I haven't really met anyone who doesn't like Monument Valley [$3.99], ustwo's stylish architectural puzzler which launched to critical acclaim earlier this month, but just about everybody I've talked to agrees the game was quite short and they'd love to see more of it. Well, more levels are in the works according to ustwo's Neil McFarland in an interview with The Guardian. However, the studio isn't just cranking out more levels for the sake of it. According to McFarland, "We are making some more levels, but the reasons we're doing it are artistic reasons: there are some ideas that we didn't get to work so didn't put in there, but which we'd like to see work. There are some other things we'd like to try."

One of the issues with adding in new levels is that Monument Valley as it exists now has a complete story, and ustwo doesn't want to mess with that by just slapping new levels in there. They need to find a good way to introduce new levels that makes sense with the narrative of the story. Adding in some new levels to the game as completely separate-from-the-story bonus packs would work, but doesn't really strike me as ustwo's style, so it'll be interesting to see what their solution ends up being. In the meantime, check out the full interview for more insight on the development of Monument Valley, including why they opted for paid instead of free to play, the importance of localizing the game for China, and their desire to get the game out on more platforms including Android and PlayStation Vita.

[The Guardian]

  • spader623

    Just got this yesterday. Only played a few levels but I like how you have different ways of changing the level, not just turning the wheel. They could have some sort or prologue or epilogue though. I haven't finished it, but I'm pretty sure that there's some sort of thing that happened that makes the character do what she does. So maybe some sort of prologue, showing what happened? Idk. But great game so far.

  • BrettArchibald

    I always thought a *prequel* would be a good idea for more Monument Valley: let's see how Ida got to be in this place to begin with.

  • djstout

    Can't wait to see more of it!

    • Chq

      Can't wait to get it for 89ct.

  • miroa

    Awesome! This game is short, but so well made that its length is easily forgivable.

    • BrettArchibald

      That's what she said.

  • mclifford82

    I'll gobble them up as I did the first ten.

  • Adsinjapan

    Totally called it! 😛

  • BRAINIAC4200

    This game is a masterpiece. I'm thinking a prequel would suffice.

  • Anotherkellydown

    Good news!

  • greifer

    Yay! I just finished the game today and I agree with most reviews regarding the length of the game. It is too short. I'm looking forward to more levels 😉

  • spike17spiegel

    I had a feeling that might happen. Great game and I would love to see more of it!

  • tcb5150

    I think I am a more of a casual gamer than most on here. That being said, I think this is the first ios game I've ever completed. Excited for more!

    • anabolicMike

      Get Junk jack X. It will hold you till they add more levels to this game. Unfortunately you may not care and never stop playing JJX! I can't get off jack!

  • anabolicMike

    I have to do this and I am so sorry. This is a massive spoiler!!!! I just can't hold it in... But HOLY SNARFMUFFINS what they did to junk jack x is amazing! They added tons of new play! This is one wild arse game. If you guys don't have it already, you need to forget EVERY other game and get it. You will not regret it. I am flabbergasted by this Junk Jack X game. Easily game of iphone history. Spoiler over!

    • Jake7905

      Wrong game bro.

  • worldcitizen1919

    Its a fascinating game. 5/5

  • coolpepper43

    Wait, are these going to be iaps?

    • Design by Adrian

      If it makes the game 100% longer I wouldn't mind paying the same amount again to download the new levels.

      (but hopefully the extra purchase would cost 50% of the full game)

  • mr_bez

    Weave then into the existing story and call it a Director's Cut?

  • ebaylurker

    I have played this game over and over again, I can't wait to have more levels come out. Do we know how soon the new levels will be available?