comment_box_33-1So far, our weekly "What Do You Think?" column has touched on hot button issues like payment Preview postmodels, "coming soon" content and push alerts. Today we're going to be talking about some actual buttons, drawing from the following super succinct email from TouchArcade Show listener and all around cool dude Jermaine C. who simply asks:

Just wanted to know if you had any thoughts on the affect controller support in iOS7 will have on gaming on iOS for the future?

In case you're not up to speed, it was originally revealed back at WWDC that iOS 7 was going to support official Apple-blessed "Made for iPhone" branded Bluetooth game controllers. Existing controllers like the iCade and similar cheat their way on to the platform by pretending they're Bluetooth keyboards, and developers who implement support for them have their games listen for what iOS interprets as actual keyboard key presses to work. Unfortunately, this has several drawbacks.

First off, since the iCade and other controllers aren't authorized accessories, developers can't (or at least couldn't in the past) mention anywhere in their iTunes description that their games even work with them. Additionally, the iCade is a super-niche accessory, making the games that support it few and far between as there's simply not much reason for developers to put tons of effort into adding support when there's (compared to the number of iOS devices out there) so few in the wild. Worse yet, since the iCade masquerades as a keyboard, even having it connected totally screws up any sort of text input on your device.

drawing_4_2x-1These new controllers change all this. Escaping their weird Bluetooth keyboard workaround means real analog controls, controllers that can stay connected all the time, and with it being implemented on the system and official SDK level there's finally a totally official and supported way to add physical controls to your game. Things get a bit more interesting from there, as we're suspecting there's going to be a ton of these controllers available.

In researching for another potential story on iOS 7 game controllers, we got basically the same response from just about every iOS device accessory manufacturer- They might be working on a controller, but they can't talk about it. Some got ever-so-slightly more specific than others, but the vibe we're getting is that there's going to be a lot of talk about game controllers on the keynote on the 10th, with many available at launch whenever the new iPhone and iOS 7 is officially released. Of course, that's totally unconfirmed, but it fits.

I'm not entirely sure if it's hyperbole or not just yet to say that official iPhone game controllers will change everything. There's definitely no shortage of examples of games that'd be way better with real buttons, and with HDMI out and AirPlay capabilities of modern iOS devices it's even possible that paired with one of these controllers and a TV that you could have a surprisingly console-like experience. All of the pieces to the puzzle are already there, and any iPad game that looks and runs amazing on the Retina Display is going to be even better on the TV as 1080p is actually fewer pixels to push out than what it's already rendering for local display on the device.


I mean, I could even imagine someone making a slick little accessory that's something like a dock for your iPhone or iPad that charges it and has a HDMI port to connect to your TV and a cradle to hold and charge the controller. Launch a game, plop your device in, pick up the controller, and blammo. That'd be amazing, I definitely think that's where we're heading, and I can't wait to pick up a whole slew of these iOS 7 game controllers to test out when they finally start launching.

But, what do you guys think about the whole thing? If you're a developer, are you already implementing support for iOS 7 controllers? Why would you, or wouldn't you add support in the future? For gamers out there, are you going to be picking one up on day one, will you be waiting for reviews, or does the idea of a game controller to lug around not appealing to you at all? What's the pricing sweet spot for you? Also, while we're at it, what do you want to see from us as we begin to stroll into this brave new world of physical controls? Reviews of all of them? Reviews of games with controllers? What else?

Phew, that's a lot.

  • fdmstryct

    I will!

    • WheelieUK

      Yep I will get one as well

  • C. Stubb

    I only have iPod 4. No iOS 7 for me 🙁

    • XboxOne


      • alex98909

        whats more funny, that your name is xboxone or he doesnt have ipod5g.

        mhmm ps4 betta

      • XboxOne

        XboxOne just a username. Calm down kid

  • rdw2552

    How much will it be!?! 100 bucks is my guess.

    • ODMay

      Looks like $60 or below.

