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Gameloft Delays ‘Asphalt 8’ and Releases Some New Screenshots


If you were sitting around waiting for Gameloft’s upcoming Asphalt 8 to launch tonight, I’ve got some bad news for you- We just got word from them that the game is going to see a slight delay and is back to coming soon status. The good news is we’ve got a bundle of new screenshots, so if you want to see what Asphalt 8 is going to look like in all of its Retina goodness, be sure to give these a look:

Asphalt8_screen_2048x1536_08_V02 Asphalt8_screen_2048x1536_19_V01

Asphalt8_screen_2048x1536_50_V01 Asphalt8_screen_2048x1536_65_V01

When these things happen it tends to be the result of a surprise email from Apple suggesting that you hold off your launch, which typically is code for “Yo, we are going to feature your game." Is Asphalt 8 going to get a huge iTunes feature next week, or whenever it’s released? I guess we’ll have to wait and see.