applelogo-1Weekly charts are a weird thing. In the music world, they can be super interesting, especially as if you're anything like me, you're always discovering weird stuff you never would've listened to in the top charts on Spotify. In the app world, however, with charts that update constantly, things get a little strange.

Sure, you can load up iTunes any ol' time and check out the top games list. The thing is, those top lists are live lists which through a series of algorithms represent a live snapshot of what's going on in the App Store. Well, starting this week Apple is going to be doing something a little different. They're releasing weekly top game charts which feature a ordered list of cumulative downloads over the previous week. It's not a whole lot different from the live top charts, but with only one set of data to compare the differences, it seems premature to dismiss this as something that couldn't potentially be interesting in the future.

Here's the top games of the US App Store from March 17th through March 23rd:

iPhone Paid Games

  1. Minecraft – Pocket Edition
  2. Heads Up!
  3. Bridge Constructor
  4. Plague Inc.
  5. Papa's Freezeria To Go!
  6. Card Wars - Adventure Time
  7. Bloons TD 5
  8. Threes!
  10. TETRIS®

iPhone Free Games

  1. Smash Hit
  2. Don't step the white tile
  3. The Impossible Flappy Game - T...
  4. 2048 - The Game
  5. Little Hand Doctor - kids games
  6. Bouncing Slime - Impossible Le...
  7. Crazy Taxi
  8. 3D Plane Flying Parking Simula...
  9. Farm Heroes Saga
  10. QuizUp™

iPad Paid Games

  1. Minecraft – Pocket Edition
  2. Surgeon Simulator
  3. Skyblock - Survival Game Missi...
  4. Card Wars - Adventure Time
  5. Survivalcraft
  6. Hide N Seek : Mini Game With W...
  7. Calling All Mixels
  8. Pixel Gun 3D
  9. Plants vs. Zombies HD
  10. Angry Birds Star Wars II

iPad Free Games

  1. Smash Hit
  2. Farm Heroes Saga
  3. The Impossible Flappy Game - T...
  4. Ridge Racer Slipstream
  5. Midnight Castle - A Hidden Obj...
  6. Little Hand Doctor - kids games
  7. Bouncing Slime - Impossible Le...
  8. Frozen Free Fall
  9. Angry Birds Go!
  10. Baby Heroes: Professional Babi...

Sooo... Yeah, not a whole lot of surprises in there, but we'll keep an eye on these official weekly charts in future weeks to see how things stack up.

  • Andreas

    Ok, and where can we see this chart? On iTunes?

    • Eli Hodapp

      Scroll up.

      • Andreas

        So there is no official page from Apple showing the chart?

      • maderos

        @hodapp:disqus You are stupid or trying to be cool?

      • Andreas

        Maybe I'm stupid - but I don't see a link to a website from Apple showing the chart. Of course I can see the chart above. But isn't there an official page from Apple showing the charts?

      • maderos

        That question wasn't addressed to you, but Eli. I know you are asking for the source of the charts, but moderator apparently cannot understand a simple sentence.

      • Andreas

        Oh, I see this right now - lol.

      • CandyCaneNJ

        I like your style

      • Eli Hodapp

        It's sent out as an emailed press release.

      • Andreas

        Thanks @hodapp:disqus

      • TheWrongHodappDied

        Of course he's stupid. Automatic for him. Hateful too. Immature. Gets tons of underage kids to be abusive for no reason. Add pedophile to the list

      • TheWrongHodappDied

        Love your style

  • Leeabe51

    Sad to see that 2048 looks to be a direct ripoff of Threes! and is doing so well.

    • Mess

      It is a rip off yes, and it's a shame that threes isn't higher in the charts. However 2048 is actually quite a fun game. It is quicker to play the threes, and has some different factors in the gameplay which make it interesting.

    • falco

      Yes like candy cush is a ripoff of bejeweled and same thing with 2048 and threes. It is a great exemple the majority of people on ios are not a gamer and they don't know the real good game. Look like people love free games. Sorry for my bad english is my second language.

      • the_rebel14

        App store mentality for some: "Why charge our customers a one-time low price for our game when we can just make it free and charge them over and over again for power ups and ad removers?"

      • MrAlbum

        2048 has no powerups. It does have ads, but that's it.

      • Rubicon Development

        Because most developers can't make something good that earns money from a "low price". The marketplace did this, not the devs.

