The first BAFTA winning Cut the Rope [Free / $0.99] did something that is almost unheard of outside of mobile gaming circles. It created a game that looked, sounded and even played like something designed for young children that could be just as appealing and perplexing for adults.

ZeptoLab's second take on the cartoonish looking game Cut the Rope 2 [$1.99] offers the same experience but with some creative twists that add new characters to the series and some equally creative ways to play one of the most popular puzzle games on the iOS platform.

Thankfully, the game doesn't stray too far from the concept that made it a mobile gaming monster. The loveable Om Nom, the candy loving creature that was destined to become a best-selling, huggable plush toy, has an addiction for candy that cannot be satisfied and it's up to the player to help him reach his glucose laden treasure. This time, there is a slightly bigger emphasis on story as the pesky spiders conspire to steal his precious candy. This is to introduce some of the new characters that will help Om Nom retrieve his precious candy and set up new settings for Om Nom to play in as he travels around the world with his beloved candy dangling just out of his reach.

Like most level-based puzzle games and its predecessor, Cut the Rope 2 starts off slow to give the player a chance to learn its most basic functions and controls as ropes are sliced in perfect time to toss the candy into Om Nom's infectious grin. Things like air cushions and balloons help keep the candy from falling off of a cliff and turning Om Non's adorable grin into an "awww" producing frown but a bunch new characters add a ton of creative new elements to an already creative game.

screen1136x1136-265What appears to be hedgehogs crossed with aardvarks can spit out their tongues across a chasm creating a bridge to stop or roll the candy towards its final destination. Baby elephant looking creatures turn their long noses into springs to bounce Om Nom or the candy closer together and in the path of stars that can add to the game's longevity. These whimsical characters add a fun new dimension to what could have been an otherwise dull experience if the developers had just created new levels under the game's already brilliant design. They expand on a simple concept and give the puzzle creators more possibilities and challenges to throw in front of their players, which gives the players ample opportunities to replay it as they try to capture those elusive stars.

Just like its predecessor, Cut the Rope 2 may sound easy but it gets increasingly harder as you plow through it, which will just make you want to play it more. It builds on the formula that made it such a successful puzzle franchise without completely reinventing or ignoring the core gameplay that makes it work. What's even more amazing about such a game is that it has a simple design that anyone can pick up and stick with even as new and exciting elements are added to it with each passing level.

To call it "gaming candy" would be a useless cliche and a gross mischaracterization for such a game. Such a tired term would imply it has little to no nutritional value for your brain. The artwork and characters may look sugary sweet but it's plotting and physics elements that require you to think ahead before you cut the line makes it something that your mind won't regret gorging on after a long  session and binging and purging.

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  • ste86uk

    Only new game I've played so far this week and I'm enjoying the game glad I picked it up but wish the file size was smaller!

  • greatnoob

    I don't understand how there can be a 'sequel' (if you want to call it that) for Cut the Rope. Why not just add the levels as an IAP to the original? Is there a story being told that continues on in this sequel that I might've missed? Why put a two at the front when the changes are minor and can be reproduced in the original as a paid expansion? And as a developer it seems like the best route for time and code reusability. Is this one of those "regurgitate" tactics I hear about? I know the game has improved with new mechanics but this could easily be implemented even faster in the original. I just don't understand the need for a sequel but that's just me.

    • Ramaz1234

      Shhhh.. Your over thinking it. Just shut up and enjoy the game 🙂

      • greatnoob


    • jptsetung

      "Cut the rope 1" was published by Chilingo. That means when you buy the game 1$, 0.3$ goes to Apple, something like 0.4$ goes to Zeptolab and 0.3$ goes to Chilingo (don't know the number that's an example).

      "Cut the rope 2" is published by Zeptolab themselves. When you buy the game 1$, they get 0.7$, that's a *much* better deal for them. That's why they decided to go this way.

      Angry birds did exactly the same. I'm not saying it's great for users, but as a developer I understand why they did so and I would do the same.

      • greatnoob

        That makes much more sense and in that case I welcome this game with open arms for the developers and publishers!

    • ZarieoZ

      And they deserve the money. One of the companies I really respect. That respect may have faltered a bit after I saw the amount of IAP in this version but for now I still like them.

  • ste86uk

    Also it has updated graphics and probably other changes with the core mechanics on how the app works. They updated the first a lot so it does feel like it's time for a sequel.

  • timborama

    Will be free by next week.

  • Jesse Ruderman

    The last sentence of the review implies that the game is BETTER THAN bulimia, right?

    • pinta_vodki

      NOTHING is better than bulimia.

  • cuttherope

    Normally you guys mention IAP in your reviews, so why not here? In this game, you literally have to use one-time use IAP powerup to unlock certain levels. Even the tutorials teach you how to use an IAP powerup. That alone would have docked a point in any other review.

    • RiptoR

      ^ This.

      I for one would gladly buy this game at a higher price if they just scrapped the insane amount of IAP the game has. I actually reinstalled the game because I accidentally wasted the meager amount of balloon powerups you get for free, so I could unlock the remaining levels of the first pack with having to buy IAP just half an hour after installing the game. While you might be unlock everything without ever paying anything extra, you'll probably only be able to do this if you never waste any of the free powerups the game gives you.

      The original games got IAP right. You can unlock everything without ever having to touch IAP stuff. The IAP stuff is only there to make the game easier, and not to force you to buy extra stuff if you just want to unlock all the levels.

      PS: I don't mind the cosmetic IAP stuff, that I can live with.

  • Kane

    Even monsters like me find this game charming. I've gone all soft; full of emotion 🙂

  • Paps Shenanigan

    I was about ready to buy this game - for many reasons. First reason was the the first Cut the Rope. Excellent game, lots of well done updates. Secondly, the outstanding 5 stars on TA plus the 4.5 star reviews on the AppStore. But then I dig deeper into the TA forums and then the actual reviews on the AppStore and hold up. $1 is nothing to spend on a game, I have no problem spending well more than that for a much deserved game. I don't however participate in forced IAP or situations relating to necessary IAP to fuel further elevated gameplay. So if you look on the AppStore, almost every single review for the first 30 I scrolled through is 1 to 2 stars with all the same message. IAP RUINED THIS GAME. PAY ONCE FOR A GAME OR JUST FREEMIUM THE DAMN THING. Etc. Literally everyone said the exact same thing. Why such a great 4.5 star rating then - sounds sketchy dont it? Same goes for the TA forums, but atleast there is more criticism on the game itself and a little more respect shown.

    I'm not buying it. I don't care if its a great 5 star game. I don't want to support a developer that pulls something slimey like this for a paid for game. It's the same reason I didn't get Angrybirdsstarwars2 among other reasons. If they made this game $5, no problem. Just CUT THE the greedy iap or ads or other BS.

    End rant. End what once was a promising series.

    • Karan Pratap Singh

      You sir deserve a medal! Well articulated!

  • iAylward

    You can restore purchase by going Options -> Game Progress -> Restore Purchases. Enter in your Apple ID which you purchase the add-ons with and they will be synced with the device.

Cut the Rope 2 Reviewed by Danny Gallagher on . Rating: 5