So, you're probably going to want to sit down for this one. Modern Combat 5 [Free] is officially going free-to-play in this latest update, available now. Before you freak out, the good news is that Gameloft is going to try and take care of people who paid for the game, they added in new content and controller support is finally here in the game.

So here's the situation. If you get the game now that it's free, you'll have an energy system to contend with, that decreases with missions you go on. However, you can buy unlimited energy for a limited amount of time, along with other benefits. If you bought the game when it was paid, you'll never see an energy meter, as you'll have Veteran status, and will get a special kill sign and camo, along with 200 credits for having owned the game before.

What's actually new as far as content goes? Well, there's gamepad support now, which actually will support "standard, formfitting, and extended controllers" which sounds promising even if you have one of the d-pad-only gamepads, though you can pretty much only buy extended ones (with the joysticks) now. There's a new soldier class, Support, which uses a light machine gun (a new weapon class), and has skills focused on healing and reducing debuff effects. All weapons have a sixth tier to unlock. A new Zone Control mode, similar to Domination in Call of Duty, is available to play in now as well.

MC5 Support

The first big update for the game added in some of the free-to-play aspects that this will now be centered around. I imagine that a lot of people will be upset about this shift even just on principle, but this is just the reality of the mobile market right now – more people want free-to-play things. Clearly, going paid without in-app purchases didn't work as well as Gameloft needed it to, so we have this transition. The update should be rolling out now. Remember, commenters, be excellent to each other!

  • Maglor

    Hahaha!! Look!! I know this is going to be FREE!! I'm so proud not to buy it on 99c. This is what Gameloft do.
    Oh Baby!!!

    • Based Xatu

      People who paid get the veterans package, soooo yeah. Not much of a loss.

      • Maglor

        Oh... There's energy bar handicap on F2P user. It's just relieved for paid premium user. Just good thing here on Gameloft.

      • anabolicMike

        Actually that is pretty cool. They found a way to make it go freemium and not scorn all the previous purchasers. Come guys give me some kudos for that! Other companies bend you over and stick the rod of happy in! Hmmm. Cool. I like game loft better now.

      • Opinion

        I think this was a great idea for business in that they have a group who have advanced in the game with 100% access and will always have an advantage over incoming players. It'll be a great reason for those ftplayers to invest in modern combat money for an advantage because they're getting wrecked by obviously loyal customers who'll likely continue paying and playing.

    • TheNoobOfTheCentury

      You should have gotten it for 99c if you wanted it. Now I can only imagine how stupid it is for unveterans.

    • fearlesskk

      You couldnt play for like a year? So i guess paying 5-6$ to play months before you is worth it

  • SonixManix

    This ticks me off.

    • cofunguy

      Shouldn't be much of a surprise since Gameloft does this a lot to their games...premium first then free!

      • Dailon Huskey

        It's double dipping and I don't trust a company with a bad policy like that.

      • Pyroknight

        Double dipping? More like letting more people play the game, lol. I can see literally no down sides to this; Gameloft gets money, people who bought it don't get shafted, and more people like me who were on the fence about buying it can enjoy it.

      • Onikage725

        Down side is there's no longer a premium option. I, for one, hadn't picked it up yet. I was waiting for controller support...and now that comes with an energy system and I don't much care to get it even for free. If there was a paid option, I WOULD plunk down for the full package now that the update is out. Ah well.

      • Pyroknight

        You could just buy the unlimited energy thing?

      • jrn145

        I agree that Gameloft is right for compensating veterans, but the main issue is that this signifies MC6 will most likely be IAP from the start.

  • Based Xatu

    Here it comes.....

  • marcanthony0313

    I'd be upset if they hadn't already done this with Gangstar, Order & Chaos, Dungeon Hunter, Asphalt....I'll retreat back to MC4.

  • Anonomation

    Gameloft strikes yet again. The third time! They have fooled me thrice buy never again! INDEED SIR!

