IB3Chicklet_FHype for Infinity Blade III is reaching critical levels as the game gets set to launch later this week, and we've already had our hands all over an early build and are pretty stoked about what we've seen so far. GameTrailers has posted an extended look at the game with commentary from some of the folks at Chair to help explain some of the interesting new features in Infinity Blade III, like multiple playable characters, potion crafting, weapon forging and gem infusing, and re-forging weapons which have had all their available XP drawn out in order to re-level them and unlock new abilities. Check it out.

Infinity Blade III is the completion of the core trilogy, but just because the story ends doesn't mean the game won't live on for a long time to come. Chair also notes that they've built tech into the game which isn't even possible to take advantage of with current hardware, but will be ready to roll in future hardware upgrades. It sounds like it will be another technical achievement for iOS gaming, so strap in for much more Infinity Blade III coverage as we lead up to its launch this Thursday.

Note: The GameTrailers player embedded above can be a bit wonky at times, so if you have issues watching the video try clicking through to the source link below.


  • darnoc703

    Anybody else see that second currency that you can skip the timers with?

    • dribblejam

      Not a big deal for me. I'll just wait out the timers.

      • ngajoe

        The timer I'm most concerned with is waiting until Thursday night...

      • sharlaenglish

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        Kinda pissed off that this I gonna be the final installment of this game ... Was hoping for more parts to come

    • curtisrshideler

      Timers were in II, but a second currency is disappointing.

  • dribblejam

    So f'ing pumped!

  • Headchem

    Now with more timers! Yay...

    • https://www.facebook.com/DigitalDistillery Scot Damn

      Are you hating because you don't have a phone to run it on or because you're a troll?

  • Louis Ace

    Wait a second... is it freemium!?

  • FledgeFish

    Timers. Well looks like I won't be picking this one up. Maybe if it goes on sale for ¢99. This kind of stuff belongs in crappy freemium games rather than tarnishing the good infinity blade name.

  • Jazzpha

    Remember, though, that IB2 technically had a timer on its gem forge. All that meant was you had to finish up your current rebirth before the gem forge would be done (since it ran on "in game" time), unless you wanted to pony up some gold for an instant completion. And even then, it was never that much gold.

    I highly doubt the timers in IB3 will be any different from those, which is to say a total non-issue.

    • ineptidude

      There was also the gem equipment set that instantly forged a gem upon completion of a battle bonus

  • Zaraf

    He has a weird taste for what is "sexy" lol. Merchant looks very ugly.

  • CkX82

    I has a boner

  • Parvin

    Kinda pissed off that this I gonna be the final installment of this game ... Was hoping for more parts to come

    • raviadso

      Remember how Halo was supposed o be a trilogy? Remember how 4 was the final episode? Did you see the Halo 5 teaser?

      Yeah, this series won't end either unless it stops making money. The end if the trilogy just means more chance for revolution rather than just evolution every year.

    • Duggan

      Chair has said that Infinity Blade is just a Hobbit to Lord of the Rings, a prequil. They have much more planned.

  • squabs

    Future hardware? Perhaps they mean iPhone 5s and ipad 5

  • swisssk8er1

    Why did they change the release day? It used to be a day earlier.

  • scamper

    Bad video player on iOS. 🙁

  • Dark Jak

    I'm confused weather or not this will run on the iPod touch 4th generation. Everywhere I look says it will, but on the official site, after it lists iPod touch 4th and 5th generation it has in parenthesizes, 16gb+. Are there different specs between the 8 gig and 16 gig models? I have the first two games, and I read the first book, so I'm really excited about this game, but I'm not sure if I'll even be able to play it.

  • RelientKSoCal

    This game was already an instabuy for me, but I'm even more excited after this video. Looks freakin' amazing.
    I'm reminded of Valve with the Portal games. Portal 1 was a fun, but Valve called it a "proof of concept" compared to Portal 2 - a much more fleshed out experience. I feel you can draw the same comparison between IB 1 and IB 3. IB 1 showed that the game style worked, but now it appears to have been perfected in IB 3.

    • Zeldaniac

      I just really have to stop and say you're awesome for the Relient K username.

      • RelientKSoCal


  • defunct32

    I thought it'd come on the 18th? Never mind, good things come to those who wait!

  • mr_joe

    Infinity blade 2 had a gem forge timer. Oh 1 more thing the release date is 18th tomorrow but on the TA Comment they infinity blade 3 say its releases on Thursday

  • mr_joe

    Infinity Blade III hits the App Store worldwide on September 18 for $6.99 USD and is compatible with iPad 2 and later and iPhone 4 and later. This from the infinity blade Facebook

  • PadreTomasito

    XBox Live?

  • Ramaz1234

    Game of the year nominee perhaps. But I don't know if it can beat out Terraria,Junk Jack X, Asphalt 8, or Plants vs Zombies 2 which are my game of the year nominees. But we will see!

  • DAN13LG

    It comes out 18th surely? It's on the trailer, same day as iOS 7?!

  • defunct32

    Please don't tell me the game requires iOS 7 cause I've heard iOS 7 is still buggy (new release and bugs abound I'm aware). I'm not going to sacrifice stable iOS 6 just for IB 3.

  • ansafrahim

    What's the point of having a vast world if you cannot explore it freely???

    • hourglass

      Building a totally open world with graphics like these on mobile devices is not really possible at the moment. There would be too many things that could go wrong.