Final Fantasy Agito, Square Enix’s latest iOS title just got a new trailer ahead of its Japanese release in May. Directed by Hajime Tabata, Agito is a 3D RPG featuring real-time combat and stunning CGI cinematics. Set in the same universe as Final Fantasy Type-0, Agito has a new storyline broken down in chapters that are played out in real time and that change based on the decisions you’ll make. At the end, a new “cycle” will begin and you’ll have more choices to select from. Thus, the game should always be evolving. It sounds insanely weird and we’ll have to wait and see how the free to play elements impact the gameplay. It should be noted that Agito doesn’t have a solid release date here in the west and we’re not even sure it’s going to be released elsewhere.

For now you can at least feast your eyes on the new trailer embedded above. You can also watch a lengthy gameplay video that Square put online during TGS last year here.

  • Maglor

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        `~,  "~.,         }     /
         (  `=-,,   `         (  ;_,,-"
         /.`~,  `-             /
         `~.*-,             |,./  ,__
    ,,_    }.>-._             |     `=~-,
      `=~-,__  `,           
                `:,,          `     __
                 `=-,       ,%`>--==``
                  _    _,-%   `

    • nini

      Probably overstating it a little there.

      • Morgan01

        It is Square Enix we are talking about. Their games prices on mobile devices have always been one of the highest. It is easy to imagine them following the "Freemium" trend and be on the high end of it. I, too, pictures a game chalked full of costly IAP.

      • Brown Cow

        They're gonna scribble the prices in chalk? That IS weird.

    • HansKaosu

      Stop overreacting.

    • rpgmind

      Why is this supposed to be even?!

      • HansKaosu

        Captain Jean-Luc Picard from Star Trek: The Next Generation facepalming

      • rpgmind

        ohhhh ok thanks lol I can see it now after using a little imagination ha!!!

      • Brown Cow

        Because otherwise it'd be odd? Maybe I'm misunderstanding your question.

    • comicx90

      Uhm what lol

    • Stormourner


    • mclifford82

      Even if you're right, you can do it in a less internet-child obnoxious way.

  • curtisrshideler

    Being a big FF fan, this doesn't seem appealing. If it's freemium, I'd imagine it'll be an online game with IAP, of course. Can't imagine playing 40+ hours on it. I'd much rather play a port of disc 1-4 of FF IX. But I guess I'll stick with FF3-6 for now.

  • Dueler

    I am just going to hold my breath on this, Squenix are in the middle of rediscovering what it is that makes them popular. So who knows they might keep it fairly balanced this time.
    Going by the trailer I only saw one shot that looked like premium currency *Blue Crystals* where all the rest featured Gold so that's a good start.
    Either way won't know till we get it in our hands.
    I doubt they'll go OTT like ATB.

  • Stormourner

    I wish Square Enix would have release the english version of Final Fantasy Agito on PSP or Vita for a long time.............*shrugs* well all I can say for Square Enix is oh you

  • pouffie

    For some reason, I am not too excited about this. It's another bastardization of a franchise. I was a big fan of the old Squaresoft. They were making great games back then.
    I wonder why they don't port tactics ogre to iOS. There already is a psp port (the game was actually remade).

    • Design by Adrian

      I think this looks more serious and qualitative than FFXIII+

      maybe I'm wishing for too much...

  • NinjaKitteh

    This will be as bad as ATB was, I guarantee. After getting a 3ds and playing Bravely Default I realize Squenix only sees the idevices as money printing machines they use to sell schlock. BD proves they can make quality RPGs still. They just aren't interested in doing for iOS. It's really unfortunate too.

  • Themostunclean

    Combat still looks turn-based, not real time like the article states. Not much footage to go by but selecting the enemy with a cursor is usually a dead giveaway that it's not real-time combat.

  • NPeart

    "Free" to play, but exp, hp and mp costs money.

    • Design by Adrian

      but the hats are worth it!

  • TripMX

    Just saw the video...looks like this game will require a constant internet connection to play as it uses the popular card game "gatcha" schematic for obtaining party members. There are also (stamina?) recovery timers for each ACT.....I'm already disappointed.

  • 21tigermike

    Awesome, can't wait to learn Japanese

  • br4ndocomm4ndo

    Quit complaining, all media should be free. If you want to support the developers, or enhance your game play then pay for it! the free media world is winning