Here's a nice surprise: Warner Bros. has just slyly released LEGO Marvel Super Heroes: Universe in Peril [$4.99] to the App Store. LEGO Marvel Super Heroes was released for consoles and PC last year, and is an action adventure title in a similar vein to previous LEGO games, but using Marvel characters. On handhelds like the Nintendo DS and PlayStation Vita, the game was released with the subtitle Universe in Peril, and it appears that the iOS version is a port of that handheld version.


Pretty much all the LEGO adventure games are really good, and translate especially well to the touchscreen of the iOS platform. I feel pretty confident that LEGO Marvel Super Heroes: Universe in Peril will be good too, but we'll of course put it through its paces first and should have a review in the near future. Until then, lots of impressions are starting to roll into our forums, so be sure to join in on that discussion.

  • Boris Nguetie

    YESSS!!! was waiting for this port!!!! finally a real game this week.

    • nini

      Didn't Godfire come out this week? Thought that was a "real" game.

      • E5cape

        Well, the Godfire isn't that good as we thought it will be, so Lego Marvel Super Heroes is "that thing", that is really good, and i'm going to buy it right now.

      • Boris Nguetie

        its beautiful but i'm not gonna lie to myself and say the game was good. everything else about godfire is extremely bad. it isn't by any stretch of imagination a real game. just a tech demo. so yup my jaw dropped but.... i was astonished about how bad it was, if anything i would recommend it to all developpers for them to see exactly what not to do in a third person action game.

      • ImJPaul

        That seems a bit harsh.

      • Boris Nguetie

        well i got caught a little bit there. sorry if i offended anyone i just feel like this about the game. i hate it but i hate myself even more for not regretting buying it... just because it looks good. this isn't what a game should be about. for every 5 minutes of godfire i play, i need to get back to battleheart for at least half an hour to remember ios gaming can also be fun!

      • TheCalm1

        Yea..... Well I bought into the whole epic game-changer "Titanfall" was suppose to be and instead got left with a burn card I hadn't expected. Long & Short, I pay no heed to ANY kind of marketed/marketing hype AGAIN! That game is beyond any kind of comprehensive reasoning as to the LACK of Depth to the game. There is nothing in that game that's not already been seen or done already. Because, umm well, unless your new to this gaming thing, Mechs are nowhere new to the scene in any way what so ever.


        Ok pumped my brakes..... This is defiantly the wrong venue for me to express my loathsome disdain of everything that is or has to with "Titanfall". I just read about Pro-whatever game and I was like "yeah, f#ck that sh#t". So whatever, however... I do wish to say this last thing about "Titanfall".

        "To those amazing people responsible for marketing and promoting "Titanfall". I have never seen a buzz sweep through a gaming community as did the one for "Titanfall", and I've been gaming since the Galeco.
        All of you did an INCREDIBLE JOB! I feel that every single person involved deserves a Promotion, a raise and lastly, should murder yourselves 🙂 Or go into making killer movie trailers for sh#tty blockbuster flicks. Cuz your good... your real good." ~Me. A. M. Schwecke

      • TheCalm1

        P.S. My apologies to LEGO, Warner & Touch. Bcz Im not deleting my comment.

  • PoloBaquerizoH

    The best Lego game ever!

  • RoweMatthew

    Aw but it doesn't have the free roaming right? It's a lot cheaper but that's one of my fave things. Not sure whether to get this or the Xbox version

  • Gest

    Great game! #7 on the charts (, hope it does well.