Ryth Returns in Huge ‘Infinity Blade III’ Blade Masters Update, On Sale for $2.99 to Celebrate

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If you’re among the many who are still actively playing Chair’s iOS masterpiece Infinity Blade III ($6.99), then you’re probably aware of the significant new update that was released for it today. But, if you’ve been away from the game for a while for whatever reason, it’s time to dust that puppy off because this new Blade Masters update is quite a doozy. To start off with, there’s a new Deathless to battle against in the game named The Collector. When you run into him, you’ll have a chance to fight for a super rare weapon, with the caveat that if you lose you’ll have to give him your own weapon. In order to get it back, you’ll have to fight again and beat The Collector before you even get to try and fight him for a rare weapon (or lose another one of your weapons). It’s like racing for pink slips: the stakes are high. It sounds like a rad risk vs. reward battle. Here’s an entire video where Chair’s Donald Mustard goes into detail about The Collector.

As awesome as The Collector is, the biggest bombshell in this update is that the Deathless Ryth from Infinity Blade II makes his return. He’s been brushing up on his skills, and he ain’t too pleased with being beaten by you in the last game. Also, Solar Trans weapons aka lightsabers make a return to the series, including some brand new ones for Isa. In addition, you can now customize your warriors somewhat with a selection of different animations and armor tints. It’s not the most in-depth customization ever, but it’s nice nonetheless.

Finally, a new Training Bot has been added so you can brush up on your skills and the Deathless Mode has seem some tweaks which include an increased level cap to 50 and a new feature that sees any of your items which you currently have forging in your hideout instantly finish upon defeating a Deathless. This not only makes that progression much quicker, but you can kind of plan ahead and forge a bunch of stuff if you’re planning on facing a Deathless anyway. People pretty much universally hate waiting for stuff, so this is a nice feature. Donald Mustard again goes over all the details of this update in the following Blade Masters overview video.

Infinity Blade III launched way back in September of last year and we loved it, but Chair has been wonderful about continually updating the game with new content. First they were the first game to fully optimize for the iPhone 5s when it came out, then there was the Soul Hunter update in October, then they rolled out ClashMob events in December, and finally the massive Ausar Rising update from the same month. Chair’s been a bit quiet since then, but now we see what they’ve ben up to all this time. Also, as with the Ausar Rising update, Infinity Blade III can now be had for the sale price of $2.99. So if you haven’t picked it up yet now would be a great time, as it’ll definitely keep you very busy for weeks and months to come.

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