Back in July we learned that Epoch 2 was in development, and this week developer Uppercut Games has announced that the game is finally ready for prime time and will be launching this week on November 14th. The original Epoch [$0.99] launched back in 2011 and used an on-rails style of guidance and brilliant gesture controls to make an incredibly satisfying cover-based shooter experience that felt perfect for the touchscreen. It also had a great upgrading system and impressive visuals which only added to the entire package. That was two years ago now, and Epoch 2 looks like it's raised the bar in many ways over its predecessor.

If you missed out on Epoch previously, check out our original review to see what we thought, but also keep in mind the game has grown leaps and bounds thanks to numerous substantial updates. There was also a very interesting story that unfurled during the course of the game, and while it doesn't seem necessary to know what's going on to enjoy the sequel, it might be worth playing through the first game this week to be fully up to speed for when Epoch 2 hits. Either way, keep an eye out for Epoch 2 to land in the App Store most likely on Wednesday night along with all the week's other new releases.

Thanks Bryan!

  • sakara214ever

    Wow by the trailer i thought it was borderlands. Which is good.

  • Mess

    That. Looks. Epic.

    • toxiccheese

      Absolutely! I can't wait. I wonder if the story will feature the same character, and if so will they find a way to shed you of all the upgrades and make you start from scratch? Very excited,

      • Mess

        I haven't played the original, but that will change as soon as I get some space on my mini! (Got a couple of big games that I haven't got bored with yet :D)

  • Lazer Kat

    Insta buy,,,,depending on file size.

    • Lazer Kat

      Hopefully its less than 2 or 300 MBs.
      If one purchase for me.

      • brando

        Wishful thinking, but highly unlikely.

    • Deixa

      Insta buy if you can buy it. It's its free won't bother downloading it

  • Metal Jesus Rocks

    "Asimov was Wrong!" I assume is about the Laws of Robotics? Very cool...

    • Mestour Zouhair

      Metal jesus Rocks what are you doing here ?? xD
      I love your videos ! they are Awsome !

  • BlueFalcN


  • PresidentZer0

    Is this on rails again?

    • themostunclean

      Who the hell is going through and down-voting all these comments? Don't be an a-hole, this guy is asking a legitimate question.

      To answer- from the video I'd say yes. If there were any type of exploration or free movement, I'm sure they would have teased it. From the looks of things though, they've added some cool new battle mechanics like melee attacks and 3-dimensional movement unlike the first where you only moved on a 2-dimensional plane (side-to-side).

      • PresidentZer0

        You sir, are one of a few,

  • Bliquid

    I'm replaying the first one for rhe Nth time now, must be a sign.
    Hyper excited.

  • ImJPaul

    This and oceanhorn on the same day?! Wowwww

    • sakara214ever

      So oceanhorn is coming this week? Or next?

      • Echoen

        This, Oceanhorn, and PS4 out this week!

      • sakara214ever

        Man!!!! What the???? My eyeesss.

  • Jacob007

    Price? $2.99?

  • bobbstermang

    I had to stop the vid almost midway. I want everything to be as fresh as possible when I get this.

  • Fangbone

    Never tried the first iteration but this looks great

    • Bliquid

      I think Epoch didn't get the attention or the praise it deserved, ending up being considered an Infinity Blade with guns.
      It's not.
      It is a very good and fun game, and the artistic direction is solid.
      I'd say you could try the first one, now with all the updates is well worth the money and then some.

      • dancj

        Infinity Blade with guns doesn't seem completely unreasonable to me.

        But that's a good thing.

      • Bliquid

        I agree, but i didn't want it to sound like an IB "clone", which is not.

  • christopherrocs

    iOS 6&ipod 4 support?

  • spokentruths772

    Hopefully this supports iPod touch 4g, I'm getting a iphone 5s for Christmas and I need something to entertain me until then

  • bigrand1

    So how big is this gonna be?

  • Jake7905

    As long as this isn't another series that switches to a free-to-play format, I'll be buying this Wednesday night.

  • REkzkaRZ

    It is neat looking. It also looks like something that makes NO SENSE.
    If there were robot battlers, why would they LEAVE COVER to shoot?
    That's just silly.

  • MonkeyChunks

    Looks cool. I wish this franchise had a console or PC game too. I also do think Isaac Asimov was wrong in actuality (trailer reference)

    This game looks cool because it is detailed and gritty. Ideally though why do all robots always have to resemble humans, be on two legs, have arms and a head? Even if humans were making them would they really make them be like us with same inefficiencies? If robots killed humans and revolted they too wouldn't keep reproducing themselves to be shaped like humans. They'd probably have four or three lags and more than two useful arms, it's my guess.
    The above talk about what robots is unrelated to the game's quality. Just thought about it cause I saw "Asimov was wrong!" In the trailer.