After months of news, teaser trailers, and hands-on previews, Gameloft’s latest entry in its first-person shooter series is finally here. As was the case with MC4, there’s a lot to look it with this latest sequel, so this first part of the review focuses primarily on the single player campaign and underlying gameplay mechanics. In that regard, Modern Combat 5: Blackout [Free] is an excellent sequel that makes some dramatic improvements to said mechanics while keeping the actual FPS action mostly unchanged.

Visuals have become a huge part of the Modern Combat series and Gameloft raises the bar yet again in this latest sequel. While overall visuals see a nice upgrade in terms of fidelity, Modern Combat 5 seems to put a greater emphasis on supplemental effects such as underwater views, particle/dust filters, explosions, and some nice weather maps. It’s definitely on the short-list of titles to show off to others if you have a current generation device. I was particularly impressed with the framerate, although I’d highly suggest you turn off banner notifications as they would substantially affect the game while they were on screen.


Modern Combat has always placed players in exotic locales, and Blackout continues that trend with missions in Japan and Italy, among other places. A tale that centers around an intense invasion of Japan, combined with covert ops missions, twists and betrayals, I can't say I'm particularly surprised with the actual meat of Blackout's story. Then again, I never expected much of the tale and only hoped it would serve as motivation to continue. Thankfully, it hits that mark well enough.

Controls are always an mixed bag with iOS FPS’s and that trend continues with Modern Combat 5. Without built-in MFi support, players are left with the same virtual controls that have become familiar from previous games in the series. There’s lots of aim assists and HUD customization, but virtual controls can only take you so far in an iOS. This is particularly the case when playing on an iPad, as I found the larger screen much harder to control than on an iPhone. Thankfully, controller support should be coming in a future update. In sum, if you were able to handle (or tolerate) MC4’s controls, you’ll do just fine with MC5.


While Modern Combat 5 boasts an in-game FPS experience that will feel instantly familiar, it’s the overarching systems surrounding its single player campaign that gets a substantial upgrade. Missions take place across five different locales, with each  offering multiple missions (at least half a dozen or so per location). Missions are divided into ‘Story’ stages (which advance the plot in some form or fashion) and ‘Spec-Ops,’ which are quickie tactical levels that focus dispatching enemies in a variety of ways. Beat all the Story and Spec-Ops missions to advance to the next location. Each location also has multiplayer-specific criteria that can replace Spec-Ops as criteria to advance.

Along with the campaign overhaul comes a redesign Modern Combat’s customization system. Instead of a currency system, players earn experience for everything that can be done in a mission. Experience goes towards leveling both an overall rank (which controls class and perk unlocks) as well as a weapon level (which governs weapon-specific unlocks). Multi-kills, headshots, explosive kills - MC5 awards players experience for pretty much everything. Even cooler, the experience and leveling system is persistent across both the single player and multiplayer campaign, which allows players to play in one mode to increase the stats in the other.


Overall, I enjoy most of the major changes to the single player campaign in Modern Combat. The shift to multiple, bite-sized missions per locale vice the longer mission structure of the older games feels more in line with the mobile aspect of the game (although the lack of checkpoints within each mission can be an annoyance). While I found the non-story based Spec-Ops missions to be a bit bland, the ability to bypass them with some multiplayer objectives is a welcome feature. Meanwhile, I’m a big fan of the persistent progression system as it provides more meaningful rewards for playing through the campaign instead of having to jump straight into the multiplayer.

Part of the persistent upgrade system is a requirement that the game needs to be online at all times. As I’ve mentioned before, the unified upgrade system is a very interesting progression system that I really enjoy but I also realize that it really only works well if a server can constantly keep tabs on stats. An easy way to play your profile on any device is another good plus. However, I did encounter some issues that give some definite cons to the online-only decision. For example, playing on a device without internet access means no single player campaign, period. Spotty internet and/or server status also means that MC5 might actually interrupt and pause your single player campaign if you lose a connection. In a perfect environment it works well but, as my experience with the campaign so far indicates, it’s not perfect all the time.

