As we’ve state before, it’s a tough gig to be an endless runner on the App Store. Nearly all are simply reskins of the same type of gameplay, requiring standouts to either significantly alter the formula (and risk losing that aspect that makes them so appealing) or offer a novel theme to that counteracts what is other standard gameplay fare. Daytona Rush  [Free] is clearly in the latter category with a pretty novel and well implemented theme of stock car racing. When combined with its (thankful) utter lack of IAP, good leaderboard support and great production values, Daytona Rush may be an endless racer worth trying.

Before you dismiss this as just another endless runner, Daytona Rush deserves some credit for implementing the formula very well. Players have three lanes to use to avoid oncoming traffic on a stock car track. Passing cars earns coins, while the run is measured in Yards and is used as the measuring stick of performance against other players. The basic three-lane approach towards avoiding oncoming cars melds with a good risk/reward formula trying to pass cars perilously close to your vehicle in order to earn extra coins. Rush also has a fuel system that has you keeping track of the gas in your car, forcing you to make pit stops between laps in order to refill (run out of gas and it’s game over). A multiple life system (as well as the ability to earn more during a run), tons of missions, and several cars to purchase and upgrade round out the game.

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I really enjoyed Daytona Rush’s take on the three-lane endless runner. Difficulty scales really well during an individual run. Also, the game does a great job of creating an experience that feels overwhelming (due to the large number of cars on screen) but also lets you succeed in almost a zen-like state of tapping and passing without even thinking about it. Car upgrades are actually truly useful improvements that can affect the amount of times you ram into a car, gas mileage and turning speed.

On top of the fact that Daytona Rush is simply a good endless runner, its lack of IAP in any form is a welcome change. The game’s monetization lies in the ability to watch an ad at the end of a run that will instantly double the amount of money you earned during said run. It’s a completely fair system provides tangible benefits to watching an ad. This also means that, beyond upgrading your vehicles, there isn’t much in terms of a “pay-to-win” mentality. Personally, it makes me more likely to continually play the game as leaderboard position actually means something.

Other than the fact that Daytona Rush’s gameplay is pretty standard, there’s very little to complain about with the game. Visuals are awesome and nice touches such as crazy car crash physics make each run a little more fun. Discussions in our forums have uncovered players that seem to encounter bugs that crash the game after a certain amount of levels, but I haven’t experienced this myself. Regardless, Daytona Rush is pretty enjoyable and deserves at least a download.

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  • Jetjet

    Great game well polished, no stupid Iaps but a lack of content (for the moment I believe)
    Level 22 (on top of my car great detail) and a lot of hours playing it !
    This endless game is a good example of what free games should be all !

  • justplainjay

    Enjoying this game very much. It's a refreshing spin on the endless runner while still having everything that makes endless runners fun. I've only played maybe 30-60 minutes a day but haven't ran into the need for any IAP, and I don't think the game pushes them if I recall.

    • bilboad

      Not only doesn't it push IAPs, it doesn't even have any.

  • phoopee3

    I now understand what all the hub-bub about nascar is. Joking aside I can't put this game down. I wish there was something else out there that offered the quick pick-up-and-play and short-game scenario, but this game really nails it for me right now.

  • Dailon Huskey

    Do you have a gas and brake pedal at least? If not then that's not racing but simply reacting. I see watched the vid got a better view just lane changing basically with old f zero choose this lane to refill.

    • Jetjet

      No push or break only reflex but you should try it !

      • Dailon Huskey

        I may give it a go. Do wish a proper Nascar game would launch anyway SBK 2014 is an awesome super bike racing game with all real racers and tracks and it's a lot of fun.

  • FuZion

    The shadows are always cast from the same angle.

  • LordShad0wz

    You really have to try it. I love the game. I can't wait for the bugs to get fixed and see what they do with the game.

  • Boopero

    I'm really tired of endless runners, but I love this game. Maybe because I'm a NASCAR fan. The little touches like drafting, fuel strategy etc, make this simple game pretty fun.

  • beeezoli

    Fantastic fun game!!! 🙂

  • Wizard of Odyssey

    I keep thinking this is the 1990s Sega arcade game. It's definitely not, which makes me sad.

    Same thing happens when I see something about the modern TV show called Wipeout. I want it to be the 1990s Playstation game with rave music. It never is, and I am a bitter old man.

    Next up, make a zombie game called The Horse of the Dead and watch my eye start twitching.

  • stelluhreyesthis

    Remembered seeing the four star review here didn't get a chance to read until after playing, it was weird, I was waiting to be attacked with ugly iap's but it never happened, anyone who's against the standard fare f2p model should definitely get this.

  • Dhawal

    Very well designed! Kudos to the Invictus team! The engine and the tunning gear vary drastically with other cars (That's great because, I can experiment from my side), but later realized that its almost the same 🙁

Daytona Rush Reviewed by Eric Ford on . Rating: 4