032795_largerYesterday we were tickled by the release of Rockstar's humorous Grand Theft Auto: iFruit [Free] app, a companion app that enhances the experience of the newly-released Grand Theft Auto V on consoles. Well, it looks like Rockstar isn't done giving us a reason to keep our mobile devices nearby while getting lost in GTA V, as they've released a second mobile companion app called Grand Theft Auto V: The Manual [Free].

Hey, remember manuals? They were these little booklet things that used to come with video games that explained how to play the game you just bought. They were made obsolete with the rise of fancy interactive tutorials, but I always sort of missed them.

As you could probably have gathered by the name, Grand Theft Auto V: The Manual is, well, the manual for Grand Theft Auto V. It's more than 100 pages stuffed with info about the game, from controls to features to details about the various neighborhoods and events in the expansive open world game. Probably coolest of all is the inclusion of an interactive map of the entire game world, which will no doubt come in handy as the sheer size of Grand Theft Auto V can be overwhelming.

gtamanual gtamanual2

At any rate, Grand Theft Auto V: The Manual is free so if you're planning on getting down with the game this week like I am, you might as well grab it along with the iFruit app and be fully prepared to kiss your social and productive life goodbye for the foreseeable future. Thanks, Rockstar.

  • speedyph


    • Mariosonic2

      It's a lot better version

  • Rivalsan

    Seriously, why are you up this early, Jared? Of course, I shouldn't be the one to talk. There's no reason that I should be checking the TouchArcade app at four in the morning!

  • SuperSoupy

    Most game manuals are boring drivel, but the GTA ones have always been fun and interesting. Just been checking this out and it's a great bit of fun. Really cannot wait to start playing the game now!

  • dariusjr98

    I'm going to pick up my preorder this weekend, buy a BADLY needed HDMI cable, invite my friend over, and we're going to play this NONSTOP.

    Sorry Borderlands 2, you were fun while it lasted.

  • Captain Cabnasty

    Great companion app. Glad they put the game map with points of interest, I would have gotten this app for that alone.

  • toxiccheese


  • Th3R3n3gad3

    Jared jeez dude, why you up at 3:30?!

  • tso5818

    Hey I got a $5 pre order card for midnight that has past, but didn't have gas to go pick the game up.
    Any way the pre order card will still work for a pre order copy or just a regular copy?

  • Tanc24

    I don't even own an Xbox or ps3 and I downloaded this app! I'm obsessed with this game already and seriously might purchase a new system just to play it... That's gta dedication right there!

  • 28monkeys

    Why didnt they make this app International??? They do sell GTA V in Asia?

  • pkmaximum

    Pretty awesome of Rockstar, GTA V has been proving to be nothing but awesome! I'll be picking up a copy tonight or tomorrow myself lol 😛