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‘Modern Combat 5: Blackout’ Hands-On Video Preview – 30 Minutes of Gameloft’s Latest FPS

This week I was able to swing by the Gameloft offices in San Francisco and get some hands-on time with Modern Combat 5: Blackout, which I think is safe to say is one of the most highly-anticipated games of the year (and last year, for that matter). We hooked up the capture equipment and took a solid thirty minutes of gameplay footage. We start out in familiar territory, playing through the first Venice level which we’ve previously seen in our look at the game during E3 last year. However, it’s received some tweaks, and seems more pared down and focused now. It’s also a hell of an exciting way to start off the game. Following that, we check out the recently-announced Tokyo levels, as well as the Spec Op Missions which are a collection of missions that aren’t directly related to the storyline and are built with replayability in mind. We also get a glimpse at some of the different soldier classes, which was a feature that was also recently announced, as well as all sorts of other cool stuff. Enough chatter, I’ll just let the video do the talking.

After our recorded demo, I spent a good amount of time just playing through Modern Combat 5 myself. There isn’t a whole lot to report on this front, the game plays almost identically to Modern Combat 4, which isn’t a bad thing at all as Gameloft has basically perfected the first-person shooter genre on touchscreens. What I can say is that the levels feel incredibly varied, and the visuals feel like a big step up over the previous game, which is saying a lot as Modern Combat 4 was quite the looker. Unfortunately, Gameloft isn’t saying much about a specific release date, but they did say there’s plenty more information to reveal about Modern Combat 5, a lot of which they’ll be dishing out at E3 next month. Also, tomorrow Gameloft will be hosting a livestream of the game on their Twitch channel, starting at 10AM PDT/1PM EST, so be sure to check that out for even more on Modern Combat 5. Expect much more on Modern Combat 5 in the very near future, and don’t forget to get weird with other excited fans in our forums.