  • pillzhereish

    Got it for a buck so I'm okay.

    • madreviewer

      I got it for free in a bundle pack

  • crazyitalian

    Paid a buck so I am cool with it . Plus got some cool stuff for free . I really like playing this game so good .

  • Jake7905

    Once upon a time this was a full premium game with no IAP. Now Modern Combat has become another modern cash-in.

    • Pyroknight

      Please explain how this is a "cash-in". There are literally no downsides to this.

      • Jake7905

        No downsides to a Freemium conversion? That's a first.

      • Pyroknight

        Uhhhh... Don't know if you've noticed, but everyone who's paid for it gets compensated so there aren't any new freemiun elements. All this means is people like me can now enjoy the game.

  • sivad

    "Get" to play πŸ˜‰

  • AlexsIpad

    This signals the end of good gameloft games. Modern combat was the last good gameloft series and now it's gone free. This also means that if there is a MC6, it will be free from release. No more premium games from gameloft

    • worldcitizen1919

      No way I'll be playing MC6 with energy timers.

  • starkiller969

    Can't blame gameloft for going where the money is ...
    But I mean they already have many free to play games, why not keep one of there only respectable titles left untouched by ftp.
    Gameloft used to try and innovate in the early years, now they just pick up on the models that trend the most

    • seantyas

      I'm curious.. Where did they innovate?

      I think I want to give the nvidia shield a look, if that can play some steam games....

  • RomanReigns

    so you need energy meter to play multiplayer too? is it?

  • Amin

    I m developing a theory: everything becomes free or 0.99 if you wait enough.

    • Anonomation

      'Tis true

  • Anova

    Just a thought, but if game loft had been making tons of money they probably wouldn't have thrown the switch on this. Why is anyone surprised they're trying to re-imagine their pricing after pay-up-front didn't work? At least they're trying to give it s chance....

    • anabolicMike

      Right they could stop supporting it

  • Rip73

    There's no real big deal about this.
    Those that bought the game got 10 bucks of free iap stuff and no timers added.
    Along with standard unlocking of weapons they got and pro weapons.
    About as fair a conversion as a conversion could be because it simply does not affect those that purchased it.
    Essentially they got a premium unlock.

    I for one would be sorry I hadn't bought it beforehand if that was the case, luckily I bought on day one and am now not subject to any freemium timers.
    If more had bought it, we wouldn't be in this situation and if this is how freemium conversions get handled in the future, I'm definitely day one purchasing anything just so I'd not get timers.

  • Andrew Smith

    If people who paid for it (like me) still have everything they originally had then I don't have a problem with this. But if things that I iriginally paid for are now locked behind timers or IAPs then it's a straightforward scam. That's the sort of thing that Apple should be protecting us from, not "violent imagery" or nudity or whatever else they randomly decide is off-limits.

    • DBrown519

      Yes you are correct. Apple needs to step up to the plate and not let this happen, otherwise people will/may leave the Apple scene.

  • Alex_Gol

    Oh here goes my punishment for buying a Gameloft game.
    Triple combo'd.

    • Stormourner

      c-c-c-c-c-combo breaker

  • speedyph


  • Ubisububi

    Resistance is futile.

  • Amenbrother

    I am ok with it since I bought it day 1 I wont have a stamina bar.

  • SpoomMcKay

    They bragged about this being a real premium game with no IAP when it first came out, now they flushed that down the toilet

  • skylined87

    So does the veteran package apply if I bought the game, but It is not currently installed on my iPhone? I have no space for it at the moment...too many cool games sitting on here that I haven't played yet!

    • TheNoobOfTheCentury

      It does for me I tried it.

  • Clashingskulls

    Ugh....yet another game gone free because people are too cheap to pay $5 or even $1 on a game. This is very sad. The same people that love to play games yet don't feel they should pay for anything, are killing the industry. Enjoy your future of an App Store filled with nothing but a thousand clones of Floppy Bird and Candy Crush.

