544885_largerIf you pay attention to business-centric app blogs, you hear a lot that "free" is the only viable model on the App Store, and if you charge for a game you're setting yourself up for a no-good, horrible failure- In fact, that might even be the title of a talk taking place at Casual Connect right now. But, it's obvious that this isn't always the case. People buy games still. But, it sure is nice when a big-time executive at a well-established publisher says that charging money for a game isn't a bad thing and that it's totally possible to make some dough if a publisher wants to go this route.

In an interview with GamesIndustry.biz, Take-Two Interactive CEO Strauss Zelnick talked about his label's experience with XCOM: Enemy Unknown [$9.99], a game that hit at $19.99. He explained that Enemy Unknown shows that consumers are willing to pay for premium entertainment on any platform, even on iPad and iPhone, and said its success on the latter proves it.

The success of XCOM: Enemy Unknown for iOS illustrates that consumers are willing to pay a premium price for a premium entertainment experience on any platform. This bodes well for the opportunity to deliver profitably our most immersive new AAA titles to mobile platforms as they evolve.

The cool little nod here -- outside of what we just talked about -- is that Enemy Unknown seems to be signaling to Take-Two that it could be profitable to port other AAA titles to our platforms of choice. That's pretty cool, though we'll have to see if this pans out.

Enemy Unknown, by the way, is now on sale (I know). It's $14.99 instead of its usual, and profitable, $19.99. If you're into strategy, this is definitely one to grab, as our review points out pretty well. You'll dig it.

Oh! And maybe this neither here nor there, but apparently 2K has something new in the oven XCOM-wise. A trademark for XCOM: Enemy Within has been discovered. Maybe this'll make its way to iPad and iPhone, too? Who knows!

[via GI.biz]

  • TGMzero

    Thank You!

    Maybe we'll finally see less of this freemium crap. Devs need to start offering their titles back at premium prices without endless IAP.

    I'm perfectly fine with paying $5 and up to avoid any IAP. Those that continue to hunt for top class gaming at .99 really need move along. They're part of the reason devs keep launching games for free and stuffing them with IAP to earn a few bucks.

    This guys put months of work into building up our platform and its about time we show our appreciation. Stop b***hin' and moaning when a game cost a few bucks in the forums and get a job. (it irks me to no end when I see someone say 'I hope it only cost a buck. I don't have much on my iTunes card.)

    The sooner we all start doing this, the sooner we can keep companies like Gamevil, Gameloft and others honest and stop the siphoning.

    • dancj

      If I'm anything to go by then the people who wait for the 69p (99¢) sales are also people who wouldn't consider buying IAPs - so they're not to blame for the rise of free games with IAPs.

      I think the culprits there are the silent legions of casual gamers - most of whom would never come on these forums.

      • nini

        Bastard casuals, ruining things for the tru core gamers.

      • dancj

        I don't mind them - but they're the ones financing the IAP heavy games. Personally I'm not so upset about it as there are still plenty of great games that don't rely heavily on IAPs.

      • Morgan01

        I, for one, am tired of Freemium titles and constant IAP structures designed to milk our wallets. Therefore, I stopped supporting them a while ago. Instead, my money has been going to AAA titles. I prefer quality games like XCOM and KOTOR. That's the gaming market I'm interesting in and supporting.

      • Richard Trahar

        I hate IAP, I was working the price out if I purchased every car and upgrade in Real Racing 3 with real money, and it would total over £800. Absolutely disgusting. Thank god for the money hack, I can now enjoy the game without being robbed. If this was £10, £15 instead, I would have definitely purchased it.

      • Onikage725

        I think it's especially rough for older gamers. I'm thirty, came up on NES and Master Shstem. We were trained by the industry to spend a premium price and then obsessively hunt for all secrets and unlockables. Now, even the premium titles barely have content to earn. Just buy the dlc! This goes as far as true endings, which is ridiculous.

        On mobile, take Iron Man 3 and Theatrythym. They wound up working for my casual interest, as I wasn't planning on playing long enough to earn more than my initial interest. But if you're a completion isn't, stay far away. Iron Man 3 even has something a $100 total unlock that doesn't even get you anything (still have to build, and expand your slots).

    • http://bytefair.com/ Paul Graham

      I agree with your view, success will help create more of these titles. The problem still remains though that making ORIGINAL I.P. at a $20 price point is still not possible. That means the only thing we're going to get is slam-dunk ports like XCOM. Perhaps it's a wedge but I doubt it. I'd prefer and feel better about if original games could start charging $9.99 and have legit sales.

    • jarland

      I agree completely. Honestly, I'd drop $50 on an iPad game without any complaint if the game was well made. I pay it for an Xbox game, why not iPad? The 99 cent thing made sense when everything was considered a mobile device doing these things as a secondary bonus. Now you've got people buying the platform just for the games. It's a real platform and it should be treated like one. Those who do not take it seriously will be in danger of completely missing what many consumers have clearly latched on to.

