Last month, Hello Games announced a new mobile entry in the Joe Danger series called Joe Danger Infinity. Just a few days later, as you might already be aware of if you follow them on Twitter, the Hello Games studio was ravaged by a flood, destroying much of their equipment. The team has been surprisingly upbeat during all of this, and in a looking-on-the-bright-side sort of way, it appears that the flood will not delay the release of Joe Danger Infinity as Hello Games has sent word that the game will officially launch this week on January 9th. Here's a brand new screen showing off one of the new vehicles in the game.


As divulged previously, Joe Danger Infinity is an endless runner take on the Joe Danger formula which sees the titular stuntman shrunken down to toy size. He'll be joined by an extensive cast of other toy characters, as well as brand new vehicles like tanks and planes, a first for the series. The January 9th release date is also significant as that marks the one year anniversary of the previous iOS version of Joe Danger [$1.99], which has had "more people playing Joe Danger than everything we had done before on console combined!" according to Hello's Sean Murray. Look for Joe Danger Infinity to drop with all this week's other new releases late Wednesday night in the US App Store.

  • OrangeJews

    Does that mean Joe Danger will go on sale?

  • dribblejam


  • dariusjr98

    It's terrible to hear about the flood, but the game looks really good. I hope they have made enough money off of their previous games and make enough on Infinity to replace all they've lost. I can't imagine how much losing equipment like that sucks.

  • cplr

    Will buy to support No Man's Sky development.

    • mr_bez

      Will buy to support Joe Danger Infinity's development! 🙂

  • actualyisuck156

    Is this going to be free

    • Ramaz1234


      • dariusjr98

        Well that escalated quickly.

    • fancy walrus

      The article states that there was a flood that destroyed their equipment yet you think this will be free?

    • rich_952000

      No, read the article. Thankfully it will be $2.99 ads. I also guarantee it will easily be worth that price as the original was so worth more than the asking price.

      • flyordiedays

        I thought the $2.99 reference in the article referred to the original game

  • Scot Damn

    Personally, I'm much more concerned with their other game, No Mans Sky. That game looks sick!

  • MrKershaEsq

    Day 1 purchase. If only to support the dev in their time of need.

  • DemoEvolved

    Joe danger 1 is actually worth 2.99 for sure.

    Don't know if I like the game as an infinite runner though.

  • mudads

    Besides the fact that I love Joe Danger and I will be buying this regardless of that just to support them and No Man's Sky.

  • OutSpoken

    Bought Joe Danger and thought it was a very polished game, however i'm slightly disappointed in this next iOS title, was hoping we would see something on the levels of their Joe Danger the Movie games.

  • Di Hoc Roi

    Look really fun and challenge, must have!

  • gaurabmega

    That's the reason why the second game was on sale for PC via Humble Bundle. Hope they get out of the flood problem soon.