Whether you like it or hate it, the online only requirement has been met with considerable attention. Personally, I think the situations where it becomes an issue aren’t as prevalent as one might think. With that out of the way, there’s really no reason not to check out Blackout. It’s more of the same decent gameplay with a great visual upgrade and a pretty cool overhaul of the class and progression system. Stay tuned as we take the multiplayer out for a spin and report back in a separate review.

TouchArcade Rating

  • LiamHing

    No controller support is a deal breaker for me.

    • Atomos

      Just wait for the update then?

      • helenpvilla

        My Uncle
        Riley got an almost new red GMC Canyon just by some parttime working online
        with a laptop. visit their website C­a­s­h­f­i­g­.­C­O­M­

    • skylerolson

      Where's Eli trolling people with different opinions about "always online" than him?

      • loophole

        Gotta love Eli!

      • Eli Hodapp

        I've been busy enjoying the game, I suggest trying that. 🙂

    • GnarlyBooger

      Controller worked for me last night ... zero issues.

      • ali rahmani

        yeah its work for me

  • kevin8977


  • LarryWP

    Online only, I'll pass.

    • sivad

      18 morons that I can avoid while having fun...

      • LarryWP

        Nice post. My post gave you a lot to judge me by. Guess I'm not missing anything from not playing multiplayer. Thanks!

      • Morgan01

        18 people that can spend the money on another game they can play whenever and wherever they want. No "on-line" tether.

  • kevin8977

    Why does it look the same or almost downgraded from MC4? They didn't add IAP's because they know this game is crap.

    • Taxt2180

      Glad to see you, King of Negativity and Presumptuousness

      • MaqueGenio

        Its funny how nowdays for every criticism made by a random person directed at GL and their rubish games there are an army of employees undercovered behind fake usernames ready to defend them as hard as they can. There was a time not long ago you could find real and honest opinions about them. Sad times.

      • Taxt2180

        Lol yeah because paid employees say things like that. Bet you believe in the Illuminati too. The original post was baseless and pure negativity. The game isn't even released in the US and isn't over a day old everywhere else. Go ahead and join the Debbie downer parade with your conspiracy theories if you'd like.

      • MaqueGenio

        His entire post has 2 sentences and the strongest negative word was
        "crap", which could not be more "King of Negativity" worthy. So yes your
        response reads as extremely defensive and judgmental.

      • Taxt2180

        And one of the two sentences condemned the game as crap with not only no basis of argument but zero sample size since it's a brand new released and not even released fully. He also took a very good thing in no IAP, which is an extremely good and exceedingly rare thing, and twisted it into a baseless conspiracy theory bash. If all that isn't just pure negativity then I guess nothing is.

      • spokentruths772

        Your being ignorant please stop! At the end of the day it doesn't matter because its a freaking mobile game Lol it's not like everyone is gonna love this game and guess what there's nothing you can do about that just deal with it

      • Taxt2180

        Please stop what? Arguing against baseless logic and pure negativity? The horror

      • theorangeipod

        He's definitely a GL employee

      • Taxt2180

        You got me figured out, I'm Gamelofts TouchArcade review subterfuge specialist.

      • RamazUltra

        I believe in the illuminati you ignorant monkey.

      • Taxt2180

        If I believe in Santa Clause, doesn't make it silly even though it's a belief .

      • madreviewer

        That something we should all expected

    • DuckyShot

      Because games NEVER look better in real life and in your hands.

    • madreviewer

      Doesn't it look like a re skinned dead trigger 2

  • TeeDubya1975

    Sooo, how's the enemy AI, how are the weapons, are they well balanced or are some overpowered etc. Not much said about the actual gameplay side of things.

    • Jacob007

      I'm curious as well, but I'll ask around the forums.

    • JJE McManus

      They tend to stand around a lot. In some cases you can stand next to them.
      When they get a bead on you they are modestly accurate.
      I've seen them stop and do a reload animation...kinda cool.

  • AlexMilo

    I don't know what to hope for with this game anymore. I've been very negative about the animations but the graphics are overall good and it looks like there will be some cool realistic weapons in it. I will definitly get it, but It's not out in Denmark just yet.. :I

  • christian foggy III

    The game is is sick on android with a controller!

    • surirav

      Yea but the graphics on ios is better than android. Use ios 8 beta Metal it upgrade the graphics Every app/games.