      Factor in a standard controller API for iOS 7 and this new trend is about to become a wrecking ball for the industry. So, for the love of God, charge what you really want for your games 😉

  • loophole

    I hope this encourages more ports to come

  • Marley Listmann

    "Consumers are willing to pay for premium entertainment on any platform" Wasn't this already proven by Square Enix years ago with its high priced Final Fantasy series?

    • sbnewsom

      That's just one company. You can't prove a trend unless you have more information.

    • Tomate Diseño

      Xcom is an old series revived, it was a new game, Final Fantasy has already been regurgitated serval times to the point where the IOS ports are re-releases of re-releases that have already reached market saturation.

    • bilboad

      I think FF on iOS showed something different. It showed that there is a "nostalgia" market to be tapped, where adults who have fond memories of games they played 15+ years ago will pay to have them on iOS. I doubt many people played FFV for the first time on iOS -- it's just too dated to appeal to most younger gamers who don't have nostalgia for the game.

      XCOM is different. It's a modern game, which can appeal to anyone who likes that genre of game. From reading on forums and iTunes reviews, I get the impression that many people played it for the first time on iOS. That seems like a very different precedent has been set, which could show that it would even make sense for some games to release on iOS at the same time as other platforms.

      • iammane

        I would be one of those people - I never played any XCOM game until this came to iOS and I'm hooked

      • bilboad

        And another thing, I just looked and FFV has been out since March and has around 600 ratings. XCOM has only been out since the end of June and has over 3000 ratings. That would seem to indicate that there is a bit more interest and enthusiasm for XCOM on iOS, in spite of it being more expensive.

      • tinkie277

        It was the first time i had ever played xcom too, it has made me intrigued to try the PC/PS3 counterpart. This is one of my favourite iOS games, probably one of my favourite mobile games, in fact probably one of my favourite games!

  • VirtualBoyFreak

    Sure, a $20 price tag can be fine on iOS. I bought XCom at that price and I'm enjoying it a lot. The real question is if an unknown game can be a success with a price tag of $20.

    AFAIK, XCom:EU had already built a fantastic name before on other platforms, so it was more or less easy to think about selling it at a higher price tag than other iOS games. You'd be getting nearly the same experience at half the price of other platforms. The same goes for others such as Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. It sold fantastic at $10 because it was already known on other platforms and it was one of the best SW games ever.

    Games which would possibly make a success with those prices are games which were already a huge success in other platforms: Final Fantasy VII, etc. But what about unknown titles which make a debut on iOS? Of course, not even the "success on other platforms = success on iOS" always works, but it's easier to work with a known game.

    Time will tell, but I guess it's easier to get a well known game ported to iOS and sell great at $20 than a new fantastic game which debuts on iOS at $5.

    I really want great games on iOS, because it's the only platform I play on, but I think it's difficult to get a new unknown game be a success on iOS with a $20 price tag.

    • jweevil

      Very true

    • Alexythimia23

      Personally in the few years of ios games coming out, there have never been any new unkown games come to the store with a price tag like this nor will there be,

      • Alexythimia23

        Sorry to cut that short accidentally hit post lmao so yeah i don't think you need to worry that this is going to start a trend of really expensive games, as its never happened once yet where a new game has asked for this sort of a pricetag

    • bilboad

      I think you're making a good point, but I also think it's just the way things are now, but not necessarily going forward. I think these console/PC game ports will help pave the way for original premium iOS content. Up until games like XCOM and KOTOR were released for iOS, most people just assumed that you couldn't have full games like that on iOS. They assumed any iOS game must either be a simple affair like Angry Birds or Temple Run, or some really dumbed down version of a console/PC game, so it's not surprising that people balked at the idea of paying $20 for an iOS game. XCOM, KOTOR, Baldur's Gate, etc, have shown people that iOS devices are capable of running premium games, and not just 20 year old games like Final Fantasy V either. If enough people realize this and start taking iOS seriously as a gaming platform, then we might start seeing certain games actually release on iOS at the same time as other platforms.

      I'm sure there will also always be a huge market for the freemium/$1 games. That's even true on consoles; there are lots of $5 and $10 games available on XBLA for instance. But I don't see any reason why the premium games won't become more common on iPads as their computing power increases.

    • ianlogsdon

      My thinking on this is that a $20 price tag is only justifiable when you have a truly premium game. Good graphics, good interface, and a long progression. This kind of stuff takes money to develop and justifies the bigger price. I would pay 30 or 40 dollars for a shooter with the length and depth of Borderlands on the iPhone, for example. The thing is, these sort of games are very hard for new outfits to develop, as they require a lot of assets. Maybe with a really successful kickstarter (Wasteland 2) you can develop a deep game justifying that price, but otherwise its going to be coming from a known studio most of the time, and that's ok. Because pricing is tiered more on iOS than any other platform.