    • Pray For Death

      Console controllers cost half that. What makes you think these will cost $100?

      • Matt Curtis


      • Ben

        Apple isn't manufacturing these. It's third-party vendors. I wouldn't be surprised if we end up seeing something under $29.99.

      • Bool Zero

        He probably comes to that opinion because most iOS accessories are overpriced perhaps? When most iOS accessories marked up over five to ten times or more their production cost depending on the particular item, its easy to make that assumption. Just saying...

      • themostunclean

        Your not doing thorough bargain hunting, my friend. Never buy at a retail store and always check 5 sources before committing to a purchase. There are a lot of reasonable deals to be found on iOS accessories out there. ESPECIALLY if you're willing to go with a 3rd party.

      • DtheGOPkiller

        Just got a great case for 10 bucks for my iPad Minni. The stores and Apple wanted 30 to 40 bucks for ones not even as good as this one. Amazon. Screw paying out the nose because it has a apple on it or is a official so called whatever.

      • Bool Zero

        It is not just bargain-hunting as you have to be just as wary about the quality of the items you are purchasing as the price. Sure you can get that item for cheaper but will that item have the reviews and have the quality that you're looking for? Oftentimes not. personal experience: i just recently had to purchase a new lightning cable for my wife. i searched around and found so e really great deals, one place in particular offering then as low as $4 for a limited sale. then I read all the reviews and the complaints about the questionable quality of the items. I ultimately went with the pricier choice as it had the better reviews regarding quality. Personally, I'd rather pay more for an item that will last then go cheap and end up replacing that item, ultimately costing me more money in the long term. It is often a compromise when shopping third party and bargain hunting. Land the good deal but spend the time researching the quality of the item. Some times you strike a good deal but oftentimes you are taking a risk with the "great deal"; at least in my experience of purchasing accessories for the dozen or more idevices I own.

        Besides, I wasn't arguing that you couldn't find cheaper alternatives from third party, I was merely proposing the reason why one would assume that the price would be high on such accessories, not disputing it. My previous point still stands...

      • subshell001

        so, then they aren't overpriced? make up your mind!

  • CaptLudd

    I will be buying these. I would love it if you reviewed every one you can get your hands on!

  • one.sixty.four

    Depending on the supported games I will buy one.

  • ODMay

    The rectangle one would be better with a left analog stick.

  • Pray For Death

    I will wait a while for something affordable with good enough quality to come out. The first batch will probably be too crappy/uncomfortable or too expensive. Think Bluetooth speakers.

    Plus, waiting means more games will have support by the time I buy one. So it's a win/win.

    • VeganTnT

      Don't forget that you have big names like logitech that can take their existing controllers and modify the internals.

      They already make the great F710 wireless gamepad and switching it to Bluetooth gives them a controller them can sell to all iOS and OSX users. So it's possible they could produce something amazing fairly quickly.

      • lll Anubis lll

        Hey sorry this is random but i cannot tell if your username means you are a vegan, or if it is referring to something else? I'm just curious.

  • Dustin Westphal

    I'm a developer and I'll definitely be supporting the controllers. A controller that's standardized and works on iPhone, iPad, and Mac? That's huge. When the AppleTV SDK finally gets released, it'll no doubt support these controllers as well. Can't wait.

    • JJE McManus

      Great point. The depth of the SDK will determine whether controllers are a good thing or not. I've been yearning for a new controller scheme for a long time, ready to buy one, even. But if its banked it will be just another hunk of plastic. Can't wait for ios7.

  • defunct32

    Waaaaant it!

  • 3d-free-roam

    It looks pretty good. Probably gonna be $40 or $35. Not too cheap but a reasonable amount for something new.

  • mutts

    Depends on price, quality and Ipad 2 support.
    Anything is better then touch and tilt controls.

  • Zepfhyr

    I intend to buy one on day one. My hope is that PowerA is simply ports the MOGA controller they made for Android (with the phone holder optional, for iPad owners), or better yet, they bring the FUS1ON tournament controller in Bluetooth form.

