When this week's new releases came and went without a sign from Gameloft's latest Spider-Man movie tie-in game, people were confused. After all, the company had previously announced the game would be out April 17th. Well, they almost made it, as not too long after the clock changed to midnight and the calendar rolled over to the 18th here in the US The Amazing Spider-Man 2 [$6.99] finally did arrive in the App Store. Take a gander at the launch trailer.

As you can see, much like the first The Amazing Spider-Man mobile game, you'll swing and crawl around a wide open city doing super hero stuff like stopping crime and fighting off a cast of famous Spider-Man villains. I've played around a little bit with The Amazing Spider-Man 2 at this late hour and it's good fun so far, especially just swinging around a seemingly huge virtual New York City. There's a few more early impressions in our forums, and expect more to roll in throughout the day. Oh, and like Gameloft's other recent releases, this one requires a constant internet connection, so heads up.

  • coolpepper43

    Requires a constant internet connection! PASS!

    • Stormourner

      you shall not pass!! XD

    • JMan121314

      Just so you know it looks like you can unlock the suits, or most of them using some sort of tokens in the game. I am not sure how to get them though.

      Two of them however are just iap. But the others let you unlock with tokens or iap.

      And one of the suits you can buy using the standard in-game currency.

      So at least you can unlock most of the suits in game.

    • JMan121314

      Whoops my last comment was meant to be to the guy asking about iap... Sry :/

  • kevin8977

    I want it but I want to know how bad the IAP's are first.

    • Aaron

      Its not that bad, the iaps are just for the suits

      • Stormourner

        sigh!! some people these days only cares about IAPs

      • tommet

        It's kinda nice to have an idea of what you'd have to pay to finish the game.

      • skatter

        Considering that Gameloft has become known for horrible game-destroying IAPs, it's a valid concern.

      • bigrand1

        It sure as heck is! And it easily becomes a deal breaker, just as having to have an internet connection does! Then losing IAP you paid for because you suddenly lose that connection really sucks, I'll tell you what!

    • JMan121314

      Iap is not too bad, read my comment above yours.

      It is that always being on the internet that annoys me, kills my battery like mad aside from the graphics.

  • bored2death


    • loophole

      Who made the steam version? Was it gameloft?

      • Roger Bobdog

        Beenox/Activision, completely different game, and judging by the first movie game, about 100x better than this one.

  • renzy18

    Disgust me how american get it for $5 but in Australia cost $6.50 such greed

    • coolpepper43

      It's probably because the Australian dollar in on the down under
      / lamest joke of all time

    • Shifaan

      I know how you feel mate, I'm Australian too.

    • Arch Deluxe


    • Rip73

      That's down to the exchange rate and Apple changing prices recently because of weak foreign currency.
      Not really much can be done about that by Gameloft or Apple.
      Perhaps you're local government representative would be best to complain to.

    • Bool Zero

      You are not taking into account the currency exchange rate and your countries own policies on how it treats online digital purchases, taxes, and tariffs. One U.S. dollar does not equal one Australian dollar; the exchange rate is $1.00 USD::$1.08 AUD. Any other reasons that it costs more are due to your countries specific pricing on online goods and have nothing to do with us Americans. Perhaps taking the time to understand global economic economies rather than just blinding bashing countries are in order...

      • lavenders2

        So our apps should cost $1.08 or $1.09, not $1.29 right?
        Its got nothing to do with the economy. Our dollar was shit before (at one point it was $1 USD: $1.16 AUS, maybe even worse than that) and Apple was fine with leaving the prices. Then our dollar shoots up to what you posted and all of the sudden Apple are like "Wait, lets rip em off before the economy becomes stable!"
        Its Apple wanting more money, really no other way to put it

      • dudeguypal

        You have to take into account your countries internet sales taxes which vary. The prices in England are higher b/c of their internet sales laws

  • ODMay

    So why do we need constant internet connection? ō_Õ

    • Stormourner

      maybe.......piracy reason? I doubt

    • curtneedsaride

      Everyone has been saying because GL wants to limit priacy... But pirates will probably find a workaround. There's got to be a more sinister reason that they won't ever tell us. Are they ingesting the whole of the internet through a triangulation of all of our collective data streams?!?

  • MarionCotillard

    Why the hell do you need to have a constant internet connection? That's ridiculous. It's not like your versing anybody or it's limited to a multiplayer mode. Very poor decision by Gameloft.

