which im sure will do very well!

  • boydstr

    Niceif I had to choose bring on a Metroid game.