      • Kane

        NO. The metal integration will look better IF the game was built on it from the ground up. MC5 wasn't, so you won't see the full potential of METAL until MC6.

      • surirav

        Yea that to.
        But the game had no be built on metal. The system give a boost to the A7 chip.

  • Taxt2180

    I don't get people who think only only is a deal breaker when almost everybody plays these types of games for the multiplayer which obviously requires online anyway. I also don't know who loves and has time to play games like MC in situations without internet.

    Whatever though.

    • Taxt2180

      *Online only. Autocorrect.

    • Bool Zero

      Fly on a plane, ride a bus, go on a trip... Not everyone playing these games are kids tied to the internet. Personally I don't game on my phone, I do so on my iPad, but my iPad does not have a plan. I like the single player but I couldn't care less for multiplayer... Sure I'm probably the odd duck out on this site, but I've never had limitations on playing the previous games, and I don't like them placed on one I'm personally interested in otherwise buying. Not everyone plays games in the same situations, environment, or for the same reasons... Just saying... Perspective...

      In any case, it's one less sale from this otherwise would be buyer....

      • AlexMilo

        But how often do you really travel. On a bus you rarely have time to play a game. On train and plane you can just play something else. After all 75% of the playtime (for basically everyone) will be multiplayer, that's mainly the reason why people purchase the game anyway. People that purchase the game JUST for Singleplayer will be dissapointed, because that's not the main focus of the game, multiplayer is.
        I think it's worth testing though, maybe they'll lift the bond of always-online when they realize there's still hackers. :p or maybe it actually works, we can't know for sure yet.

      • madreviewer

        I am not going to buy a game for 7$ And then have to pay more money for Internet connections.

      • Taxt2180

        I have that perspective, you're completely missing the point though. People primarily but these games for multiplayer and if you're buying it for single player you're either bound to be disappointed anyway or a really minuscule group of people who aren't utilizing the biggest part of the game. There's also the point the person before made that I doubt you'll be traveling enough and have enough hands-free time simultaneously to be in that situation all that often to begin with. Even if you are, again it's an extremely minuscule portion of people.

    • madreviewer

      I do. I killed time with single player when I am waiting for the bus in foreign countries.

    • atmmta

      See, I'm old-fashioned in that when I'm home, I game on my computer and ps3.
      When I'm out, I don't have a data plan for my ipad, so I have to rely on my phone for online only games. Except, now I have to worry about the battery dying, and dropped signal every time I'm on the subway.

      Yes, I take your point that MC5 is primarily for online multiplayer but it's not as good value for money if one can't enjoy single player offline when the need be. I know plenty of people, myself included, who got CoD at some point just for the SP portion because we can't be arsed to deal with online MP.
      I dunno where you're from but think about this, Counterstrike, Valve and Steam would not be as popular now if back in the day it was online only. The reason is that in third world countries, LAN gaming in cyber cafés was the only way to play on decent systems.

    • Morgan01

      Just curious, where is there valid statistics or information indicating or stating that most people buy this game for online play? Unless there is empirical evidence or definitive proof, that is more an "opinion" than "fact".

  • kingjshow

    Just bought the game and play for a few hours. I am playing on an 1st gen iPad mini and things get laggy when too much things is happening on screen no matter it's on campaign or multi player mode. Anyone the same with me?! Think it's time to upgrade my iPad mini when 3rd gen comes out this yrs!

  • TheGrimCreeper


  • Ark1tek

    MC5 plays NOTHING like its predecessor! 1st there is no run animation, which takes a level of immersion away. 2nd the guns have no weight or recoil or sound that is realistic. 3rd unless u have an iPdAir the graphics are flat with no depth. the MP maps are huge, this is only 6v6 so u find yourself running in circles only to get sniped by some guy camping in a closet 200 feet away! with a shotgun. MC4 is still far superior, I bought it over a year ago and still enjoy it. If u have a newer device I would like to hear feedback if the experience is any better. Oh yeah it's almost impossible to slice bc as soon as you take your finger off the run button u immediately stop running. Total POS

    • Kenan2000

      Sorry but some of your facts are either fake or mistaken.

