This Back to the Future Case is the Craziest iPhone Case We’ve Ever Seen

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You may have seen the Batmobile case that was making the rounds earlier this month and thought, “It’s official, iPhone cases cannot get crazier than this." Wait, you didn’t see the insane Batmobile case from a few weeks ago, well, friends, feast your eyes on this. Fair warning, you might want to be sitting down particularly if you’re a Batman fan:

The Batmobile case is cool and all, but I feel like they really dropped the ball on the amount of lights on the case. I mean, if you’re going to have LED’s, why not have LED’s if you know what I’m saying. Thankfully, the powers that be from Bandai came to their senses and corrected the error of their ways with the just-revealed Back to the Future Delorean case:

Both cases feature all sorts of sliding plastic doors to reveal the camera lens and the volume buttons and are totally impractical for any kind of real-world use beyond “Hey guys check out this totally stupid case I have" moments… But, come on, I can think of stupider ways to drop $50.

You can preorder the Delorean case now, although you’re kind of on your own when it comes to paying for it in Yen and having it shipped outside of Japan. Or if you prefer the Batmobile case, you could get that too.

[via ShortList]

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