Remember how Age of Zombies [$0.99] got updated out of nowhere back in June, promising that more updates were coming? And then Halfbrick added in Abraham Lincoln in another update? Well, they've just updated their venerable dual-stick shooter again with local co-op support. That's right, it's now possible to have Barry Steakfries and Abraham Lincoln fight side-by-side against waves of zombies all throughout history...while riding a zombie T-Rex. Truly, we live in wonderful times.

The co-op mode works on iPad in a couple different ways. Two people can play on one device in split-screen mode with their own controls, as such:

Age of Zombies Co-Op

However, if you have MFi gamepads, then you can connect up to four of them to one iPad, possibly even using Handoff, and fight off waves of zombies together. The game is TV-friendly as well: iOS 8 AirPlay and HDMI output performance is much improved, and there's overscan options in the settings if anything's getting cut off by your TV.

The entire game can be played in co-op mode, so grab a buddy and get to killing some zombies, because that's what Abraham Lincoln would have wanted: this great union cannot prosper unless we deal with the undead menace plaguing us.

  • Adams Immersive

    Can one person play fullscreen with the touch controls, and a co-op partner look on using MFi (and ideally mirrored to TV)? That would be neat! No compromise!

    • Carter Dotson

      Unfortunately not – if you have just one gamepad connected, it grays out the co-op option.

      • Adams Immersive

        Thanks! Just curious.

    • RamBo AnBo

      How to play coop on android?

  • Austin Ortis

    It wont let me play coop but it shows it on my screen