It's a busy, busy week for iOS releases, what with Tiny Tower Vegas [Free], Bioshock [$9.99], and a whole heap of games that came out this week that's sure to blow through whatever iTunes store credit you have. Just in case you still have some, or have a credit card you're just dying to max out, there's also a veritable dogpile of interesting sales and free price drops going on right now, with Labor Day coming up on Monday.

We've already covered Castle of Illusion [$4.99] and Icebreaker: A Viking Voyage [$0.99 / $2.99] going on sale, along with The Journey Down Chapter One [$4.99] and the SNK library too, but there's a few other ones of note that have gone live in the last 24 hours or so.

Impossible Road [$2.99] is on its first sale ever, from $1.99 to $0.99. Five-star game Boson X [$2.99] has its first price drop from $2.99 to $0.99. Wave Wave [$2.99] likewise is a game we rated five stars and is also now on its first sale.

Here's a list of the recent sales. Let us know in the comments what you're picking up.

  • Psac42

    Picked up the Mickey game and already had Lego LOTR in my backlog. Anything else worthwhile?

    • mattreeder

      Glorkian Warrior and Storm Casters are a lot of fun.

      • Leydz Boomshaka-Irwin

        I second the Glork game.

  • runliketurtles

    Hmm. Which twitch game to get. Impossible Road, Wave Wave, Boson X...

    • InkyTheGhost

      I'd vote Wave Wave. It's the one most likely to melt your brain. And it has the most play modes.

    • melocoman

      Boson x they added a couple new levels so it's worth the purchase

  • terrence92

    Storm casters is a must have! Just sayin'

  • anabolicMike

    I have bought that make at and it's expansion before. I played them lots and were kinda fun. Then I bought a new device and had to reinstall my apps. All of a sudden I had to rebuy both majesty's! It and the northern expansion! I wrote to the company and they sent me back a message asking me to send to another email in the company and then when emailing both emails I didn't hear a single thing back! They robbed me! I refuse to buy from them again!

  • Echoen

    Devil Shard - $0.99-->Free
    100 Rogues - $2.99-->$0.99
    Breach & Clear - $3.99-->$1.99
    Rayman Fiesta Run $2.99-->$0.99
    King Cashing 2 $4.99-->$1.99

    Lunar Silver Star Story got that long-awaited update so check that out too

  • Chris

    I played Majesty on PC. At Free I'll try it for iPhone.

  • Xibalba

    Majesty is $1.99 in the US App Store right now. It was listed as free earlier this morning, but when I tried to purchase it I got an error message stating "this item is currently being changed". Now it is listed as $1.99. Ugh

    • Leydz Boomshaka-Irwin

      Hmm this looks good. I'm still going to grab it. Can anyone recommend any other good strategy games for iPad. Base building, time management etc...

    • Agkelos

      I experienced this, too, and for multiple games at that. A good few games actually went up in price yesterday morning when they were supposedly going on sale for the holiday weekend. Wonder what's going on....

  • _the_escape_artist_

    Also VVVVVV is at .99.

  • Anotherkellydown

    Picked up Castle of Illusions and Icebreaker. Both seemed like great deals. Already had most of the others.

    • Anotherkellydown

      I was considering Oscura, but not sure. It certainly looks nice. PLATFORMER FANS - pick up Dodo Master if you haven't already. It's beautiful and very well done. There seems to be more content coming for it too, if I read the end credits correctly 🙂

  • lanights

    Dodo Master is a MUST at .99