  • PallaZ


  • metalmandave83

    This is overdue. Android has had controllers for a long time.

    • fdmstryct

      Cool story, bro.

    • Adams Immersive

      So has iOS.

      • Werner Ruotsalainen

        Nevertheless, the newer, Lightning-based iOS devices all have a handicap: HDMI output lag. Slimport (0 ms lag, full image quality - as opposed to Lightning) used by more and more Android handsets would have been the way to go for Apple too. Too bad they opted for a much inferior solution when switching to Lightning.

      • darkcrayon

        I think you're too hung up on playing games on an external screen as being the only option. I think that will be the minority of what endusers want. Most will want a wrap around controller to play games right on their iPhone (emulating a PSP or DS, etc), or an external controller to play games on the go with their iPad "standing up". I think far fewer want to plop down their iPhone and run a long cable to a TV for a game. The Apple TV will probably take that role over, and if it stays priced around $99 it would be perfect for that.

      • egodestruct

        I'd much rather have that then have to deal with the input lag that all android devices suffer from.

  • Rothgarr

    I don't think I'd buy one for playing games using an iPhone or iPad screen. But if a ton of developers would start using the video out or airplay capabilities so that I could play on a TV screen then I'd so be all over a controller.

  • Gamer1st

    I'll for sure pick something up. I bought my ipad specifically to play games on and have filled all of its 64gb up with them. I've been looking and not finding anything decent to use as a controller.
    I just bought a Shield and that made the iPads lack of a good controller even worse.
    List them and review as many as you can lay a hand on.

  • oxmuzzle

    Totally getting one of these. Now that the controls issue can be put to rest what original Xbox games should they port over? I want to play the half life series and splinter cell.

    • XboxOne

      wtf. get an original Xbox if u want to play those original xbox games

      • fleshman

        How about no?

        And an Original Xbox is just as powerfull as an iPad2, or less. Also it's not portable....

      • XboxOne

        u like 12 right?

      • Scot D

        Probably is. However you didn't do yourself any favors calling yourself a console.

      • XboxOne

        It just a username. LMAO

      • XboxOne

        Idiot using my username as a way to diss. GTFO

      • Zeldaniac

        No, but you might be.

      • XboxOne


  • XboxOne

    They will cost $50

  • john360

    Worth a try i guess

  • GameIoft

    The GameIoft iOS 7 controllers will be around 60 dollars.

  • Naraka

    Review them all!
    Can't wait, will pay whatever, with the apple seal of approval I expect a couple really good ones even with the initial release. I was one of those morons that spent 80bux on the gameloft one! But it was right before a lonely work trip over seas. It was great to check in to a hotel and hook my ipad (HDMI) to the tv and have a console like experience. Also great on the plane, ipad on tray, hands below controlling, was comfy and fun. Been waiting for apple controllers since the ipad 1 came out!

  • Adams Immersive

    Sure--nice way to add some variety to my gaming mix. I may not buy a first-gen model, though. My iCade is holding me just fine for now!

    People shouldn't get their hopes up too much for TV gaming this way--it will only be good for game types where a little lag isn't noticeable. (Racing--good. Puzzle--good. Party--good. Pinball--bad. Platformers/action--varies.) Even with a wired Lightning connection there's a slight lag; more so over wireless.

  • alawitous

    I am extremely excited about the idea for physical controls. One specific controller would be the Bladepad. It is an Aesthetically pleasing

  • robc

    I'm certainly excited for them. Both as a developer, and as a player 🙂

    I've been trying to hold off with iCade support in my game (as I'm not a fan of the way it works), but I'm certainly in with the new controllers once iOS 7's out, and I can actually buy them!

    My only real concern though is will developers of older games be willing to update? I have a feeling this won't be the case - and some great games which would work better with the controllers, will probably just be ignored 🙁

  • jarland

    It's not a question of if I will buy one, it's a question of who is willing to take my money first. I will trade my car and walk to work.

