iconzMike apparently decided to celebrate the return of Jared by not showering the entire week and sleeping during the day instead of at night. A real king's welcome in the iOS world. Anyway, this week we talk about the huge games of the week, Tilting Point as a publisher and what they're doing different, physical versus virtual board games, and whether or not tweens care about Monopoly these days. Exciting stuff, I tell you.

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  • dancefirst

    Wayward Souls.

  • spader623

    I think you should have an article on how so many people feel... Entitled to free updates even though they got the game for say a dollar and it has a ton of stuff in it. Also, I like what wayward souls is doing, even though I've already seen people who are upset about it

  • https://www.youtube.com/HansKaosu HansKaosu

    You will be able to buy the Hearthstone expansion with in-game gold.

  • GiHubb

    Good podcast but a bit of constructive criticism (hopefully): speak more about the games themselves and not the price point which has been done to death. For example I liked how Jared described why he likes Injustice and what it's all about, over your discussion on Wayward Souls and Leo's Fortune which barely touched on the games themselves, what they are about and what makes them so good. Instead you went on and on about the $5 price.

    Regarding Hearthstone: you should have done some more research on the single player expansion: the first wing is going to be free, the others are going to be released by a week's difference and you will unlock them by IAP or in-game gold. The amount wasn't disclosed by Blizzard yet. Each wing will consist of "boss" fights similar to the tutorial.

    But entertaining podcast overall 🙂