  • lr1919

    Civ V please.

    • Bool Zero

      This, very much this!

    • vicsark

      I'd rather have Civ 1 or 3 😉
      Please Jake Solomon if you hear me!

  • Nölff

    I'll never know how good this game is because those kind of prices are too steep for me. It's too much of a gamble.
    I feel ripped of after paying $7 for DeusEx. That game blows.

    • Bool Zero

      There are enough video reviews out there to decide whether or not a game like this is good for you or not for you, so I somewhat call shenanigans on that comment [playfully, of course]! I can understand somewhat being disappointed with a straight up iOS only game because sometimes the video gameplay is not always out there and available and also with a game like Deus Ex: The Fall where the game is designed to be episodic you can feel left with an incomplete "wanting more" feeling. Oftentimes there is not a lot of gameplay vids to judge, but with XCom: Enemy Unknown there is plenty out there to make an informed purchase if you are truly interested. Also, forums like the ones here are a great place to ask those questions that would determine if a game is for you.

      As for the pricing argument, I cant relate. I'm not young, have a secure income to afford a house, two cars, a wife and three kids so spending $20 on a game seems a steal when I pay just as much for a Bluray I'll watch maybe a handful of times if that. Besides, most of us pay just as much for PC/console DLC packs or PSN/XBLA/Steam games without wincing. I never understand this double standard that pervades iOS gamer mentality that $15 is too much for one game on this platform yet okay on others, yet some of the same people will spend $15 in IAP (where your dollar to bang ratio oftentimes doesn't even go as far) and spend less time on the one or two games they invest that on than the one potentially good game that asks for it up front...

      I guess it comes down to the fickleness of the gamer and how well they know of what they want from a game... Or that internal debate of the money translating to one full gaming experience or several less intricate but just as enjoyable gaming experiences in the way of several app purchases... Or a culmination of those reasons! I admit, I buy lots of games at any price range, but I can say I have rarely ever been disappointed with a purchase I have made; mainly because I know (and only buy) what I like as a gamer and tend to be a good judge in gauging whether or not a game is for me. I can't recall a moment where I have been on the fence about a game; I usually know if its for me or not within the day of discovery and some research. It also helps that what I like resides in a wide spectrum of genres and subgenres! So I feel for you it not being sure if you want the game; even when I was young and broke I couldn't relate!

      Boy this post became long, hehe!

      • dancj

        There's no amount of reviews that can really tell you whether you'll like a game. I'm still uncertain about this one as well. I don't doubt that it's a quality game - but I really don't know if it's for me any more (though I did like X-Com Terror from the Deep and Rebelstar before it).

        I'm not saying it should be cheaper - but even at the current sale price it's too much of a gamble for me too.

      • Bool Zero

        You are right there is not... You just know it or you don't. But really, if you have to question it to that degree, then could you say your question is pretty much already answered?... Just my philosophy on the matter though, and I understand if folks don't agree or share it. I am not trying to force my ideals on you here, mind you, I am more just relating how I make my decisions for conversation and discussion.

        There's a turn of phrase that guys would say when I was in the Military... "Either "crap" [cleaned up version, hehe] or get off the pot!" At the end of the day we know what we like and what we don't. Just yesterday I considered buying Kid Tripp. I ofttimes love platformers of the fast paced difficult variety. But within looking at the video, despite loving the pixel art, despite loving the frantic unrelenting pace, despite loving the art direction, I chose not to buy it. It is a game that I normally would love, but it took all of a minute for me to say to myself "yes, I love this type of game, but I don't feel like playing a game to the point of frustration" and I passed. I know I love those type of games but not all the time and was going to try to convince myself to buy it because I had a fleeting interest. If I don't "know" I want it, then I don't need to get it. Unfortunately that mentality still leads to me spending $10-$40 a week on apps, LOL!

        Point is, if there is enough cons for you to remain indecisive, than you have somewhat already decided. For Xcom, i bought the game 3 times on 3 different platforms because it is that good of a game. As gamers we oftentimes capitulate to games sometimes just because we have interest, and even more so on the AppStore where it is easy to step out of our comfort zone at minimal entry fee. We want to play more than we have time for. Most of us buy more than we will ever get around to playing (I am speaking of the lot that frequents these boards, not the average AppStore consumer). If ever you have to say "I would buy that game if only..." Then just turn around and put that money toward something else. Could you potentially miss out on a great game? Sure! But better to spend that money on something you will play the lament over something you would consider playing "if only"...

        If you know what you like, there should never be a doubt. And just to reiterate, I respect and am not arguing with your decision, I am merely offering how I come to mine!

