backfliplogoOver the weekend at PAX Prime, DragonVale developer Backflip Studios announced that they have a new mobile game in the works based on the Dungeons & Dragons IP. The game is currently untitled, but Backflip spoke to Polygon during PAX and did divulge a few details. The game is considered a castle defense game, but it's "much, much more than that" explains Backflip CEO Julian Farrior. "There's a heavy customization component. There's a heavy player-vs-player component. It wouldn't do it justice to tie it to any one game — it's inspired by the castle defense or raiding genres, but it doesn't adhere tightly to that, either."

The team at Backflip says the inspiration for this new D&D game came about after they released Army of Darkness Defense back in 2011. That was also a castle defense-style game based on a known IP that turned out incredibly well. It certainly wasn't the deepest game in the world, but it was a lot of fun, and used the Army of Darkness movie license to great effect in terms of fan service. Backflip is hoping to create a similarly accessible game in the D&D universe for the hundreds of millions of potential customers on the mobile platform. Here's a brief behind-the-scenes video in which the Backflip team talks about their own personal experiences with D&D over the years, and it also offers a very early glimpse of the game in action.

As you can see from the video, the core gameplay of this new D&D game looks very similar to Army of Darkness Defense. Not a bad thing at all, as like I said before that game was super fun. It also sounds like it will have a bit of Clash of Clans-like functionality in the form of asynchronous multiplayer where you can send your squad out to attack other players and they can in turn send out an attack on you. The heroes that you can create in D&D on mobile will be based on the classes found in Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition. Backflip definitely has a tough job on their hands, as the physical D&D can be a notoriously complex game that can be hard for your average person to get into. It will be interesting to see how Backflip distills that complexity down into a mobile-friendly package for a largely casual mobile gaming audience. The untitled Dungeons & Dragons mobile game is set to hit sometime next year, and I'm sure we'll be getting even more details on it before too long.


  • Praymettin

    I had high hopes for D&D 5th. E.(especially after that dreadful "board game" 4th. E.) and so far, the Player's Handbook didn't dissappoint me. This game looks promising, and I hope it doesn't either. If they nail character customisation anything near the 5th e diversity and a defense part like encounter building, I'm game.

  • jesse_dylan

    Ugh. Had me at D&D, lost me at castle defense. Why don't they just make a D&D rhythm game next. D&D Angry Birds.

    • Praymettin

      You got a point. But at least, it is a fitting theme. And, don't those rooms they go through in the video seem random? Maybe it will turn out to be a dungeon building game in which you create a party with your friends and overcome another friend's hand constructed dungeon/castle.

    • Bladejay

      Angry Birds Epic?

    • B30

      Yeah, why not some fresh and new ideas like a D&D endless runner with match 3 mechanics.

    • gmattergames

      Seriously though, a DnD answer to Warhammer quest would do well.

  • Bool Zero

    It kills me that they don't just do a game like Warhammer Quest and Hunters in style, but with the classes, abilities, skills, equipment, lore and setting of Dungeons & Dragons. Have players choose their party at a tavern, heal and resurrect characters at a temple, talk to NPC's and go on quests with randomly generated Dungeons, Forest, Castles, Caves and such. It just seems like a no brainer to me. If you are going to milk the FTP model with games, at least give us fans games that actually resemble and feel more like they are actually inspired by the actual game system you are borrowing from. Most Dungeons & Dragons fans don't think tower defense when they think D&D, nor do the initiated fan base, and there is market for an inspired game genre that hasn't already saturated the market like Tower Defense and base building timer based games (or a glorified game of pogs).

    • Praymettin

      Being a DM all through the first edition, 2nd ,3rd, 3,5th, Pathfinder(skipping the 4th) and now the 5th, I can't agree with you more.
      Better than that, they can do a virtual tabletop like RPG where players create dungeons, quests and campaigns, and share with other players and add random dungeon generation(which was present in one NWN module.) like Neverwinter Nights(even a port 🙂 ).
      But this is the latest "trend" worldwide, take something wonderful and turn it into a social kindergarten which can be played by any creature whose INT score is 3 or higher or rip some others neat idea. Being a Wizards and Hasbro brand, this would inevitably happen to D&D. So, instead of a Clash of "mountain" Clans, getting a more dungeon crawling like game eases my pain. Thats all.

  • ste86uk

    I agree I'd love a more in depth Warhammer Quest with more of everything really I don't care how complicated it is it accessible for morons. But sadly it's not likely as it would take longer to make and less people would buy it.

    But I'm excited in that they all seemed to enjoy and already play D&D but for me to try this type of game it'll depend massively on the art and customisation and how deep that runs, along with any tactical options and strategy paired with rpg mechanics I hope.

  • icepulse

    Lost me at "real-time". Wish they'd just polish & port "D&D Tactics", or better yet, Troika's "Temple Of Elemental Evil".

  • 3mry5

    Sniiiiiiff I smell a FTP mess

    • Stormourner

      I smell nothing XD

  • PerfectTommy

    Say what you will about 4e, it is the PERFECT setup to build turn based combat, and D&D storyline with skills and choices (maybe like Fallout 1-2). Not sure why nothing like that ever got off the ground (unless I missed it). Looks like it never will...

  • Leydz Boomshaka-Irwin

    Am i the only one looking forward to this game? Looks and sounds great!

  • phizban

    Holding out much much hope for awesomeness.

  • Bruciato

    Plus one star for having a pretty blonde in the office and not using her to promote the game.

    Minus 5 star for the rest. D&D requires tactics, turns, strategy, not what they showed in the video.

  • brindy

    Please - if your game is any good, just charge for it. Don't make it one of those "free to play" BS games. Hey, even if you have to pay a small amount and then use in-app purchases to unlock some more, that's cool. But don't make me pay to play it, please! 🙂

  • Wizard_Mike

    After reading the article, I didn't really have any high hopes for this. Just thinking about Army of Darkness Defense in a D&D setting didn't sound like a very exciting use of the D&D license.

    After watching the video, however, I think this might turn out to be pretty good. It seems like this might have a mix of castle defense and dungeon keeper type gameplay, which could be a lot of fun if done well. It could also turn out horrible. We'll have to wait and see.

  • hourglass

    No matter how well they do, they're still going to piss off some nerds.

  • Emotive

    Great, now I have to play AOD and watch the film. Shop smart, shop S-mart!

  • imcookie

    D&D defence game... Pass me the the razor blades while I slit my wrist.
    Oh and what was all that boring as hell back story about? When I was 5 my dickhead brother wouldn't let me play and I have no friends of my own, boohoo.

  • Dan Dubinsky

    Nothing screams D&D like the phrase "Castle Defense"... Not. Especially when Baldurs Gate actually exists for iOS and Android. What's next, D&D branded Candy Crush?

  • DTK

    I hope for a Premium Title. Because I prefer to pay € 20 for a decent game. Than the Free2Play crap comes on my IPhone. One can only pray that will not make the developers of this great-looking game with broken IAP!

  • Adams Immersive

    D&D fans won't agree—but I just want Intellivision DUNGEADVANCEDAGONS.

    (Actually I want the whole iOS Intellivision app back.)

  • jbs2017

    The sound guy has a Seaboard.. those aren't even out yet O.o

  • baldeagle86

    Still waiting

  • darrelldiaz

    Whatever hqppened to this?