What A Steal: ‘Tiny Thief’ Shoots Down To Under A Buck

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620224_largerWhile few of us will ever get to experience what it feels like to be the tiniest thief in the world, people who haven’t purchased 5 Ants’s Tiny Thief (Free) yet will certainly start to feel like bandits after this morning. Rovio Mobile is offering the 5-star point-and-click for a reduced price starting today. It’s now just 99 cents instead of $2.99.

You see what I mean now? Like, it’s a steal because it’s so cheap. You’ll be be a thief if you buy it. Did I just run a not-good joke to begin with into the ground? Yes, I did.

Anyway, Tiny Thief is a tremendous, tremendous game. We can’t really stress that enough. And man does it look fantastic! Those animations! That art style! Wow. Get on this deal, already! (Also, you should do so because we’re not quite sure when it’ll end.)

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