Back in May, FDG Entertainment and Cornfox & Bros. teased a fishing mini-game that was set to come to their action-adventure epic Oceanhorn [$7.99], and the following month the developers confirmed that the fishing being shown was actually part of a massive Game of the Year Edition update they had been working on. Today, they've released a new trailer which shows off some of the new content as well as highlights "your voice," meaning it's partially narrated by the many nice comments made by YouTubers and Let's Players. Be sure to watch the very end, where you can see a snippet of the highly-anticipated fishing.

Besides all that fishing you'll no doubt be doing, FDG claims that there's up to 4 more hours of additional content to play through in Oceanhorn Game of the Year Edition. They briefly explain: "Rumors are surfacing on Tikarel. Be sure to revisit your old friends... Break the curse of the all-new Island of Whispers. Explore the unseen north in search for Cursed Skulls." Other changes will include dynamic weather effects, improved graphics and animation, anti-aliasing and 64-bit support for iPhone 5s, and Finnish language localization. Unfortunately there's no set release date for the Game of the Year expansion, but it's "coming soon" and we'll let you know when it hits.

  • Fnurgh

    Watching this makes me want to play with my Trouserhorn.

    • Kane

      I hope you're joking...

      • Jay G

        I hope YOU'RE joking.

      • Kane

        I'm joking.

      • Fnurgh

        I was deadly serious.

      • Kane

        Nice try. I don't believe...

    • Jeffwasserman3

      Has Trouserhorn been released yet?

      • daniel5457

        Yeah I got it last night. It's really gr8 m8 I r8 it 8/8.

      • Zendorphin

        I hear it isn't that long to play though.

  • nkdekker

    Awesome! I love that the developers keep supporting this amazing game with expansions like this. Now I am curious, will this expansion with 4h extra gameplay will be available as IAP? Or free update? Or will the GotY version be a separate version?

    • postmodernpilot

      It's a free update.

      • nkdekker

        That's great news! Thank you

  • Alexythimia23

    Amazing, gets better and better, a true ios classic, after all that wait for development of this game, this one really paid off and shows how ios games should be done, absolute class

  • MajorCheevo

    I finally got around to getting this the other day. Looking forward to finishing up some other stuff to get around playing this.

  • Ben

    I wish the character moved a bit faster, this has been my number one turnoff in this game.

    • shieldser99

      Like in Zelda, rolling is the fastest way to move around

  • tsargeant3012

    Wish I hadn't deleted it before they implemented icloud save... oh well, gives me an excuse to replay it I guess!

    • rhinofinger

      I'm in the same position. Wasn't expecting the developers to be so cool about updates and all.

  • Professionalbum

    I hesitated buying the original due to the GOTY coming out. I wonder if the price will increase for that version.

    • Jay G

      At 1:26 in the video it says the update is free.

  • PitchBlak14

    I suppose the 64-bit support would include the iPad Air too?

    • razorracer83

      It's specifically for the iPad Air, along with the iPhone 5S and the iPad Mini Retina