    • Shifaan

      Unless if there is a timer thing or daily rewards, then that's maybe why they put in constant internet connection. I haven't played it yet but I hope there isn't any of that crap.

      • Rip73

        No timer. No energy system. All perfectly normal and as it should be.
        Tournaments for in game prizes and some form of arena.

      • Intendro

        Daily rewards only require connecting to the Internet to claim them. Or they might not even choose to require that.

        Constant Internet requirement is a stupid major inconvenience.

    • JMan121314

      They said it is to stop people from hacking the leaderboards. Personally it has not caused too much of a problem yet, but I will see.

      • Intendro

        Forget non-cheated leaderboards, I'd rather have a portable game that's not removing portability.
        Ugh.... It's stupid either way.

      • Intendro

        What we really need is, somehow, less easily hacked scores. And why do I get the feeling someone will somehow hack this game's anyway?

  • Swallowtail

    Spider "web" :-))

  • Killerluffy246

    $5 plus constant internet connection ?? Do u need a slap ?

  • jammyman

    Modern combat 5 where are you?

  • mothman99

    I hope you don't need a constant Internet connection for MC5. That would not be cool; might turn me away.

    • Rip73

      You can pretty much consider online only being a lock in on MC5 at this stage.
      As the multiplayer is its primary feature that keeps people playing long term, its not like it will matter as an online connection is required for that, isn't it.

  • Mekklesack

    This is Amazing on my iPad mini with retina! Too bad it'll run poorly on the same device in several months. "Optimize," people!!

  • worldcitizen1919

    Most Gameloft games I've found disappointing and deleted thrm. There's always a bug or bugs or and framerate issues.

    • Stormourner

      if there's a bug on the game just report to them instead of deleting the game because of bugs

      • Wizard_Mike

        Report bugs... Does gameloft ever update their non-mmo games? I had several gameloft games before, and the only one that ever got updated was order and chaos. They've always seemed to be a "release it and move on" kind of company when it comes to most of their games. It's one of the reasons I stopped buying gameloft games.

      • Stormourner

        Gameloft aren't the only one that "release it and move on" since some other developers does that. let's say there's a bug in Teknopant's Shoot First so I report it to the developer about the bug and now it's three years without fixing the bug

      • Rip73

        Of the five Gameloft titles on device right now, they've all been updated at least twice in the last few months. None are MMO's.
        So, yeah, they do update and bug fix any non legacy game with a lot of frequency.

      • curtneedsaride

        Yeah, they kept updating Iron Man 3 WAY beyond what I thought they would. And each update really did make the game better. Thank God they didn't add a need for constant connection to that one. I've put money into it and still play it.

  • kevin8977

    Yay, the IAP's aren't important in this game. You can buy boosters and stuff in a shop with coins you earn or buy coins. Also you can buy suits with real money. Don't have to worry about IAPs in this game.

    • Stormourner

      and people are still worried about IAPs >_>

      • tommet

        That's because the IAP model sucks.

      • iAjent

        As everyone else has said, IAP models suck unless done properly. Charge £2.99 for a game and £0.69 for each of the five different suits (for example) isn't that bad. If you have to pay £0.69 for a new 'web cartridge' so you can keep swinging around. New York, or wait 6hrs... that kind of model sucks big donkey b**ls.

      • curtneedsaride

        AGREED. $15-20 for a new suit?!? Nope. IF this wasn't online only, I'd buy it. AND IF the suits were $1, I'd probably buy them all.

  • madmanbell

    Does it work with ios controllers??

    • Rip73

      Not yet.

    • http://www.gameloft.com/ Ryan

      No controller support at launch, but I've let the Dev team know players are asking for it.

  • curtisrshideler

    Until they stop this constant internet connection thing, I think I'm done giving them my money. I wanted to be supportive, even through the Captain America thing. But if I have to be connected online always, I'd rather just play Avengers Alliance instead of a premium 3rd person single player game. Seriously, premium single player games don't need to be online. I'd be pissed if my only gaming device was an iPad or iPod.

    • Rip73

      90% piracy on premium games.
      One good enough reason.
      It won't stop piracy but you sure as hell can ban those people pretty fast. Which is the least they deserve.
      And before people start questioning that percentage as a rate, the info is out there everywhere to find numbers and they are shockingly bad.
      Eli himself quoted 90% piracy rate in a good day on premium games.
      So either accept online only in premium games for the most part or move on to freemium because that is going to be the only choice soon enough.

