miniverselogoHere's something neat I found over the weekend: it's called Miniverse, and it's an action-puzzle game in development from a two-person team calling themselves Coding Cat Games.

In Miniverse, your goal is to ferry stranded people through a treacherous area of space by plucking their planets out of orbit in your cosmic claw and moving them elsewhere. Eventually, this gets complicated. Some planets will get too cold and freeze over if you move them too far away from a star, while others explode after a period of time. Sometimes, there are giant pink lasers being blasted around, instantly vaporizing anything they touch.

The action is easier to understand once you see it in action, so Coding Cat were smart to put a giant animated .gif up on the game's website. Other .gifs peppered through Coding Cat's development blog (hosted on the TIGSource forums) show off how a star's energy radius grows and shrinks, or how to use a shield to navigate through enemy fire.


Other than that, details are pretty sparse. Still, I like the art, and while Miniverse vaguely reminds me of something like Bennet Foddy's Evacuation [Free], I can't really think of any other game quite like it. That counts for something, right?

There's no release date in sight, but Coding Cat is developing Miniverse for iPad, PC, and Mac. We'll keep our eyes to the stars as new info comes out, though.


  • danielboyz

    I hate this app, even though the show iPad games switch is off it keeps showing games like this. The same thing happened with FTL and a ton of other games and it's killing me.

    • xx99

      This is likely because apps aren't labeled as iPad-only until they exist in the App Store.

    • C. Stubb

      If you have a problem with this app, it's fine to voice your grievance. However, opening your comment with "I hate this app" isn't going to achieve anything fast. Instead of using the TouchArcade app to complain about how much you hate it, why not just stop using the TouchArcade app?

    • Design by Adrian

      Why do you hate this app? Have you tried it?

  • bbve

    I swear the article said Miiverse, but it didn't.

    • coolpepper43

      You are correct, but then I changed it. Sorry, my bad.