sep_2013_event_invite-250x187We've been covering the upcoming Apple keynote a ton as new iPhone season quickly approaches, and in one hour from now, we're going to see what the iPhone 5S is about... After the requisite 15 minutes of Tim Cook telling everyone how awesome Apple is doing, of course. We're super stoked for the potential that a faster iPhone brings to iOS gaming, and, as mentioned both multiple times on the site and on the podcast, we really hope to hear some more about iOS 7 game controllers.

We won't be providing live coverage, but here's some great outlets that are:

There doesn't appear to be a live video feed this time around, but, Apple is a surprising company so don't count it out yet. Either way, we'll be posting news stories of cool things that pertain to gaming, but if you want to party down in the comments of this story as the keynote transpires, go nuts!

  • chiraagnt

    Fingerprint sensor

    • lepke

      Craaaazy let's rock the house! Go go Sweden, oh wait not football, go go apple!

  • Zevin

    Let's Go!

  • PresidentZer0

    Please show us MFI controllers!

  • BlueFalcN

    iOS 7 is what I'm waiting on.....

    It may be ugly but still has some cool stuff to it...

  • gadgetfreaksta

    It would be sweet if they showed an ios game controller, other than that its same stuff as usual.

  • one.sixty.four

    so will there be any live video? or just not from apple? i'm confused.

    • iPadCary

      No stream from Apple for this event.
      No idea why not.
      Streamed from HQ before.

  • XvEsunavX

    I think I'll let the fans enjoy it without my snarky comments.

  • DannyTheElite


  • speedyph

    CONTROLLERS. !!!!!!

  • lr1919

    Enviro Bear 2020!

  • mirrorme

    Now i suspect that we will see iPhone 5s(uper) and iPhone 5c(heap) to compare to the samsung bulls*its! 😀 hahah Take that Bite you Fuc*ers!!

    • iPadCary

      The © is for "color".

      • mirrorme

        So I'm still right about the "S" 🙂

  • Infernado

    New a7, capable of 64-bit apps.

    • iPadCary

      Some asshole "pundit" Apple wouldn't do a iPhone 64-bit chip
      in 2013 because it would've shown up somewhere along the
      supply chain route in February.

      • themostunclean

        Um... They just announced the A6 in the 5S would be 64 bit. It's mentioned in the most recent TA article about the IB3 announcement as well.

        Despite what you may believe, not every detail about an Apple product is reliably leaked onto the web.

      • themostunclean

        Sorry, A7.

      • TarePlays

        You mis read his post

  • handycapman

    "Graphics are 56x faster." ... Holy crap.

    • themostunclean

      They said 5X faster in the infinity blade announcement. 56X would be insane, it would be more powerful than a top-spec gaming PC.

      • Zentatsu

        56x faster compare to the first iPhone, up to 2x compare to iPhone 5. Though that makes me feel my 4s pretty damn slow 🙁

    • themostunclean

      Sorry. You were right. That just sounded too insane to be true!

    • TarePlays

      No they meant 56 faster since the 1st iPhone

  • Infernado


    • makitango

      yeah, but only a new release with a skinjob. same old scratchplay. i wish they just had finished dungeons, would have been twenty times the fun. >.>

  • Scot D


  • Scot D

    Im so glad Im due for an upgrade

  • iPadCary