620224_largerWhile few of us will ever get to experience what it feels like to be the tiniest thief in the world, people who haven't purchased 5 Ants's Tiny Thief [Free] yet will certainly start to feel like bandits after this morning. Rovio Mobile is offering the 5-star point-and-click for a reduced price starting today. It's now just 99 cents instead of $2.99.

You see what I mean now? Like, it's a steal because it's so cheap. You'll be be a thief if you buy it. Did I just run a not-good joke to begin with into the ground? Yes, I did.

Anyway, Tiny Thief is a tremendous, tremendous game. We can't really stress that enough. And man does it look fantastic! Those animations! That art style! Wow. Get on this deal, already! (Also, you should do so because we're not quite sure when it'll end.)

  • LunarFlame17

    Already bought it.

  • Retro Nug

    I just gobbled up this sale.

  • Bliquid


  • OndRaket83

    They really need an editor cause this article is a mess.

  • Eseres

    THIS WAS FUUUUUUUN!! I love this game already 😀 Kids and grown-ups! Fly and buy! (Or even simpler, just hit the DL button.) This game got some cool looks, fun and awesome gameplay. Thumbs up!

    • Karzay

      I agree with you. My child loves this, and we can play it together. In one of the levels, there is a kid in the window blowing bubbles, and my kid loves to tap on him and pop the bubble. The character's reaction in the game are hilarious! Also, there's a different animation for each level if you get caught. It's a real shame it's only $.099 right now.

  • http://www.nafna.com/ nadav bar kama

    this is a bad thing ... having most major paid titles go on price drops, will just convince people not to buy, but to wait ... its not the 1 or 2 dollar difference ... its human nature.

    • nini

      $20 apps should be the future? Teach people if you buy this app you better damn well like it, it was 20 bucks?

  • shaver

    This kills the frog.

    • VeganTnT

      +1 because I immediately thought the same thing.

  • swoolf

    Pisses me off. I know it's only a $1 or $2, but I'm slowly realizing that I should just wait it out for some games instead of purchasing on release dates. I'm ok with games dropping in price after 4-6 months, but within the month? Come on.

  • swoolf

    Oh, and by the way, BUY THIS GAME. Worth the price (especially at this price!)

  • estamas

    It was an instabuy for me when it was released and enjoyed every second of it. Highly recommended for all. Its a shame that people keep waiting for sales instead of supporting developers. 🙁

    • nini

      Yeah, I did buy it before the sale but let's not act like we're killing the indie developer here because they dared to goose sales with a price drop.

    • yaboyrasp

      People would stop waiting for sales if developers stopped having sales a month after their game is released.

    • mclifford82

      It's a shame developers keep putting their titles on sale two weeks after launching and fucking over early supporters.

      No one forces devs to put sales on, they do that themselves. Don't feel bad for them.

      • yaboyrasp

        Just think of it as early access....besides the sales come because the game is slowly fading int obscurity. They do sales to generate downloads more so then anything else

  • mclifford82

    Awesome. I'm not buying games within two weeks of release now unless they're really must haves.

  • matics

    I literally bought this two days ago. Never buy iOS games full price, I guess.

  • rabidnz

    These rapid price drops a week after release have now put me off buyung any new game until its been out for a month already just in case. Good thinking devs.

  • rewyan

    I thought the pun was funny, that is, before Brad ruined it.