DeNA’s ‘Transformers: Age of Extinction’ Game Released, Complete with Robot Dinosaur

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Announced last month, DeNA has released their movie tie-in game Transformers: Age of Extinction (Free) to the App Store. This is a combat-focused auto-runner, where players control a running Transformer who can shoot and swing a melee weapon to attack enemies. There’s also the ability to transform into vehicle mode for a speed boost to get up in enemies’ faces, in case a game about robot cars being about running seemed silly.

There’s a number of levels to play through, Transformers to obtain and upgrade, and Grimlock, a robot dinosaur to wreck stuff up with. Because robot cars just aren’t cool nor destructive enough. The game is free-to-play, with the standard two-tier currencies, energy systems, and other standard trappings of the business model. Being free and all, you can check out Transformers: Age of Extinction for yourself with no risk, and you can also catch impressions from players in our forums.


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