    • joydiv

      They WILL enjoy it, be certain. It is you that will not.

    • DBrown519

      If we do not get another Marvel vs Capcom game, or updated NBA Jams game in the App Store than many people including me may leave the whole scene. I also do not like being controlled from a company when we bought our phones and paid 100s of dollars (jail breaking for tweaks should not be a big deal). The constant updating of the iOS every so many months and breaking apps is not cool either.

    • Pyroknight

      Lol? Just because I like not having to pay, means I'm killing the games industry? Please elaborate.

  • Sebastian Gomez

    Ok... I'm glad I won't have an energy meter xD

    • Sebastian Gomez

      Won't buy ANY future Copyloft game.

  • Jon

    The hilarious thing about all this is people wont bay a couple bucks for a game up front but will gladly pay 50 bucks on gems or whatever. The human race....irony at its finest.

    • Pyroknight

      Yeah, because they want to try out the game initially and then spend money. Or, maybe they just like being able to spend money and get ahead. Don't see any "irony" here.

      • Emotive

        It's ironic because they will only give their money when it's free to play.

      • jrn145

        People end up spending a lot more on IAPs than if the same title was premium. That's why it's ironic.

  • hourglass

    What happened to Starfront: Collision? Haven't they done anything with that game?

    • loophole

      Oh my gosh I loved that game! I think they took it off the AppStore tho cuz I haven't been able download it on any of my new Apple devices πŸ™ Those were the glory days of gameloft (n.o.v.a, shadow guardian, starfront, etc.)

  • Mekklesack

    Veteran Status! If they apply this to future games, you could have more premium sales. If they advertise it! Or it will at least attract serious players.

  • Mestour Zouhair

    i am done with gameloft

    • Stormourner

      gameloft is done with you

  • JMan121314

    Ok I am at least happy they have veteran status because I bought the game and they have done this many times.

    It's a bummer but at least in a way we have the premium version still.

  • jayzilla87

    I think this is excellent business strategy and I sincerely hope this gets implemented more often!! This could be the golden meet-me-in-the-middle solution in this f2p vs premium problem. I also doubt that it didn't sell well, i think that they reached the 'premium' peak as in that most people that wanted to buy it, already did, so to pull the rest over the line and probably peak again they made it free, at least that's what I would do πŸ™‚

    Anyway kudo's to gameloft for full controller support (finally) and for respecting early adapters!

  • Corey

    This is crap. This game a horrible energy system. If I bought the game for $5 i could play whenever I want. Now that its "FREE" (not really free), it cost $50 a month for unlimited energy. I deleted it after the first hour. I cost 3 energy every time you start a round or die. I was out of energy in the first 15 minutes.

    • jayzilla87

      Then you should've saved 5 bucks to buy it bro! It's been out long enough to get the money together, you probably spend more than that in one day on... Stuffs

      • Corey

        I was waiting until I got my iphone 6 plus 128gb. My iphone 5s never had enough space on it.

  • jayzilla87

    They should implement a premium period in which you can purchase a game and after that go free with f2p mayhem to make more money after all this seems like THE ONLY WAY to cash in from BOTH premium lovers AND f2p peeps... So smart! Gotta respect that at least!!!

  • tahzblade

    I wasted money on this game, will be getting refund asap.

    • tahzblade

      Unless they reward the people who payed with something worthwhile.

    • tahzblade

      I just read the title then commented, should've waited to

      • tahzblade

        Post something

  • Jeremy N Brianna Martel

    Guys this is nothing but good. Would u really want am energy bar that restricts how much you play and if u want unlimited play you have to continuously pay. It says pay f or unlimited energy for a limited amount of time. So they could spend $100 and still not got it as good as we do. This will only bring new blood into game and keep it lively. Also new class new weapons for each class all sorts of unlockables This is truly a good thing an I for one am stoked. No disrespect but half of the players in this game are kids whose parents prob paid for game for them so why complain. Rejoice that we get any updates I've loved alot of games that u couldn't even get a response from customer no service.

