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‘Final Fantasy IV: The After Years’ Heading to iOS and Android

1While we’re all sitting around with our fingers crossed that we’ll see Final Fantasy Agito hit US shores, Square Enix has gone and announced another mobile Final Fantasy game, Polygon reports. Final Fantasy IV: The After Years, as you can imagine, is a follow-up game to Final Fantasy IV that was first released on mobile phones in Japan back in 2008. In 2009 it was reworked and released for WiiWare, and even appeared on the PSP in 2011 as part of Final Fantasy IV: The Complete Collection.

The After Years follows the adventures of the original Final Fantasy IV cast of characters 17 years after the original game takes place. As you can see from the first screens below, Final Fantasy IV: The After Years uses the newer, “3D remake" look that both Final Fantasy III and Final Fantasy IV received when they were ported to the Nintendo DS and subsequently to iOS.


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I’ve never personally played Final Fantasy IV: The After Years, but I’ve heard mixed feelings about the title. Despite how good or bad the game itself is, iOS gamers have had a good run with the Final Fantasy series. We can play Final Fantasy ($7.99), Final Fantasy II ($7.99), Final Fantasy III ($14.99)Final Fantasy IV ($14.99) and Final Fantasy V ($14.99) on the phones we carry around in our pocket. That is amazing. I’m hoping that The After Years is just one more step towards us getting Final Fantasy VI and–dare I say it–Final Fantasy VII at some point in the future.

At any rate, I am definitely interested in checking out Final Fantasy IV: The After Years, which should be hitting iOS before the end of the year and Android sometime in 2014.

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