      First of all,guns DO have a weight,it even says this in random tips on the loading screens,I really love using explosive weapons and I already used 3 grenade launchers and I was kinda annoyed because the sprinting speed with the grenade launcher is decreased.

      Second of all,graphics look amazing and nice,using iPad 4 at the moment.

      But I do agree with some of your statements,but still the game seems amazing to me,it is very fast paced,the sounds,some animations make the game even more epic.The main problem for me is that...they did not even include RAGDOLL PHYSICS in the multiplayer even though they included them in the single player.But game is amazing to me.

      • Ark1tek

        Yeah I feel u about the animations in MP. Maybe it's bc I'm playing on a iPd2 but it looks turriblee compared to MC4. And the weapon sounds?, Uugh on the 1st or 2nd level in SP they give u a scoped weapon with a silencer, it sounds like a No.2 pencil popping a piece of paper. IDK maybe it's just that much better on new HW I'm just not feeling it.

  • nekkedsnake

    Make mc5 accessible OFFLINE and we'll talk...

    • sticktron

      Won't ever happen. Gameloft wants absolutely every dollar, so they verify your iTunes receipt with Apple every time you launch the game. An internet connection will always be required to check the result.

      • shrek4life

        It's always online because there's a unified progressions system , the single player is connected to the multi player. They actually took out iaps for this game so they are more concerned with fan service this time around than just making shittons of money

  • ansin11

    Downloading now...

  • Boris Nguetie

    this campaign was inferior to mc1. i'm not trolling, i'll try the MP to see if its better but the solo now looks like a succession of quick events (like dead trigger) with ABSOLTELY no story at all (this time they really did it!!). and the final... OMG the final.... gameloft's dead.

  • madreviewer

    The only reason that make the mobile market so impelling to player is the fact that you can enjoy your games anywhere. In the park or while in vacation, you can have the experience of console gaming almost anywhere. However gameloft is moving fast toward self destruction.
    Let's be realistic. How many were happy when they heard that Mc5 will require Internet connection?
    Not so many I guess, the hardcore fan tried to appreciate gameloft initiative against hackers, however all the noobs and new players that would enlarge the mc5 community fled this game.
    Even I not a hardcore player, but someone who played a lot of mc5 realized that I am not so excited about the game for that always online obligation.
    That's a shame this mc5 is more a downgrade than an upgrade comparing to previous MOBILE FPSs.

    • Taxt2180

      Since there's a unified progression system? Very happy since the online requirement is necessary to prevent cheating and hacking and information loss in that case.

      • Morgan01

        Not big on always requiring a connection for single player campaign mode. I don't always have connection with my iPad 4 or sometimes turn off the WiFi to extend the battery charge. Also, many mobile devices charge per data use. While I understand the need to combat hackers and cheats, I don't think it's fair to penalize honest people.

      • Taxt2180

        It's not penalizing anyone. It's to prevent those people from suffering from hackers and cheaters and thus ensure a quality product. Nothing wrong with that. You need online connectivity to play multiplayer regardless and I imagine the amount of people who play any game like this for single player as compared to multiplayer is minuscule. Even more so in a non unified progression system.

      • Morgan01

        If people didn't play the single player campaign, then why invest the time and money on it? Why not just create a multi-player only game? Obviously, people do play the single player campaign and therefore do not like the idea of an online requirement. Those are the players that are unhappy and state their displeasure.

      • theorangeipod

        Taxt is a game loft employee!!!

      • Taxt2180

        Like I said, obviously I'm Gamelofts TouvhArcade subterfuge specialist. You're hot on the trail of my scent

  • starkiller969

    Nova 4????

    • Hypocrypha

      I rather them angle for a Destiny clone 😉

      • Firedog5698

        Hypo that's exactly what they need to make

  • Paps Shenanigan

    Just bought this an hour ago on android (galaxy s4) and I am pretty disappointed. It seems that they have a totally different team that made this game, the previous mc4 was developed by gameloft Montreal. Right off the get go it forces you into the single player campaign and it is quite a long tedious chore to get over on the multiplayer screen. I have to mention everything is pretty stale. The animations, loading screens, maps - it seems like the attention to graphic detail is gone. CONTROLS ARE SLUGGISH. Even with the sensitivity cranked everybody seems slow and the understanding of when your getting hit is extremely bad - which is one of the most important things in a fast paced mp game. I'm disappointed, I could go on for a while and eventually I will go back to it and give it more valid attempts. But for now MC4 is a vastly superior game, especially in multiplayer.