  • Nekko

    Thank GOD people who payed won't have energy meters. Almost threw myself out the window when I read that part.

  • Lemmonz

    This reminds me of how big of a deal it was that this game wasn't F2P and had no IAP when it first came out last year.

  • dancj

    I guess I should have bought it in the sale. As well - I still haven't got around to playing MC4 so this is not big loss.

    • Mekklesack

      MC4 is incredible and the closest game to Call of Duty MW on mobile in terms of look, feel and features. (that includes the all of the actual call of duty branded games on the App Store).

      • dancj

        I've still got MC4 and Deus Ex: The Fall waiting to be played. MC5 could be great but I don't think I'll reach the stage where I rue not having bought it.

  • iosbuddha

    I think It'd be nice to see this premium price to remove timer/energy vs free to play implemented a lot more.
    don't mind paying a small price to get rid of that crap QUICK!

    • dancj

      Yeah. I'd probably pay 79p for that. πŸ™‚

    • jayzilla87

      No i think the order in which they did it -premium full game and THEN after a period go f2p really makes the difference here, people that wanted to pay for a full game did and now they can unleash the f2p cashcow on the rest.

      If it was f2p from start and then just have an IAP to unlock premium maybe people would do it but most likely anti f2p peeps wouldn't f*ck with it -because- it's f2p... I don't know if I explained right but I think that if repeated it should be executed (somewhat) exactly the same as this game.. I think this way tends to make most (kind of) people feel satisfied... And that seems like it's a hot topic right now with all this f2p vs freemium stuff going on... My 2cents

  • TheOutlander

    So I guess I'm never buying a Gameloft game on release date ever again.

    • dancj

      You do understand the story right? They've screwed the game for people who haven't paid, but not those who paid.

      • TheOutlander

        Yes, I've read the whole story and I understood the fact that they are only screwing the free users but I wrote that because, honestly if all GL games will become free after a while, then I won't be buying it at launch with full price to come back after numerous discounts to see that they've added IAPs and made it free and I also didn't quite enjoyed MC5 TBH even at launch with the price tag and 'premiumness'.

      • TheOutlander

        But overall I agree and think that the freemium conversion was far from awful for the people who bought it.

  • araczynski

    its gameloft, that should be an auto-not-buy/download anyway. at least its been that way with me for years.

  • DrewDiddy17

    I'm glad they kept loyal to the premium users. Just wish they would've done the same for Premium users on Gangstar Vegas. *sighs*

    • dancj

      Yeah. Much as in one of the people screwed because I hadn't bought it yet, I think they've handled this well - as long as they haven't changed the balance of the game in a way that makes the premium people want to buy IAPs.

      • dancj


  • one.sixty.four

    This was inevitable. It's just the unfortunate truth about mobile gaming. I'm really glad to see that they're taking care of their premium-paying customers this time as asphalt 8's F2P transition was awful. I think the gave everyone who paid (me included) a one-time-use double XP booster and 2,000 coins which is barely enough to buy the worst car in the game and few other useless boosters that I've forgotten in favor of important things.

  • Bryan

    I hope the energy system could add more energy because with the current system, you can only have 3 multiplayer battles or missions

  • time soldier

    Gamelof is the best, thank you for gifts who buy mc5.
    P.S. unlimited power its awesome.

  • Stephen

    I updated and attained the "veteran" status only to have all my level progress and weapons info was wiped. Additionally it only lets me play the first level over and over. Now I can't play.

  • Mohammed Abdul Muqeet

    How do i advance the game without service stars..i dont have enough service stars so does that mean i cant play anymore?

  • Eli Ridder

    Sucks cause I'd rather pay for Premium then have to deal with paying all the time for energy.

  • ThatOneStormtrooper

    Anyone notice that the guy in the picture with the support class unlocked is only level 9 and the fact that you unlock that class at level 50