164008_largerQuick! Smash the Update button on Real Racing 3 [Free]. EA has just added some really cool cars to the game. Specifically, it just added Dodge and Shelby muscle cars. And we're talking about the clinch-your-teeth and ride V-8 kind that everyone seems to love.

If you want a closer look, just peek at this teaser trailer below. New series for these cars are in the game now, too, by the way, in case you were worried:

This update also brings in some tweaks. Difficulty, for example, is now reflects "faster and more accurate skill adjustment." Also, the cameras have been improved to enhance the "sense of speed and motion yields." You know -- stuff that you'll want when you're rumbling and gurgling down the road in some of the greatest cars ever.

  • ScotDamn

    Sweet! Time to DL RR!

    • loophole

      Asphalt 8 all the way!

  • B30

    Still, EA

    • JJE McManus

      It's heartbreaking, isn't it? I give Firemint tons of credit for a game that's 90% spot on. To have the Mobile Division at EA ruin the experience of everything they get their hands on is pernicious mischief. Yet as TA CEO E.H. tells us, EA is raking in the cash to the point where mobile division profits are propping up the company as a whole. Aside from not downloading any of their products, regardless of genre, what are we to do?

      • B30

        This is the only thing we (the gamer) can do, just refusing to download their greedy freemium trash.

      • C. Stubb

        Who says we need to -do- anything? Support the good stuff you like, and don't spend any money on the bad. Publishers and Developers get the message when some of their products sell better than others. A "protester" who refuses to buy anything with a certain company's name on it is no better than a "fanboy" who'll gobble up everything their favorite dev puts out, regardless of quality.

      • JJE McManus

        Normally I would tend to agree with you but I'm talking about one Division of a larger company.
        Not one game from EA this year hasn't been sullied buy their scheme. IAP is just the tip of the iceberg. Through metrics, socialization data and straight-up watching how you play their sole strategy entails coercing micropayments as often as they can, from as many users as they can. What that does to a particular game or a particular developer is not one of their concerns.
        Put another way, would you stand for a word processor that charged you by the blank page? If not, why should gamers?

  • jonnyb086

    As beautiful as this game is. It's soooooo damn boring. It's really just a grinding game now.

  • Lerisbo1192

    Loool they're already scared??

  • fransoccer

    Yay more cars I can't get unless I spend a lot of money

  • J0n072295

    Cool but EA already ruined the series, plus Asphalt 8 is out....

  • JohnnyJ301

    It's still a great game, unfortunately EA got their hands on it. I'm cringing on what they will do to Madden 14 !

    • fransoccer

      I already got hands on the new madden and you will absolutely hate it

  • Deixa

    RR2 was a fantastic game as everyone knows. I was hyped about RR3, once they went freemium I just saw disappointment. However even after all the talk about iAP they still seem to be doing pretty well for themselves. So people out there are splashing the cash. Hate to see what RR4 will be like

  • hobnail

    Hooray! Yet more cars that, even with purchases, I'm 40+ placings away from even being able to unlock.

    This game has IAP so wrong when it pitches me sale items that I have no option to buy even with real $.

  • worldcitizen1919

    Trashed this trash months ago.

  • daniel schroeder

    I'm looking forward to driving the '67 Cobra, but these cars definitely feel out of place in the game. Much like the original Chargers, they are basically limited to their own series because I guess they don't fit in with any other cars in the game.

    It's even more painfully evident when you consider the game's recent addition of PR ratings. The '71 Challenger and the '69 Charger have PR ratings of 0.2 and 1.9, respectively. Considering the other recent -- and useless -- addition of the Chevy Cobalt has a PR rating of 3.7 puts it into perspective, I think.

    Sadly, I missed out on my only chance to get the '66 Cobra at a discount since I only recently played through the V8 Naturals series. When I got the update, the car was just available as the 4th car in that series.