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Bethesda Legal Department Forces YouTuber to Change Name of Upcoming ‘Fortress Fallout’

Sad news for fans of CaptainSparklez, video game YouTuber extraordnaire with over 8 million followers. Mr. Sparklez was forced to announce that his upcoming mobile game, Fortress Fallout, is being forced to change its name because Bethesda, publishers of the Fallout series, are threatening Mr. Sparklez and his team with legal action because they believe Fortress Fallout infringes on their Fallout trademark. As such, Mr. Sparklez and co. are instead just going to change the name of the game to something else, as explained in the video below:

Bethesda has gotten into a notable legal spat before, as they fought Mojang over their card game Scrolls, which Mojang fought because they had a few bucks sitting around. As well, the former dEXTRIS was renamed to SHREDD (Free) thanks to legal wrangling from The Tetris Company. Trademarks are fun! The former Fortress Fallout, for those who didn’t know, is a game where you build a forrtress aof different materials, and launch projectiles at an opponent’s fortress across the battlefield, trying to destroy the other, in a game featuring multiplayer battles.

The game’s in beta right now, but obviously the trademark issues will cause issues with the release as far as creating new logos and the like. Best of luck to Mr. Sparklez and his team with finding a new name. These trademark issues do always stink, but can you imagine a world without lawyers?