    • Taxt2180

      It's been known for a while now that different team made it.

      • Paps Shenanigan

        Well it shows.

  • SandmanSandlin

    I bought it for Nvidia's Shield and surprisingly there is controller support for that, but even with, the controls feel awkward and laggy so there's not much hope for ios controllers being any better with this game.

  • johnny.90210

    Lucky for me, on iPad 3 is still smooth and beautiful just like on my friend's iPad Air!

  • Sebastian Gomez

    They should just release an offline version with only Single Player and Local Multiplayer modes.

    I think there's a lot of people who are not going to purchase this game just because it requires internet connectivity all the time, myself included.

  • gregoreos

    Online requirement is like buying half a game. I can only play at certain wifi Still gonna buy it. But I'd pay $10 for no wifi req and mfi support ASAP

  • DuckyShot

    For MC6 they should make the storyline somewhat similar to Spec Ops: The Line. I think anyone who played that game would agree.

  • Samurix16


    • iamse7en

      If they couldn't make it robust after delaying it more than a year, what makes you think their token upgrade in a couple months is going to solve all its problems.

    • Paps Shenanigan

      You can't fix shitty gameplay unless you change the majority of the game. The mechanics are weak.

    • videba

      Theyve had 2 years and 2 deals and its still shit

  • worldcitizen1919

    Although always online doesn't affect me I agree that it defeats the very purpose of mobile gaming which is to be able to take your game with you and play where ever you want.

    With an always online requirement it's exactly the same as being stuck to your PC.

    • Taxt2180

      Price and convenance still make it vastly different from playing on a PC. If people want mobile gaming to be more then casual games like Angry Birds then you have to put up with stuff like that. As long as there's other games that don't require online connectivity, I'm fine if this one does.

      • Ingwersen

        "As long a someone else rapes women and children, I'm fine with this guy doing it as well" - no logic, BAD logic! Go home, logic - you're drunk.

      • Ingwersen

        Logic-fail persists, even though I can't read right in the morning ;-P It's more like "as long as theres someone else not raping women and chldren, then I'm totally fine with this guy getting it on with my screaming sister"...

      • Taxt2180

        Online connectivity in mobile gaming is on par with raping women and children...and I'm the one with the logic fail? What's wrong with you?

  • Himmat Singh

    So wait, why do I see people complaining that the campaign structure and narrative is akin to Dead trigger 2 ? Is this true?

    • Utfan

      They say that because the missions are now more in amount but shorter to complete. Makes for a more mobile gaming feel. It's not completely like Dead Trigger because there's a story and great MP. It really is a great game.

      • madreviewer

        The running animation too

  • TheGrimCreeper

    It's 11:00 EST. Where's my MC5!

  • Brennan Revells

    It us out in the US! Installing now 🙂

    • Kane

      Prove it..

  • chief78

    Not worth spending the money until this updates. Gameloft has, as of late, gotten better about implementing quicker updates.....this being their biggest title, let's hope that holds true.

  • XzJ450NzX

    Why foes it always day "no internet connection" when i start the game? Im right next to my router.

  • jammyman

    Guys what were you more excited for?
    Modern combat 5 or
    Gta sa?

    I personally was much more excited for gta sa, and when it came out, it succeded in being a wonderful game. Can be a bit laggy but still a ton of fun!

    Modern combat 5? I was expecting voice chat and ragdoll for online, neither of which were delivered. Also was hoping the graphics would be even better than mc4, but that has been proven to be hard to beat.

    Don't get me wrong, mc5 is a great game, and im sure we will see heaps more good stuff in future updates

    • madreviewer

      Mc5 , but now I am more excited about implosion

  • pillsbury1

    Controllerz support NOWZ!

    • Kane

      NOZE, not Yetzzzz

  • Lochheart

    "Personally, I think the situations where it becomes an issue aren’t as prevalent as one might think." Seriously ?

