‘Thomas Was Alone’ Drops to $3.99 and Goes Universal

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Mike Bithell’s Thomas Was Alone ($4.99) is one of those things I wish I could delete from my brain. Not because it was bad, but because it was so good and the original experience was so powerful I want to experience it fresh all over again. It’s an insanely clever game, as on the surface it’s an incredibly basic puzzle platformer. You play as one of many characters, represented as basic polygons, and need to get them all to the end of the level utilizing each of their unique abilities. Think Blizzard’s The Lost Vikings stripped down to its most minimal core.

What makes the game special is the incredible way the story unfolds between these polygons. Without spoiling too much, you initially play as Thomas who is an artificially intelligent rectangle who suddenly became self aware. Each polygon has its own personality, and the way the narrator explains it all is absolutely masterful. Oh, the soundtrack is incredible too, and good enough that you’ll be looking it up on Spotify and playing it in the background after you finish the game.

Anyway, it’s now on sale for $3.99 down from its normal $8.99 which I think might be the cheapest this game has ever been outside of one of those PC game indie bundles. Additionally, it’s also now universal, so you don’t need an iPad anymore to enjoy it.

Thomas Was Alone is on the very short list of iOS games I was so captivated by I sat down and played it start to finish, totally disregarding everything else I had to do that day. I can’t possibly recommend it enough. The worst part about the game is that it ends.

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