      • curtneedsaride

        I'll just stop gaming on my phone instead. The industry will lose a lot of us and our free income that we put towards this and then they'll move back to a more normal model. We've seen the music industry have to deal with the same. Piracy will find a way, I'm sure. The thing is, I don't want to be told I have to constantly pay for data usage on a game I already paid a premium price for! I'm losing because they want to win.

      • M M

        Exactly. Trying to use piracy as an excuse is kind of a joke. It doesn't stop piracy and it just impacts the customers who paid for your game.

      • curtneedsaride

        Games currently on my phone that don't need a constant connection:
        FIFA 13, FIFA 14, FMH 2014, FMH 2013, RBI 14, New Star Soccer, iOOTP 2014, FFT, FF3, FF6, Chaos Rings 2, Chrono Trigger, Dragon Fantasy, Knights of Pen & Paper, Infinity Blade 3, SMRPG, PAA3, Cthulhu Saves the World, Oceanhorn, Superbrothers S&S, Mage Gauntlet, 24, Deus Ex, Iron Man 3, Thor 2, Republique, BS5, Alien Breed, RE, Sherlock The Network, Hound of the Baskervilles, Sonic 2, Wheel of Fortune, Jeopardy, Bumpy Road, Star Command, Star Wars Trench Run, SW Hoth, SW Pit Droids, Lego Star Wars, Star Wars Pinball 2, KOTOR, Angry Birds SW 1&2, Out There, Hitman Go...
        Just to name a few of the games on my phone without a need for a constant connection. And most of those companies don't seem to be going toward an online model for all their games.

      • Rip73

        That's nice.
        And a decent list of games even.
        But as the editor in chief of this very site has commented in the forums that a lot of developers relayed at GDC that they would be moving to an online only model in the future, I think you might be for a lot of surprises in the future.
        You can't really get more industry insider or qualified industry direct information at a very prominent industry event than that so you can pretty much take it as golden and definitely happening.

      • curtneedsaride

        He can have all the inside info he wants on the issue. I'm just voicing that I pay money for games I can play anywhere. Lots of them. Usually no matter the cost. And as soon as they start doing this crap, I'll stop buying them. No more money. And by the sound of the ASM2 forum thread, I won't be the only one.

      • Michael O'Connor

        A pirates copy =/= a lost sale.

      • Rip73

        It's always amusing how people roll that one out all the time.
        Well, it may not always equal a lost sale in all cases, it does equal a lost sale or revenue in a lot of cases.
        Despite what certain groupings will throw out with barely qualified anecdotal evidence.
        If they already steal through piracy, the likelihood of same thieves telling truth in any study or survey is pretty slim anyway.

      • coolpepper43

        The people I know who pirate would never consider paying for a game even if piracy wasn't possible. I do think there is one legitimate reason to pirate and one reason only. If the game does not have a lite version, it's nice to try the game before you buy it just to be sure the game would not be a complete waste of money. But you have to buy it if you want to keep playing it and delete all pirated versions of anything you downloaded afterwards. That if the only 'legitimate' form of piracy for in my opinion. Anything else is just evil.

      • curtneedsaride

        Well a constant connection isn't stopping piracy, from what I hear. A full game IAP would be more effective. And then they would have gotten many more downloads today.

      • Intendro

        Too bad Apple doesn't let you back up permanent IAP, like apps... I see no option in iTunes.
        (If the app disappears from the store, the "restore IAP" option goes with it.)

      • curtneedsaride

        Yeah, I've unlocked a few full games through IAP and then they end up getting full versions in the App Store for the full price. Really upsets me because I'd much rather pay upfront... except in this case. Just wish the online component wasn't there.

      • AdamM

        That 90% quote is questionable at best. You say it's on a good day, but that is likely the peak and in China on iOS. But, even if the average in the US is 50% that is still unacceptable.

      • Rip73

        Well, I can't claim that percentage as my own or relate which market it applies to.
        A post on the forum by the editor from here related that info and as he has many contacts, friends and associates in the industry, I'm inclined to take his word for it and have no reason to question its validity.
        But yes, I agree fully on your second point, even at 50%, it is an unacceptable.

  • nimu

    Time after time Gameloft has been disappointing.what is the need of a constant internet connection? I just hope they dont make MC5 freemium or like this

    • strongdd197

      If they ever come out with MC5.