    The problem is we paid 6€. It's not a Freemium game where they need advertising... it's just a limitation for every people with an iPad Wifi. In mobile device, the word is MOBILE, and this is not a mobile game.

  • AlexMilo

    Did anyone else notice that the game is only 675MB?? MC4 is 1.5GB, that's more than twice the size!
    Hopefully the game files are just more compact, otherwise the game is a lot shorter, less detail and has fewer weapons and/or maps. :s

    • ramireo

      It's because it downloads the very basic chapters and then you can choose to download the rest, or that's what I've read...

  • surirav

    Ok a quiz what is better mc5 of cod strike team.

    I played the beta version of this a week ago. They say almost console quality graphics but it looks a bit the same as mc4.

    Allways online is annyoing but no iap is good.
    The system is also good you can unlocked stuff by lvl up.

    • AlexMilo

      That depends on your device. If you have an older model then your game is a downgraded version compared to screenshots a video footage from Gameloft, since they're showing the game on newer devices.
      You can't really compare it to Strike Team because that game has no multiplayer and is in many ways a completely different game. Strike Team is a strategic shooter focusing on Singleplayer whereas Modern Combat is a run n' gun shooter focusing on Multiplayer.

    • madreviewer

      COD strike team is way better in terms of mechanics, and game plays variety.
      But MC5 is a downgrade of MC4 with a required online connection.

  • octopus

    I can’t find “paid review” sign anywhere...

  • rewind

    Someone needs to step in and make a shooter game that's unique and moves this entire genre forward. Because right now, progress is very slow. The only major difference is the graphics.

  • alexander307

    My Uncle
    Isaiah recently got an awesome six-month old Mercedes S-Class Sedan just by
    some part-time working online at home... look at this now



  • Dan Smith

    It's a great game, but i have to say i'm a little dissappointed with the graphics.. I'm playing on an Xperia Z1 and scenes look a little jaggedy, AI in particular.. It brings the entire game down and compared to MC4, it has to be said that it looks worse...

  • Justin Speedo

    Ughhhh, why do I need Online connectivity for story mode 🙁
    Online mode, would make sense to control cheats/stats/etc.

    Guess I can't play this on vacation (no wifi) or on the subway (no signal).

  • spokentruths772

    This game sucks who gives af

  • Mike73448

    Nobody has ever mentioned this for some reason, but becuase the game requires an internet connection lets them use files on there server to help run the game. The file size of MC4 was 2 gigs with all files local on the phone....the file size for MC5 (better graphics, etc) is only 0.8 gigs. This feature is awesome given that I have an iphone 5c with only 16 gigs.

    • madreviewer

      Yeah right? I am not going to pay 7$ For a game I can't play anywhere I want. I rather by COD ghost than buying that game. It's not so mobile anymore.

    • AlexMilo

      Ah that makes sense. Thank you for clearification!

  • greatnoob

    On a nexus 7 2013 it seems to be rendering at something below 720p and then up scaling to 1080p. Helps improve performance and allows for better graphics but maybe using higher red textures and some anti aliasing would've helped remove the subpar image quality. Or could've just rendered at 720p at reduced graphic settings like on Asphalt 8.

  • AlexMilo

    How can the games hardware be horrible, that doesn't make any sense. I suppose you're playing the game on an iPad Air or iPhone 5S since this is the best possible hardware yet, otherwise your argument is invalid.

    • tinkie277

      Amen Alex.

    • James Muking

      True. I never noticed what I was typing about lol. But seriously. I must have been drunk typing that. Lel.

    • James Muking

      But nah. I am using a Note 3.

  • maggiejcarter

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  • Baconpants

    30fps or 60fps on A7 (Ipad Air)? 60fps and I'm a buyin'... Might anyway just to support zero-iap games, even if I'm not much for the 30fps shooters.

  • Mekklesack

    It plays well, and looks fine, the frame rate is solid, but it's "sluggish" everywhere else, turning, moving, aiming, and on mobile I tend to "overshoot" when I tap to "initiate" combat against a foe, "every time."

    These are things that didn't happen on Modern Combat 4 (at least not without some aggressive hack, in reference to the latter).

