screen1024x1024-4As embarrassing as it is to admit, I'm totally in to Candy Crush [Free] these days. I'm not sure what evil wizard cursed me with this affliction, but before going to bed I always have to burn through my lives. In fact, last night in particular, I was blasting out Facebook spam at about 3:00 AM hoping for a ticket on the candy train to get to the next area as I vanquished level 80.

Anyway, if you're similarly in to Candy Crush and bumping up against the level cap- Check your app updates. King just tossed out another episode, which raises the level cap to 425 and implements some new horror called the "Toffee Tornado" which moves around the board blocking one square per move. I'm nowhere near levels that advanced, so, I can only assume spotting a toffee tornado invokes the same feeling of dread as chocolate soaking up your striped candies.

If you're new to Candy Crush, be sure to check out our guide on the game which answers a lot of questions in regards to how the IAP works as well as offers up some general strategy. And if you haven't tried Candy Crush yet, I say give it a shot. I was the biggest nonbeliever for the longest time, and, well, I know what I'll be doing waiting in line for the iPhone 5s tonight:

...Shamelessly pestering my friends for extra lives.

  • shadax

    I just can't wrap my mind around how people play this. It's unbelievably repetitive and reaching for wallets.

    Whatever floats the boats I guess.

    • lifeat78

      It's stupid, mindless fun, and if you're a little bit stubborn (like I am), you won't ever spend a cent on it. There are certainly better games of this sort, but it's free and easy to pick up and put down.

    • Eli Hodapp

      I haven't spent a cent on it, and I play it in five minute bursts so it never gets repetitive. *shrug*

      • shadax

        No that's cool. Everyone of my Facebook friends plays it, so it's clearly a good game to some extent.

        I'm just really, really anti IAP. It's obviously not going anywhere though.

    • Eric Sansoni

      Actually the levels have a lot of variety to them and introduce new features as the game goes along. Perhaps once you get to the 400+ level some of them are reminiscent of earlier levels. As far as money goes, I'm at 476 and I've never spent a penny on it nor used hacks or cheats. You can complete the game just playing by the rules.

      • Judi Simmons-White

        How are you on 476?? I can't get past 425 no update yet, help im hooked lol

      • Eric Sansoni

        The new levels debut on the PC Facebook version first.

      • vonda

        Have u passed level 485? I did but theres no more levels for you no when theres an update comin?

  • Peter Bohanna

    if someone only had an ipod 4g and thus was looking to get new idevice, which would you get iphone 5c 32gb or iphone 5s 16gb?

    • Holcman

      It depends on what you want to do. The 5s is good for advanced, complicated games. However, 16gb is often too small to hold all the quality games you can find. If you want to watch seamless videos and do advanced work, the 5s 16gb would be better. However, if you want quantity over quality, and want a variety of games, even if they don't run at max fps, the 5c is a better choice. It's also good for average video streaming, web downloads, and browsing.

      • Peter Bohanna

        well I want to get a device where i can get the best games for another two yrs or so. I think the 5s would be better option but i dont think i can afford to go bigger than 16gb for that- where as i could get the 32gb for iphone 5c. then again, i dont want to run out of space in next year or two by gettin a 16gb. (have ipod with 32gb and its full). finding it hard to pick

      • Rivalsan

        Then you should wait until you can afford a 32GB 5S. I have a 32GB iPhone 5 and a 16GBiPad mini. I never have space issues with my iPhone, but run into space problems everyday with my iPad mini. I got my mini as a gift, so I have little room to complain. However, spending my own money for a device that has only 16GB of space will probably not happen in the future, because it is a CONSTANT irritation.

    • shadax

      I would say 5s if the storage wasn't the biggest deal. Everything should be getting sent to the cloud anyway.

      In fact, 5s either way. It'll be an overall more enjoyable experience.

    • araczynski

      Go for the better processor, you can always work around running out of room, you can't work around running out of CPU/gpu power in a black box.

  • JRaynor

    looks like someone have a Crush

  • phonecats

    how many guys play candy crush just to talk to girls?

  • DCver3

    Lets see if there's an error back here

  • George Lambert

    My candy crush won't update so I can get the free daily spin. How do I solve this issue. It shows no updates available,.