  • abdul.wahab

    I will but but they ( controllers makers ) should do 4 thing to make the controller an amazing feature on iOS 7 :

    1- make the controller very accurate
    2- make the controller design great
    3- the price : 60 or less
    4- I hope if I can control the my iPad with it

    • subshell001

      i would prefer for it to be designed poorly

  • rewyan

    I think it's cool, maybe I'll buy it if the overall reception is positive. However, I've been fine for the past 5 years just using the touch screen, isn't that the whole idea around mobile gaming? I guess this'll give Apple advantages over the console market, and definitely help with controls.

    As for the controller specs, I hope these controllers feel like quality products. I hope they aren't annoyingly thin and I can get a good grip on it, much like the Xbox controller.

    There is so much potential in this, but also so much potential for failure. If its successful, it could bring a huge improvement to mobile gaming. If not, we may never see this idea attempted again.

  • Jason Stark

    I'll absolutely be buying a controller and as a developer I can't wait to support it. Been waiting for this for a looooooooooong time.

  • TheGrimCreeper

    Xbox styled layout, Playstation Portable structure. I'll get it.

  • DemoEvolved

    I am a dev and the coming controllerpocalypse is gonna be a big big deal.

    Can't say much more but you came close in the original article.

  • poorwealthyman

    I can't wait for a decent, and well supported iPad game controller.

    To be able to kick back and play GTA or other such shooters would be great. At the moment, touch screen buttons cannot be differentiated, unless you look at them. And that flicker of the eye costs you a valuable split second in which you could be reacting to enemy fire! And that's not even considering the countless times I've jumped out of a speeding car instead of breaking!

  • philodygmn

    As someone with just their iPod (5th gen), I would hate to see touch deprecated in the interests of competing with consoles, and would never consider carrying a controller out with me, because portability is iPod's main feature.

    • philodygmn

      I would possibly consider a very thin rod control stick with functionality like Wii Motion Plus and a button or two. Nothing two-hands bulky for out of the house.

      Plugging into friends' entertainment systems would be fine, great actually, but don't stop innovating with touch just to aim at an established market.

    • Werner Ruotsalainen

      I don't think Apple would ever want to compete with consoles. They simply don't have the necessary architecture for that; for example, zero-lag HDMI support with anything Lightning, let alone AirPlay-based. (See my other, recent post for more info.) They simply can't compete because of that either.

  • SmugPugD

    I think it's a great idea! If its not too expensive, that is. Of course, I'm female, so whenever I carry my iPad around it's in a shoulder bag where I can easily toss the controller along with my kid's various needed items.
    If I was a dude I'd probably want something more streamlined and flat that fit into an iPad case or whatever, so I could just pop it out and use it when necessary. Like those Bluetooth keyboard cases you see around.

  • InkyTheGhost

    I'm happy for the folks who want this, and I have no doubt this will have a significant impact, but I have no interest in a controller. Most of the games I play don't use virtual buttons. There is something really satisfying about playing a game that is designed for touch and uses it very well. Plus, I only have an iphone, so getting a controller for a device that works as a controller seems redundant.

    • MicroByte

      I think you hit on a key point. Games that utilize the touch screen that were designed to do so are so much better than forced controller implementations.

  • Jesse7277

    Personally I have zero interest in iOS gaming with a controller. I love touch gaming for what it is. I have a ps3 for controller based games. I have my iPad mini for a different gaming experience:)

  • {SQUEEK}

    Like it for the way it may open up to different games however not going to buy it if its in the $50+ range or no games supported.

    If games like Battlefront or Soccom-ish come to iPad then I prob be saving up for this.

  • Rustrobot

    I will absolutely buy one. However I'll be waiting on reviews and game support. I wouldn't spend more than $60 though.

