Gameloft’s ‘The Amazing Spider-Man 2’ Hits the App Store

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When this week’s new releases came and went without a sign from Gameloft’s latest Spider-Man movie tie-in game, people were confused. After all, the company had previously announced the game would be out April 17th. Well, they almost made it, as not too long after the clock changed to midnight and the calendar rolled over to the 18th here in the US The Amazing Spider-Man 2 ($6.99) finally did arrive in the App Store. Take a gander at the launch trailer.

As you can see, much like the first The Amazing Spider-Man mobile game, you’ll swing and crawl around a wide open city doing super hero stuff like stopping crime and fighting off a cast of famous Spider-Man villains. I’ve played around a little bit with The Amazing Spider-Man 2 at this late hour and it’s good fun so far, especially just swinging around a seemingly huge virtual New York City. There’s a few more early impressions in our forums, and expect more to roll in throughout the day. Oh, and like Gameloft’s other recent releases, this one requires a constant internet connection, so heads up.

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