486553_largerThis is a bit of a weird episode as with Jared and I both spending part of the week travelling to visit other studios, we didn't talk about new games that much as we focused on upcoming games we saw at both Gameloft and King. It's a good time either way, I promise.

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  • Bill Kilem [Free]
  • Uncanny X-Men: Days of Future Past [$0.99]
  • Thomas Was Alone [$4.99]
  • Dungelot 2 [Free]


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Dungeon Quest, Free - Sponsoring this week's podcast is Shiny Box Games, the maker of Dungeon Quest – a truly free-to-play action RPG with addictive gameplay, epic loot, character customization, and fully randomized dungeons. With no pay wall, a thriving community of users, and regular updates by the developers, Dungeon Quest is designed for gamers who want constant challenge and extensive customization and game-play. The challenge map update is out NOW on the App store. Stop by the Dungeon Quest thread in the TouchArcade forum for user strategies and direct developer support.

  • Setlist

    Love your podcast but the only safe and efficient way I listen to it is using apple's "podcasts" app while I drive (I can't safely mess with my phone to pull up other sources while driving and tend to forget to preload my phone for offline listening). Right now it is only update to episode #150 (apr 12th). It chronically seems to have these 1 month+ backlogs that once in a while resolve themselves and then start happening again.

    As you imagine your podcast is partial about discussing current events in the iOS gaming community so I'm sure there's a material loss of listenership with this bug!

    Is it in your control to fix or is it Apple's problem?

    If it's not fixable can anyone suggest an alternative app? The apple Podcasts app seems pretty slick especially since their recent update (Siri integration!) though so that's still my preference!

    • Leeabe51

      I use Downcast. It's up to date there.

  • tkphotos

    have listened to these podcasts since episode 6, been having trouble downloading since april, guess im done with them