  • Bliquid

    Imho, it really will change everything. I own both a 3DS and a PSVita, and i think the latter is the best mobile gaming device ever created (hardware side) due the possibilities in controls.
    With physical buttons, iPhones could be more or less on the same level, PLUS: a humongous software catalogue that would arguably benefit a lot from phys buttons (i never played a lot of games since i can't and i won't cope with virtual sticks and buttons), AND a huge customer pool already there.
    My point, add phys controls and you'll have the greatest handheld since the original Game Boy.
    Airplay makes things even more exciting, though scary for some big boys of the industry.

    • Werner Ruotsalainen

      "Airplay makes things even more exciting, though scary for some big boys of the industry."

      Unfortunately, AirPlay has 130+ ms lag. For action games, it's plain bad. You'll want to use either an iPad 2/3 or an iPhone 4S for gaming on an external TV - they're the last ones to have 30-pin connectors. (The HDMI adapters of which not having any kind of lag, unlike those of the newer Lightning devices.)

      • Bliquid

        I see your point, didn't know that and i can't figure out how bad is the lag you talk about.
        I hope there will be a solution to that, but the fact that the target is going to be made mostly of "occasional" gamers is still a probable fact. And i'm not sure they'll see beyond the glitters of having a "console experience" with an Apple product.
        Just to make it clear, i still think that dedicated hardware makers are and always will be my first choice.
        But mine (ours) is an expensive passion, and most ppl would be more than happy to find that the solution to their gaming tingle is already in their hands.

      • Werner Ruotsalainen

        "i can't figure out how bad is the lag you talk about."

        You'll only notice 80 ms lag (that of anything Lightning-based with current top hardware - I've tested this on the iPhone 5 and the iPad 4) with pinball games. Racing and other action games are perfectly playable with 80 ms. That is, should you want to play pinball games on the big screen with an iOS device, your only choice is an "old" 30-pin device like the iPad 2 / 3.

        Wireless AirPlay's 130+ ms lag and other IQ problems / major framedrops, however, make most action / racing games unplayable.

  • Werner Ruotsalainen

    Some bad news for console quality: unfortunately, with the new Lightning connector, direct monitor driving started to suffer from a lag of around 80 ms. (The old 30-pin ones didn't cause any lag.) In addition, the external display is only driven at around 1600*900 effective resolution. This means you really won't want to play for example pinball games. Other types of games suffer less - I've generally only found pinball games to have serious problems because of the lag introduced by the new connector.

    It's still better than AirPlay, though, with its 130+ ms lag and sometimes, depending on the wireless signal, major framedrops / image quality issues.

    I wish Apple went with SlimPort instead - it's standardized, has no lag and delivers full image quality. No wonder Google opted for SlimPort in the Nexus 4/ 2013 version of Nexus 7. It's SO much better than Apple's half-baked, inferior Lightning-based solution...

    All these figures have been measured by me (see my HDMI article series and comments here in the local HDMI thread).

    • darkcrayon

      I agree the lag sucks for gaming, but Apple probably just expects you to get a (future hardware/software iteration of) the Apple TV for that and play games directly on it. The iPhone or iPad can just be a supplemental controller (like the Wii U) in that scenario- especially with the controllers that will wrap around the handheld.

    • Zeldaniac

      Apple? Using something standardized? Heck no. Then you could just buy a cheap $3 cable instead of the $40 fancy Apple-branded white one.

  • EightRooks

    No real interest in a controller from me. I'm fine with touch for all sorts of games, I love the form factor of the iPod - more than, what, half an inch bigger would be too big for me - and I simply don't understand why anyone would want a separate controller for a portable device. One gadget that does everything, thanks.

    On the one hand it's neat that more people get options, but on the other I'm genuinely worried developers will basically say "Oh, hey, we have buttons now" and throw touch controls out of the metaphorical window. They seem to listen to the vocal minority of angry nerds on a whole lot of other things, why not this?

    • Adam9812

      I think once These controllers get big, apple will make rules stating you need touch controls. It did that with other accessories didn't it?

