New Kairosoft Game ‘Pocket Stables’ Now Available on iOS

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Kairosoft are the masters of simple to get into but deceptively deep simulation titles on mobile, and their latest iOS offering Pocket Stables ($5.99) has just arrived in the App Store. As I’m sure you’ve already figured out by now, Pocket Stables is all about building up the biggest and best ranch you can, and training a stable of racehorses to compete and bring home the victory. You’ll be filling your ranch with amenities like ice cream stands and gift shops in order to attract visitors, who’ll then spend money on your cool attractions which you can put towards training your racehorses.

All in all it sounds a lot like Grand Prix Story ($4.99) with horses, though all of Kairosoft’s titles have somewhat of a similar structure and flavor. If you like their previous games, well, here’s the newest one, and you’ll probably like this one too unless you just despise horses in every way.

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Pocket Stables has been out for a while on Android already, and according to some sentiments from players in our forums, there are a lot of killer Kairosoft titles on Android that would be much more exciting to have on iOS than Pocket Stables. Like I said though, if you enjoy these games, it’s always nice to have a new one. Hopefully Kairosoft can ramp up their release schedule to start pushing out more titles on iOS, but if you have a hankering for some horse racing simulation, then give Pocket Stables a look.

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