Cornfox & Bros. and FDG Entertainment's Oceanhorn [$7.99] is an action-RPG that was years in the making. First announced in late 2011, it wouldn't finally release until two years later, almost to the day. But it would be worth the wait, as Oceanhorn was simply wonderful. It was also a "premium" priced game with no IAP and it did quite well, enough so that FDG announced this past December that they were working on additional content for the game, and possibly even a sequel. Today, Cornfox has started teasing additional Oceanhorn content, and it looks like that will include some manner of fishing. Here are the two screens they posted to the Oceanhorn blog.



The developers say about this update, "We have been developing this update for a while now! It is something that could be considered as a DLC on console games, but as a token of gratitude for you, loyal Oceanhorn players, we will continue our No-IAP policy and release our DLC and content pack free of charge!" They also mention that the update is around 90% complete and it will go into the testing phase soon, so hopefully it isn't too long before players can get their hands on it. I'm sure there will be plenty more details regarding what else is in the impending update, so stay tuned for more and drop by the forum thread for some discussion.

  • kevin8977

    It's a $9 game. The updates damn well better be free.

    • Based Xatu

      Wow, $9??? I'm sure they can make a living off of that, especially after Apple takes their cut.

    • Themostunclean

      $60 console games with Day 1 DLC that cost $20 are worth getting angry about. Getting indignant about this is just plain stupid.

    • rewind

      I completely agree. In this day and age, if I pay $9 for a game, I don't want to be charged again.

    • tsargeant3012

      I really don't get this entitled viewpoint... the developer could just as easily leave the game as a fantastic game worth every cent of $9. Instead they put more time and work into developing content, why should we expect this for free? Surely we should expect to pay for the developers time and energy and be pleasantly surprised that it's free?

      • lll Anubis lll

        I agree completely. I bought this at release and got my 9 dollars worth. If it felt incomplete, then I would hope that they would release for free. However, the developers are clearly hard workers and made a complete game from the start. If the update has a substantial amount of content, I wouldn't mind paying for it as dlc.. If there is a good bit of content in the update, I hope they include a donate iap.

    • pv13

      the game has over 12 hours of gameplay. Its beautifully made with a great story, music, animation. Are you seriously complaining about the price tag? People spend over 60 dollars on games that have less than 6 hours of campaign gameplay. Zelda games clocking in at 30-50 hours for 60 dollars. If you factor the cost in comparison to a Zelda title, 9 dollars for 12 hours is a pretty solid price point. Additional content half a year after I played it and loved it sounds pretty stellar to me. The fact that it's free is a bonus.

  • GaZ-OiD

    Epic game that takes on a masterpiece in Zelda and holds its ground. Some additional DLC will be most welcome by all but a completely new game would be even better.... GaZ

  • Alexythimia23

    For all the time it took to make, the end result was cracking, even the cool music on last battle lol loved it and the balance was right on puzzles and action... Heres counting the days to oceanhorn 2

  • ImJPaul

    This is great news. Love developers like this. Payed $40 for Zelda on my DS. Never beat Zelda. Beat this twice. Boom.

  • Jetjet

    Youpi ! Ras le cul d'écrire en anglais alors je laisse exploser ma joie dans ma langue natale ! 🙂

  • Ultima12

    I'm dying to get back into some Oceanhorn!!! This is super exciting!

  • EvilAbdy

    Never beat it cause of that one puzzle where you had to hit the target, and then use the boots to jump over. My timing just wasn't good enough for that one 🙁

  • renatpl

    I'd easily buy an extension for this game, especially with some sort of online experience, whether it's $9 or $19", this game is remarkable.

  • Atomos

    I just wish they'd come out with some sort of syncing, icloud or Dropbox.

    • Onikage725

      ^this. I haven't gotten too deep because I can't decide if I prefer playing on my itouch with controller or iPad with better frame rate and screen size. iCloud support would be fantastic.

      • PaulEd7

        Didn't iCloud sync come as part of the last update?

      • Themostunclean

        Actually, 2 updates ago. In all fairness though, it is REALLY difficult to click two buttons and check your facts before commenting.

      • Themostunclean

        Sorry if that sounded mean. I just don't want to see those two guys missing out on a great game cuz their out of date in their info.

      • Alex

        Yes, iCloud sync has been in for a while now.

    • Future777

      The game already has iCloud sync 🙂 It was added in an update.

  • Alex

    Here's a thought dev's, remove the god damn advertisements. I paid a premium price and also gifted this game to three nephews, and then an update added in-app advertisements? I don't care what the reason is, I don't think anyone should pay for ads. This is a terrible decision that makes way for this from other developers (not that you're the first to try this). It's not okay. It's basically double-dipping into a customers pockets (or triple or more depending on how often they restart the app).

    I would pay for an IAP, but not ads. It's criminal.

    That said, the update looks great. Like I said, I would have paid for it. This game is a gem on the app store amidst all the generic games.

    • Future777

      Oceanhorn does not contain any advertisements.

      • Alex

        It most certainly does. They pop up on the title screen right after you log in to GameCenter. I bought a retail copy, not the free one. I will record a video and post it online if I need to prove it, though I would imagine I wouldn't need to.

      • Future777

        There's no single line of code in the game that would show ads. The only way to see ads would be a hacked OS and pirated copy.

      • vulcanologist5370

        What "free one" are you referring to? Where can I download it, and what is it called?

        No offense intended, but you might need to prove this.

        EDIT: I don't have the game, which is why I'm asking. I'm also curious as to whether the ads are for FDG games (many iOS games have a "More Games" button or banner), or for something like a trip to the Bahamas, a local car dealership, or deodorant.

      • Future777

        There are no ads (no FDG ads and no other ads) in Oceanhorn and the 'free one' was a temporary benchmark edition which let you play the first chapter for free. It's not available anymore.

      • vulcanologist5370

        Thanks for confirming. I felt 99% certain that there aren't ads, and a quick check of the App Store showed no free version available. I wondered if Alex was referring to a different game.

      • Alex

        I was referring to the benchmark edition which they have since removed.

      • Alex

        This was the free version I was referring to.