    Oh and being online all the time is great to discourage hackers, which sucked in MC4, I'd be happy though if they seriously tweaked the movement speed"

    Seriously (and yes I adjusted the sensitivities, that's the first place I ran to when I started playing).

    One could not call the shooting in this game "snappy." CoD is snappy, MC4, Nova 3, etc were all snappy on mobile. why screw up something that was working so well in the past?

    The movement needs to be put back into the oven, otherwise, it's very pretty.

    • Baconpants

      Frame rate 30 "solid" or 60 solid? In other words, Halo or Call of Duty?

      • Mekklesack

        On iPad mini with retina it's mostly solid, the frame rate dips a little (during multiplayer) in wide open spaces (just like in MC4 on during that generation of devices. See the Barcelona train station level in the ticket taker area with the crashed helicopter for reference). In MC5 I only notice a little lag (once again) in the Barcelona level outside the large building with the two stair ways that meet at the top/the center area of the map. It's not going to be a big deal since in ios8 and Metal will reduce this issue for more recent devices. I don't know how it well it runs on previous gen devices, but App Spy has a comparison video for MC5 that you can watch on YouTube.

      • Mekklesack

        Whoops I meant Venice. They're textures look so similar.

      • Mekklesack

        Yeah, I know, "they're," "their." It's 1:00am.

      • Mekklesack

        Oh, and to answer your question, it's closer to Halo during multiplayer most of the time during multiplayer matches. It's not silky smooth (or as snappy) as CoD.

  • apolloa

    To those saying this games file size is small, that's because Gameloft announced it is designed to download the additional parts of the game as you progress, so the file size you start off with is NOT the full game.

  • AlexMilo

    There should just be servers that allow controllers and servers that don't. Sadly that will probably not happen, I'm worrying about exactly the same. :/

  • jeffyg3

    I'll admit, the online only is getting me to not push that buy button. I have a highly modified old iPhone 4 I've taken apart modified multiple times and not willing to let it go and that can't play the game well or at all, so I play these games on a new iPad Mini, so it's not online all the time. I travel a lot, air and car rides, so how am I supposed to play this game while I'm traveling which is where I do most of my game playing in with no wifi connection on a lot of occasions. I don't pirate games so I won't, but I'll admit that it is making me want to get the pirated version just to bypass the online only requirement.

    MFi controller support might have gotten me to get it, but that's not there at least yet. Ugh, Gameloft has been making it harder for me to support their games recently. The new updates to Asphault 8 sure didn't help either

    • AlexMilo

      The description of MC5 on the App Store actually says "iPhone 4 or newer". I play the game on my iPad 3 either through Wi-Fi or connecting to my iPhone 4.

    • Taxt2180

      The description says 4S or newer, not 4

  • Mekklesack

    Well I was frustrated because I was trying to play this game like MC4, but it's not! It's entirely different, because it's not arcade-y.

  • chodeboy22

    Still getting connection error, it seems like no one else is having this problem except for me

  • Kirs


    Are Bot Mode games available in MC5?

  • Skyfluks

    Why is this game running like crap on my iPad Air? Anyone else got low framerates? MC4 was so much smoother..

    • AlexMilo

      Relax, the game was released yesterday. Allow for some bug fixes in the coming weeks.

    • ramireo

      A LOT of framerate issues here, running on iPad mini retina

  • Taxt2180

    In before "but...single player!"

  • ramireo

    I am having a lot of framerate issues in multiplayer, and they are really dealbreakers. I mean: from the very beginning the framerate it's under 30 and depends on the map. Then, when I aim (zoom in to aim) the game drops some frames, so it's feel really hard to try to aim at something, so no aiming for me. Then, when I get to the big stairs in Venice, framerate drops to something like 20fps or less, unplayable until I get out of there. And finally, in the Roofs map, fog seems to come and go, and when it's gone, it's very smooth, but when it's there, again low fps. I really hope they could fix this because it's incredibly hard when you're playing with people who don't seem to be having this issues... If anyone else is experiencing anything like this, pleas reply!

  • gregoreos

    Went on a roadtrip...was planning on playing mc5 ..forgot it NEEDS internet.

Modern Combat 5: Blackout Reviewed by Eric Ford on . Rating: 4