      • darkcrayon

        Apple will already have that rule. They will not allow 3rd party controller *only* games in the app store. As to how crappy the touch controls will be allowed to be, no one knows 🙂

  • VeganTnT

    I'd be pretty excited for them... If I could actually see a working one. A drawing doesn't mean a whole lot to me.

    Especially when I'm currently using a PS3 controller with my ipad.

  • B3nlok

    Speaking solely about fps/tps, left and right shoulder buttons. That is all i need. A phone case form factor, without dpads and sticks, that allows me to map shoulder buttons as triggers without losing the benefit of touch screen for aiming with the right thumb, which is far superior than a analog stick because of the direct interaction.

  • rednekzomby

    If it puts an end to the very tired "iPad/iPhone is not a gaming device" argument bring it on!

  • PresidentZer0

    Maybe they will update the hdmi lightning adapter?

    • Werner Ruotsalainen

      You mean to decrease lag? Highly improbable. Ater all, the Lightning - HDMI adapter is a small video decoder computer decoding the video stream. I don't think it can be made significantly faster.

      Apple did a major mistake by opting for such a wired video output method, instead of trying to at least re-implement SlimPort. The latter has 0 lag and full image quality - without using 19 wires (unlike HDMI).

  • Techead81

    I'd rather have a decent dock controller for my iPod 5. I guess it would depend on the controllers size & price. If it were a controller that was smaller than my iPod I might consider it, but if it's some huge, clunky thing, probably not. End of line.

  • dandotc

    I will buy one, on day one. Seems like they're setting it all up for a new Apple TV with storage and an App Store. Connecting a controller directly to the Apple TV to play some sweet games sounds good to me.

  • TanRnet

    I would buy one if the price is reasonable and was supported for games that make sense. Not sure how much effort is required by a dev to include touch and a physical controller options. I would also like to see past games be updated to use it. I can think of dozens that would benefit from it on my iPad.

  • NextLevel

    $50 or less is the sweet spot, but I can't deny that I'd pay more without question. I've spent too much money on the App Store to fool myself into thinking I'd have any choice in the matter. I love my iOS devices the way they are, but physical controls would be great for certain titles... Even though the "best" iOS games work just fine with touch controls.

  • Boris Nguetie


  • daniel schroeder

    I'm definitely looking forward to these, but I'll probably hold off for at least a little bit to see what companies are making controllers, and which ones seem to be good (e.g. not MadCatz). It'll also be cool if developers start publishing more games for iOS that were previously more suited for controllers.

    Of course, my ultimate hope is for a new Apple TV to come out, have it opened up to support apps, and then I'll be playing all kinds of junk on my TV.

  • justcallmedewey

    Looks cool, but all depends on the pricing

  • christopherrocs

    I really think this is dumb. The entire reason of an iPod touch or iPhone or iPad was to get away from buttons on DS And PSP. I personally hope this doesn't happen

    • JosephWelke

      Strange. I always thought Jobs wanted the iPad and its ilk to provide a more intuitive method of COMPUTING, or working. I rather think gaming was an afterthought, if indeed it was thought at all.
      Besides, fighting games live or die having accurate, responsive controls, which a touchscreen definitely does not provide.

  • habitablejam3

    Yes I would!

  • Papa Deuce

    If it is $50 or less, and is good, and we see lots of developers supporting it, and it feels good holding it in my hands, I will likely buy one. But it really needs all those things to be spot on.

  • i-kari

    Please do keep in mind that according to Apple, the controller support must be optional. In other words, your game must be playable on the touch screen too.

    Personally I feel that the controller support can help many console-like games to finally have proper controls without using virtual buttons on the screen (which I think, as a developer and gamer, should be avoided at all costs). On the other hand, I appreciate games that are designed for touch screens from the ground up. The possibility to handle the control scheme over to the controller may flatten the creativity that we've seen in games that really take a good use of touch features. Only time will tell.

