mzl.dzbwrxnl.175x175-75Perma-death is a mechanic that you usually only see in rogue-likes, which is a big part of the reason why dual-stick shooter Trial By Survival is kinda blowing our collective hair back. It's uses perma-death, too, except it wraps that mechanic into a high-octane fire, bomb, and bullet-fest across a wasteland. The levels are procedurally generated, and the loot? It's from real players that have died.

Survival, which his tonight at around 11PM, also boasts two modes: the aforementioned Survival mode as well as an Arena ($1.99). The game also has a pretty extensive list of IAP designed to give players a leg up, if they feel like they need one. For example, you can buy a kit that gives every new survivor your spawn a revolver and gun.

You can get a sense of the game by checking out this demo:

On our forums, there's a lively discussion going on and some pretty positive opinions on the game. Members are also talking about the IAP and how it informs the overall design. This is, after all, a free-to-play game.

We'll be putting this through its paces for review, so stay tuned for a bit more info as the game sees its release around the world tonight.

International App Store Link: Trial By Survival, Free (Universal)

  • lux fox

    That sounds freaking incredible. I'll be picking this one up on faith.

  • jForsythe

    Out in Australia now

  • Scot D

    This does sound incredible! And came outta nowhere for me!

  • Living Legend

    This game is great. I've spent probably a total of 20+ hours on this game.

    • mrbradleypants

      Yeah, I would scavenge of Living Legend all day. 😛

  • BillyOceansBlues

    wow that looks like a lot of fun

  • Louis Ace

    Too bad it's free-to-play...

    • themostunclean

      Yeah but the IAP is reasonable and makes it a fuller game without being necessary or obtrusive.

  • alex98909

    Is it coop online too?

  • alex98909

    i played it and it seems likes it as something missing into the game..
    what id like: coop mode, open world maps , vehicules and stuff :/ theres no real zombie survival game

  • mrbradleypants

    I just realized the tagline Brad used for this was YOLO. lulz. Amazing.

  • elia

    I may play this once lol

  • Eseres

    No! No! No! OMG! What did they do? This game is great at one thing though. And that is being a terrible game... The controls are discusting. Aiming is justnot there at all. You kind of just have to swing wild and crazy around yourself and just pray you are going to hit something. I really, really tried with this one guys. I really did. I love zombie games, but this one almost hurt my feelings... I was so hyped up about this one because it kind of reminded me of The Last Of Us, but it did simply enough not deliver at all. I had waaaay more fun with Zombies Ate My Friends. This game looks like its all about the IAP's. This is free, but i won't even recommend trying this one at all. Sorry, guys...

  • Jeni_San

    This game is the bomb! As for the free to play comments, buying the starter kit completely removes the timers and starts you out at an advantage. No different than buying any other game except you get to try it out first to see if you wanted to pay for it.

  • Glumoo

    Eseres I don't know what your talking about the controls are great plus there's also not really an other way to do it.

    • Taclys

      Agreed. If you don't press and hold with melee, you can actually be pretty accurate if you take the time. Moving is fluid, very rarely did I feel like the controls failed me.

  • loophole

    Yeah just played some of it. You can definitely see some FTL inspiration here. Sweet game check it out!

  • daniel5457

    This game is boring.