Rockstar Launches Free ‘iFruit’ iOS Companion App for ‘Grand Theft Auto V’

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056811_largerThe fifth entry in the Grand Theft Auto saga is launching on consoles tomorrow, and as is the trend with many high-profile console releases Rockstar has developed an iOS companion app to flesh out the experience. Grand Theft Auto: iFruit (Free), keeping in line with the entire series, is almost a parody of itself, poking fun at how our lives are transformed by magical apps that turn our devices into “essential tools like a harmonica, disco ball or convincing mustache." It’s not all silliness though, as iFruit will legit plug into your Grand Theft Auto V experience in a few very cool ways.

First off you’ll be able to create and customize the vehicle of your dreams right from within the iFruit app, and once finished, the sweet new ride will be waiting for you in your garage inside GTA V. You can even create customized license plates to show off in the online portion of the game, but plates are limited so you better hurry up and grab “Sup Bro" before Eli Hodapp does (yes, that is his real-life personalized license plate).

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The other big feature is a virtual pet of sorts called Chop the Dog, who is Franklin’s sidekick in GTA V. Taking proper care of Chop inside the iFruit app will directly translate to how he acts in the console game, making him more helpful and responsive to Franklin and giving him the ability to sniff out hidden items. You can even teach him tricks like sitting and shaking in the app, and taking good care of ol’ Chop will earn you credits which you can spend on buying unique dog collars.

Aside from those two big features, the iFruit app also allows you to do much more mundane things like read up on the latest GTA V news, hook into the Rockstar Social Club, and hang out on Rockstar’s social media parody LifeInvader. I haven’t bought a console game in ages, but I’m definitely picking Grand Theft Auto V this week and can’t wait to goof around with the iFruit app in tandem.

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