627Fireproof Games' The Room [$0.99 (HD) / Free] is an amazing game, and dare I say it, one of the best atmospheric puzzle experiences you can even have on your iPad. Not counting the epilogue puzzles (Which I still need to set aside time to finish!) the game will take you a few hours to play through, at which point I can promise you too will be singing the praises of The Room.

We first got news of the sequel earlier this year, and per our pals at PocketGamer, The Room 2 is flying into the App Store just before the iTunes freeze on December 21st.

If you need a refresher, take a look at our review of the original. The Room 2 is easily fighting for the top of my most anticipated games list, and December 12th can't possibly come soon enough.

  • m0ncrieff

    You still remember this perfect movie. You're tearing me apart, Toucharcade.

  • dancj

    I liked The Room, but it was feeling a bit samey by the end - and it's not a long game.

    Unless they change something then I'm not sure there's a another game's worth of material here.

  • rtdc98

    The room is one of my all time favorites. That and unmechanical

  • KevinZOMG

    I almost choked on my water upon opening this article. Thanks, TouchArcade.

  • addisonison

    Will this be iPad only or iPhone as well like the first game?

    I really enjoyed playing this on my phone on the train and getting curious glances over my shoulder to see what I was finding so interesting. I've been looking forward to this for a while now.

  • whitestatic

    Correction: iTunes freeze is actually December 21st.

  • Adsinjapan

    Well done with that image inserted there TA. 😛

  • Adams Immersive

    I'd be happy to have more of this!

    I was really expecting to see... you know... the ROOM in the first game. The title has that doorknob but you never get there, and never see more than a hint of a room, making the game's name odd. Lots of cool boxes and tables, of course!

    • dancj

      Yeah. The Box would have been a more appropriate name.

      • Adsinjapan

        Yeah but then it'd be a entirely different kind of *ahem* subject matter.

  • nooooddy

    Keep your comments in your pocket TA users.

  • James Cameron

    Hai Toucharcade! HAH you must be joking aren't you!

  • bigjack66

    Nooo! Don't say it's iPad only! I've missed a few good games because of this. Don't say this is another!

    • Holcman

      Get an iPad.

  • workingman

    First game plays perfectly fine on iphone so there is no need to buy an iPad.

    • Lazer Kat

      Sure there is.

  • Richy23

    Can't wait for this! Easily my all time favorite

    • Richy23

      Favourite iPad game! Damn hitting post early!

  • spike17spiegel

    That's awesome news. Another great game to look forward too.

  • Lazer Kat

    Ohh. Yeah.
    I couldn't be less excited.