283236_largerWe've already posted a very positive review of Cloud Spin [$1.99], a super-slick Unreal-powered (initially) rails-based flying game that quickly opens up into an even slicker hang gliding game, complete with Pilotwings-style updrafts to hit.

Getting to the hang gliding part requires beating the first three levels, which we do in the video before giving the free flight mode a try. Make sure you either watch or skip to the end of the video to check that out:

It's pretty easy to recommend Cloud Spin, particularly with the second game mode which you could make some strong arguments towards it being better than the "main" game mode. Give it a look.

  • Niall

    You just sold it to me!

  • paulkane

    Looks like those Frisbee Forever games by Kiloo, which I liked quite a bit.

  • JJE McManus

    One of those cases where the Unreal Engine really add an element to the gameplay. Which reminds me. Would you care to comment on Unreal's licensing policy? Compared to Unity ( maybe not fair) relinquishing a hefty share if your profits if your game is successful it seems harsh.
    OFAP looking at the bottom line.