  • SwithNova

    I have the first one and it sucks and now they produce this crap which btw is worse then the dark knight gameloft please just stick with your ok games aka nova and modern combat those games are what people want to see what they don't want is another horrible movie tie in great you switched the web slinging animation the only plus to the game cool not really plus new Peter Parker was a big mistake went from ba to nerdy teen old ones better and not British

    • curtneedsaride

      I enjoyed Dark Knight quite a bit. At least I wasn't fighting bad guys always at high noon with the sun lighting up everything like in BOTH of these Spiderman games. I mean, he freekin' swings around at night a lot in the movie!

      • SwithNova

        I mean it's called the dark knight for a reason one could expect night to be a big part of the game but I think I'm just going to stick with batman Arkham origins and not the iOS version as for this players can experience one level of darkness YAY!!!!!!!! also that's sarcasm

      • curtneedsaride


  • AJShadowz

    This Internet connection trend is really killing my ipad experience. I play mostly at work (night shift) but I have no wifi there. So I would only be able to play Spider-Man at home? Why do that when my PS4 is there connected to my giant tv?.. Smh Maybe getting an ipad for boring work nights was a bad idea, cuz this trend seems to only be getting more common.

  • M M

    It's DRM BS. You have to constantly validate the game with an Internet connection or it won't let you play.

    • Rip73

      So when a copyright holder tries to protect their intellectual property from illegal activities such as copying or theft and protect their revenue stream, its BS?
      I suppose next you'd prefer to have no drm, let piracy run even more rampant than it is already, they all went broke or gave up on digital downloads and we all had no games to play.
      That'd just be fantastic wouldn't it? Nobody would have anything to complain about then.
      Except the lack of games of course.

      • SwithNova

        Rage much lol

      • M M

        No I didn't say I want piracy. I said I want a game to work when I don't have an internet connection. I mean I paid for the game so let me play it. I think you took my comment wrong....or you just feel the need to put yourself up on a cross on behalf of developers everywhere....

      • Rip73

        Well, you did call DRM BS. That's pretty much unequivocal and not really open to much misunderstanding.
        And supporting copyright protection isn't really getting up on a cross or "rage much".
        The constant stream of complaints that the consumer gaming community throw out there repeatedly certainly has those characteristics though.

      • SwithNova

        Not you mm comment strictly for rip

      • Intendro

        Pirates just go and hack the DRM anyway. In the end, only the people who bought the game suffer, ironically.

      • Intendro

        If they want DRM, then figure out how to make it not tick off the buyers! Offline!!!
        If you've connected to this stupid thing once, what makes them think you might start pirating it after? A refund? Bah! Give us our portability on our portable system! Realize the Internet doesn't exist on every inch of the planet! Stop irritating non-pirates! The DRM complaining will never end until they stop this nonsense. :/

  • MaqueGenio

    You people should really find a better reason to hate, because the Online Only is the least of it problems. How about the game it self? If it is anything like TASM1 i wouldn't recommend anyway even it was free.

  • Lamar Taylor

    I don't like the constant need for an Internet connection to play the game. That means I can't play this game on an airplane, bus, or subway unless I buy WiFi because we all know you can lose your data signal while traveling. I'm surprised nobody from Gameloft thought about how a 24 hour need for WiFi would be a problem smh.

    This game is $4.99 and should be able to be accessed anywhere at anytime WiFi or not.

    • M M

      No I would prefer to not have a game shut down on my just because I don't have an internet connection. Is that really so hard to understand? No one is trying to steal anything.

  • dwx882

    This was going to be an instabuy, but with it needing a constant internet connection I won't even think about buying unless this is changed!!

  • JMan121314

    This game is almost perfect in every way for me. Love the graphics and the swinging. It is a pretty good achievement for a mobile game. However I do have a few gripes...

    For one that darn always online feature.

    Why is it so hard to find "the perfect game" this comes so close for me. Yet they always have to add one thing to annoy me.

  • Revolvix

    I almost bought this thinking it was going to be ok in app purchase wise, then I saw the obligatory "web full of spider points" for £6.00 and the "sack full of spider points" for £12.99, I'm so sick of games charging you once to buy the game then making you spend money to get the full game experience. Sack full of spider points? Jesus what next....

    • Irvin

      That's what I do too, I usually blacklist games that are free or have in app purchase with a few exceptions like wolf among us which the iap is an entire episode of the game.

      I wish touch arcade would do a unique format of their reviews with section of it stating just how bad the iap is so we can be as informed as possible when purchasing the game.

  • iValerio1990

    Iron spider skin unlock new "free roaming" ability or is just a reskin? Thanks