    • Felix

      This. So so much. Some games work beautifully with what we've got. Some games simply must resort to virtual buttons. It's the latter group that will benefit. It's almost not worth playing things with virtual buttons right now, despite some fantastic software.

  • Kloo13

    iDevices need these controlers! Tactils controls did their time, it´s time to be serious

  • NPeart

    I don't want to go too far back into last gen controllers. I just want a couple of buttons and a controller or two to aid gyroscope and touchscreen, but a separate controller takes the mojo out of my 700€ device; the only thing interesting in these 0,75€ apps are that they at least have new kinds of gameplay every now and then. But if this last gen controller fad gets too popular, the search for new kinds of games might suffer for a while.

  • jrb

    I've been teetering on the edge of jailbraking my ipad just for this very reason.. well, that an emulators. If there were an official SNES and MAME apps with in app purchases I'd be all over it.

    • jweevil

      I was wondering whether I should jailbreak for a long time but its worth it, only downside you cant use the apps Sky go or 4OD anymore

  • Sven Van de Perre

    we wil all NEED one that wraps around our phone, when we hook the Oculus up to it, and can't see our hands anymore.
    Imagine Real Racing 4 on the Oculus. I can think of 1000 games that would be awesome with Oculus.

    • NPeart

      Yes. I was thinking about a wrap too, and iPad could get handles into its sides.

      And Oculus? Yes sir!
      I only there was a practical way to use iPhone as a gun in the virtual world.

  • tubaros

    I think it's been a long time coming. I'd probably gravitate more to an official apple one, which I would hope would be like the wii classic controller. - feels good, has all good feeling to digital and analogue. The concern is with apple saying that apps need to first and foremost work on touch screen - deva might make poor rich screen controls to force you to use a controller. Can't wait though 🙂

  • renatpl

    I sure will!

  • Armed in the Villa

    Hellz yeah!

  • Björn Larsson

    This is great news for arcade games such as Metal Slug and Mario-jumpers, to name a few. I think there's quite a bit of "home" gaming going on with all those iPads and iPad minis out there, putting your device on a stand and leaning back to play console-style would not be bad at all. Also imagine the local co-op/multiplayer possibilities physical controllers enable, i.e. a 4-player New Super Mario Bros. game on your television powered via/by HDMi/iDevice... fingers crossed Apple will release an "official" controller too, and that they will keep things simple (by not adding an excess amount of buttons like the PS4 and Xbox One).

  • curtisrshideler

    If I get a new iPhone this Xmas AND the controller that goes around the phone is around $30, I'll maybe get it... BUT games like The Infinity abroad series and games from developers like Simogo wouldn't benefit from this at all. So, then again, there's a chance that I might decided against it. I guess it all depends on what games I'm playing at that moment. Like Square Enix games that might benefit from it aren't really that controller heavy. So really only FPS's and platformers would be benefited. And that's IF they eventually support it. Yeah, maybe I won't be getting it after all. Only have a few pockets that the whole thing would fit in anyway.

  • Wandale

    I already bought the steelseries free a few months ago. I hope i can use it more then, because i think its already an awesome controller.

  • Earth Vs. Me

    The wrap-around controller looks pretty sick, but Apple's strategy of planned obsolesense makes me wary of buying one. I can easily see it not working with the next generation of iPhones, just like old chargers won't fit in iPhone 5's.

  • Aaron Sullivan

    Do want. But hopefully there are some smart designs.

  • Dai Lion

    One of the best improvements on ios7 . The posibilities are endless.

  • sinistabanana

    I'm gettin one. Unless they are super expensive...

  • MicroByte

    I will get one.

    I recently bought an NVIDIA Shield for somewhat the same reason - I love iOS games, but not all games were meant for the touchscreen. Some games that force traditional controller support on the screen are just "good enough".