    • rewind

      The real problem is that paid games can always be ripped off, no matter how many patents and trademarks are in place. And most of the ripoffs are free. So the lesson here is to keep your games free-to-play. 🙂

      • godelescherbach

        So that instead of quality experience your gaming is interrupted by ads, minitransactions and timers. Isn't that all that we want?

  • sbnewsom

    This isn't representative of good games, just the popularity gained by kids playing with cellphones. Else mine craft wouldn't be #1. Good game but very generation specific.

    • nini

      That's the charts for you, remember that the gamer who reads this site is a minority within a minority.

  • Wolfcoyote

    I'm happy to see that Kalicinski's SurvivalCraft is in the top half of the paid iPad apps list. It's too bad that it doesn't have a chance of surpassing Minecraft: Pocket Edition even though it really deserves it (the size and scope of the world and the things you can do compared to Mojang's portable release).

    I'd love to see Gumi's Brave Frontier on the free apps list. That game is great JRPG goodness for short spurts as well as conjures up my Sega Saturn memories. (Hey wait...there's my Saturn right there. I'm putting my iPad to sleep so that I can play some Albert Odyssey).

    Back on topic: it'll be interesting to see if just maybe we'll find a week dominated by games created for more experienced gamers and not dominated by casual clones. It would definitely help to alleviate criticisms against mobile gaming if nothing else.

    • nini

      At least there's some variety, an "experienced gamer" chart wouldn't consist of much more than RPGs and dungeon crawlers with the odd strategy game.

      • Siveon

        Right, because experienced gamers can't enjoy the occasional Fighting game, Adventure game, Action (shmup, beat 'em up, Platformer) or Arcade titles. They can't stand racing games either.

        Of course not, broad generalizations for the win!

  • Andreas

    It's nice to see that great selling games got another promo slot for free. I wish Apple would take a bit more care about games with low marketing budgets.

    • MrAlbum

      The article says the chart is based on downloads, not how much money they earn. I apologize for the nitpick, but it can be a big distinction to many.

  • Wizard_Mike

    Out of curiosity, why is Minecraft's #1 spot predictable (as per the article title). It's been out for some time now. Why would it be hitting the top for this week? I would have never guessed that this week's top downloads were of a game that has been out so long.

    I'm actually surprised. I figured most people that would ever purchase this game would have done so over the past, what, three years it's been out? How is a three year old game out-downloading everything else? And how did you know it would?

    I never look at the appstore charts, so maybe I'm simply clueless as to the whole nature of this beast.

    • brydude111

      It's been at the top (or within 3) ever since it came out practically. It's also updated every month or so, and people decide that what's added warrants them to finally purchase it.

    • Eli Hodapp

      It's predictable because Minecraft is consistently the hottest thing ever, and shows no signs of stopping.

  • Adams Immersive

    Glad to see some worthy favorites represented (like Plague Inc. and Bloons TD5). It seems that top charts reinforce themselves too much, and maybe ought to just go away or be buried less prominently—but they could be worse!

  • JCho133

    I wish they would show the actual number of downloads

  • Guest


  • Mekklesack

    I would love twitch support in Smash Hit, along with an expansion. But these are just wishes.

    • HansKaosu

      Just use Reflector App (pc/mac program) if you cant afford capture card. I used that program before i got myself real capture hardware.

  • Siveon

    And of course, most of them blow.

  • bigjack66

    Just what I thought I hate them all!

    • Eli Hodapp

      What a strange thing to say.

  • Montgomery Gabrys

    So can you load your desktop mc maps into mcpe? If not, forget-it.

  • ZarieoZ

    Off-topic but I've waited for TA to mention it for a few days, but they didn't. Activision is closing "Guitar Heroes" series on all platforms. They will never be available to download after 31st of March, nor will you be able to get downloadable content. But it is now discounted to 0.99$. If you love it hurry & get some song packs. I never moved it from my phone ever since it's release, I got 6 songs pack this week, I won't let this game die on me like Tap Tap did.

    • MrAlbum

      Your post is off-topic, although I understand your passion. Post this in the TouchArcade forums if you haven't yet, so it doesn't get lost in this comment section.

  • storyofalex

    NBA Jam?!! That thing hasn't been updated in years and runs like ass on new devices.

  • godelescherbach

    Half of the iPad paid games top ten is composed of Minecraft clones. Really?