iblogoI'm pretty sure anybody who's ever laid their hands on Infinity Blade or its sequel, or is even just mildly following along with the world of mobile games, knows what a rousing success the series has been, and that there's pretty much no question that another sequel would eventually come. Well, I guess here's further indication that Infinity Blade 3 is a thing that exists or will exist at some point in the future, as Polygon reports via Kotaku that an employee at IB developer Chair has Infinity Blade 3 listed on his LinkedIn profile. Yes, the source is a summary of somebody's LinkedIn profile, but still, that's got to count for something right?

Kotaku further points out that newly-appointed Chair community manager Hilary Goldstein strongly suggested a new entry in the Infinity Blade series during his introductory post on Epic's website, and during the uncerimonious official cancellation of the dungeon crawler spinoff Infinity Blade: Dungeons, Chair co-founder Donald Mustard indicated that more was definitely on the way for the Infinity Blade series. So, Infinity Blade 3 existing might be the least surprising thing you've ever heard in your life, but as a fan of the series any little tidbit of confirmation that a new game is coming is enough to get me and the gamers in our forums excited.

[Polygon via Kotaku]

  • BJorn_LuLszic


  • toxiccheese

    Color me shocked... Lets hope it offers more variety in locations and story. Good news though.

  • Louis Ace

    Better not be freemium

    • Living Legend

      It won't. It would be very out of character for chair. But if they become stupid and if they do that the IB franchise would be ruined!

  • InkyTheGhost

    Unsurprising, but still, brain-gasm.

  • hourglass

    Of course it's a thing. It brings profits. Profits bring games. Games bring more games.

  • ImJPaul

    Total boner.

  • one.sixty.four

    How about some character controls this time? I thought the lack of being able to control your character was the major flaw of the first two.

    • LOLCAT

      Agreed. The idea isn't very far-fetched, considering the graphic quality of recent open-world games such as Ravensword 2. I would love a more open infinity blade game!

      • Adam9812

        Yes it would be somthing new to the gameplay but alas some people would probably hate because of somthing new.


    OMG MY HEAD JUST EXPLODED. Not like this was expected or anything. Still, here's to hoping it really happens!

  • Alexythimia23

    Lets hope this does not titanic like infinity blade dungeons, as would love to see a third installment

  • curtneedsaride

    I wanna see Infinity Blade 0... In 2.5D pixel art.

    Oh, and a more open world 3rd person IB3.

  • JohnnyJ301

    Let's hope it's free roam !

  • dancj

    Damn. I might have to upgrade from my 3rd generation iPad.

    • loophole

      Nah you should be fine. The ipad 3 still has great graphics capability even if its half of the ipad 4

      • themostunclean

        It's really not much better than the iPad 2 or Mini at graphics processing. They really jumped the gun pushing that many pixels on a not-quite-strong-enough processor (5X). But consumers would have had a fit if another iPad came out that wasn't retina. Silly consumers!

      • greatnoob

        They did this with the iPhone 4. Apple you greedy b*stards

      • dancj

        Not silly really. Retina isn't too important for games, but for reading text it makes a huge difference.

      • dancj

        There are plenty of games that look great at full resolution on the iPad 3 -but there are already plenty (including IB 2) that have to run at a lower resolution.

      • loophole

        I'm just worried that it'll be laggy or won't support fifth gen ipod. I rlly hope they support it!

  • curtneedsaride

    Or maybe that's just the code name for what will actually be Epic Citadel 2... One can dream! 😉

  • Kane

    Hmmm, and its not even April

  • ZarieoZ

    Would have prepared that they they work on IB: Dungeons instead of a new entry to the series. It's really a shame that they cancelled it.

  • BobGarrish

    I'm always a bit confused by the number of requests for free roam or open world controls in a fighting game. Is it the fantasy setting that confuses the genre? iB is much closer to Street Fighter than it is to Dragon Age.

    • bilboa

      It's not only the setting, but also the RPG-like character and inventory customization that blurs the genre. But I agree with you, IB is primarily a fighting game, and I wouldn't want to see it become an open world game. There are plenty of those if I want to play one, but I fire up IB2 when I want intense fighting that requires a lot of skill and practice. Having to roam around and complete quests or whatever would dilute the experience too much for me.

    • quinndom

      Ya, i definitly dont want an open world game. IB is great because of great controls and it being highly cinimatic.

  • eventide

    Am I the only one that's annoyed by them constantly calling games a 'thing'? Ie Infinity Blade is definitely a thing

    • Chester_Copperpot

      Nah, probably not.

  • istako

    So... There is goimg to be a 3, but not Dungeons?.... What the?.... Let me guess, the next one will be iPad 25 and up?

  • UltimateRhodes9000

    Well, I knew IB3 would exist, I didn't think I would be so excited for it, but with the canceling of IBD I was like, OMG IB3 AAAAAAAH ITS NOT OVER! My one question is though, how are we going to continue the story, Sirius and Radriar are in their own little prison, Is Isa going to be the main character in this game?

    • rfmv123

      That would be pretty cool

      • rfmv123

        But I would like to have a few different playable characters like Radriar Siris and maybe a few others

  • keem85

    When are they going to stop making theese boring games.....

    • rfmv123

      Ar u kidding infinity blade is one of the best games known to apple.

  • Kirs

    Unsurprisingly though, Im not exactly excited for it...wished they continued to work on Infinity Blade:Dungeons.

  • GGLV

    I hope they go for dual pad controls instead of the limited tap to move system from before. Would absolutely love a Skyrim replica for ios made by Chair.

    • Schutzenegger

      And then as soon as they do that, "OMG, they're just ripping off Skyrim!"

  • loophole

    I wonder if they'll show gameplay at the apple event for iPhone 5s/6?

  • Grettir0

    I had a dream of this game and it came true so exited then TA will review it and go one star disappointed

  • rfmv123

    I loved infinity blade one and two In fact I beat both of them about 26 times trough and got the infinity blade. All I ask is that it stays true to the first two.

  • EscortGamer

    Aah, Infinity Blade. Six ninty-nine for a slashing game.