    With the Shield, games that were decent on my Mini are more enjoyable with physical controls. Dead Trigger, MC4, Asphalt 8, GTA all play great and I've (wanted) to spend more time invested in actually playing them and not having the controls get in my way or detract from the experience.

    The only negative experience I've had is the disparity with controller support in general with Android. Some games work with one controller type, other's with another. If Apple could unify their approach with one API that all controllers worked with, that would rectify some of the frustration with what is going on with Android support.

    Years ago when I was more invested with iOS games, I always said this would just be so much better if it had physical controls. I'm really hoping that day is just around the corner.

  • Xissoric

    Meh, probably won't buy

  • XboxOne

    Lots of butthurt kids in this forum

  • JosephWelke

    Yes, I'll buy one, instantly. Why? Three reasons: Samurai. Shodown. 2.

  • stuartcarnie

    I will be getting one and adding support to existing games

  • Juslas

    I have an iCade, could not beat my record time on Mickey Shorts with it. Same thing with Phoenix HD bullet hell. With touch higher score than with iCade. I have two MAME apps from AppStore (no jail breaking) and those 80's arcades are only games that shine with iCade.
    But iCade is not as good as Nokia N-gage. With Nokia I played Super Mario Brothers finally through (during bus trips on daylight), with iCade Super Mario Bros. (no jail breaking) is lacking on control department. Original N-Gage is great machine - if nothing else as MAME or GoBoy emulator.

    AppleTV with apps and controller - may be. Buttons for phone ... No thanks.

  • Salsander

    I am not so interested in the airplay feature. If you really want to play games on your TV, Id stick with a counsel. But I am excited for what possibilities await for gaming on the go. The iphone buttons look like a perfect fit. I could really see psp like buttons on an ios device. As for the iPad, I am most looking forward to the wireless controller. It would seem too clunky to have buttons that attach to the iPad. You could just prop you iPad and play a game with your controller.
    I am also interested on what affect this will have on triple A games. This will definitely be a help for Grand Theft Auto which suffered from trying to add counsel controls. I also wonder if this can revive the Onlive service. One big issue about Onlive for ios is it couldn't get it's controller to work on the system. This hopefully may help them, but then again I'm not sure Apple will be willing to let this service happen.

  • Richard Borek

    Guys I can't believe everyone missed the real point! A controller for iOS means AppleTV (which runs iOS) can have games essential to killing all those other gaming systems. That will get more people with an AppleTV device and further the Apple content distribution through the App Store.

  • Mauiwoweee

    Which controller do you prefer?
    The one with the joysticks or the one with no joysticks?
    Well this is what i think about both controllers....

    I think the reason there is no joysticks for the other controller is because the joysticks is the touchscreen. Think about it, when you play a game like call of duty strike team or modern combat, you probably will be swiping the screen to move and look around... To aim or target would be the L1 button and To shoot would be the R1 button. I guess its good but imagine playing with airplay or tv output... Cool right? Plus you dont have to look around first then shoot, i mean swipe to look then tap the shoot button to shoot. Its a pain really. Especially when you are in a tight position. but when you swipe to look around and shoot with the R1 button at the same time, its much more simpler...

    As for the other controller with the joysticks.... It has more buttons to it like the L1, L2, R1, R2, and the joysticks because you wont be holding your iphone or itouch close to your hands at all. Its a great way of playing games especially with an ipad. Ipad is not a problem for it has a BIG screen, but if you have an iphone/itouch you wont be holding your device close to your eyes and wouldnt see that clear or good... Then again there's airplay or tv out.....

    They both have their ups and downs.....

    So which do you still prefer to pick? The controller with the joysticks? Or the controller with the touch screen? To be honest i think theyre all great controllers.

  • Gabe

    I would get one if the price was right. Most of the concepts I've seen are great but much to pricy, ranging from 80-100 dollars. I get their reasons but the average consumer doesn't want to spend 100 dollars on a controller. If it was in the range from 30-50 or maybe even 60 dollars I would buy, anything over that I'll have to think about it. A lot.