      • Eseres

        Your philosophy is sound, dude! Could not agree more at all.
        If you knew all the xbox, ps2/3, gamecube and PC games i've bought and hardly ever played, you probably would have been insanely mad at me.
        I ended up with picking out just a handfull of games from each consol to keep, the rest i sold/gave away.
        The money i ended up with was not much, since a used store hardly will pay anything at all for a used game, even if its practicly brand new.
        So i gave the money to a good cause and took my loss with a smile, knowing that the money went to do something good.
        I guess i stupidly fall for some impulsive deals from time to time, and thats a sign of me having urges instead of needs.
        Your train of thought is something i will try to adopt as well as i can. (Crap! I own TOO much worthless shit!)
        Poor and hungry people would cry tears of blood over my stupidity.
        Material stuff is only crap you can't take with you to the "other side" anyways, so its basicly worthless.
        The things that really matters in life can't be bought with money.

        NO! What you said makes sense and was well spoken, so im going to copy that comment of yours to my notepad just to keep it as a reminder.
        Thanks for the eye-opening, reality-slap-in-my-face philosophy, dude.
        My "got-to-try, got-to-buy" mentality needs to stop right freakin' now.
        Can't keep buying games just because i can or because im bored anymore.
        This X-Com game costed me 20 bucks just because it looked cool, but ended up being a waste of money since i deleted it the next day.
        Could just as well had paid 20 bucks to look down into the toilet.

      • tinkie277

        Maybe the premium games should have demos... I remember buying demo disks for the psx, I remember downloading demos on the Xbox, that could probably help.

      • bilboad

        Good points, though I think offering demos of games would help. I'm in the same boat as you, no problem affording games so I don't hesitate too much to buy something if I'm interested, though I do remember being a broke kid when $20 was a lot to spend on anything, so I can relate to the OP as well. I do think that it would be helpful if more devs offered demo versions of their games, as is common on other platforms. For example on Xbox Live I can download a demo of XCOM and try it before buying it. If I do decide to buy it, it's smart enough to not download the whole game again, but to just activate the demo I already downloaded. You can get the same effect on the iTunes store by offering the game for free in demo mode, and then offering an IAP to unlock the full game. The problem with this is it's a little more confusing for users, since they might not realize they're not getting the full game, and then get mad when they realize they have to pay for the full game. It would be nice if Apple supported a feature like the Xbox Live store supports, where you can download a version that's clearly marked as a demo version, yet it still allows converting it to the full version without re-downloading it.

      • Bool Zero

        I can understand and somewhat agree, though the freeware/demo model on the AppStore has its own share of ails. Particularly with App Store and the uninformed general user is that demos, or rather the way the are represented on the App Store can often be detrimental to a sellers sales rather than helpful with the way the rating system works in this particular store. I can't recall the innumerable times in which I have seen games presented in a demo,/freeware form on the App Store within IAP full game purchase unlock receiving one star reviews because commenters in early reviewers claim that the developer had the "audacity" to charge a price to unlock the full game! These one star reviews are detrimental to a sellers sales, especially when most of these one star reviews from such ill informed early adapters like these come so frequently during a games release, which is when a game makes potentially it's most sales before the "J"curve. In app purchase game unlock and splitting a game into two versions of a full and lite version is largely a gamble for developers, even established ones because unfortunately the general mentality of the App Store buyer is that when it's presented as free it should be free, and even suggesting that a game be "unlocked" is audacious and contentious a notion. Sure, we may find such perspectives contrasting to our own views, but there are many consumers out there that share the mentality of just wanting a free meal and are quickly to throwing a one star star rating with nary a word because of how easy and dismissively it can be done on the AppStore... Just as quickly as throwing a five star at any game just because it is free. And sadly developers live and die by the rating system on the AppStore regardless of the debatable quality of the game!

      • bilboad

        Totally agree. In fact I was trying to say the same thing in my post about demos that use IAP to unlock the full version causing confusion. iOS devs can avoid that confusion by putting two versions up on the app store; a free demo version and a full paid version. The downside of that is that there is no way to upgrade from the demo to the full version without re-downloading the app, which is annoying for really large games like XCOM. This is why I was suggesting that Apple could make things better for devs and consumers by offering a feature like the Xbox Live store has. On Xbox Live it's possible to put up a clearly marked demo of your app, as a separate download from the full version, but the nice thing is that you can use an IAP from within the demo to upgrade it to the full version and it's smart enough to not actually download the whole game again. So you get the best of both worlds -- consumers aren't confused about whether they're getting a demo or full version, and they don't have to download it again to upgrade from demo to full.

      • Bool Zero

        Yes, the XBLA demo/full model is awesome, and you'd think that the AppStore would adapt such a model. It would mitigate the number of refund requests and eliminate the fraudulent and duplicitous apps released with the intent to fleece uninformed and naive consumers with the likes of "Pokemon: Black and White" and other fake apps on the AppStore. Adapting a policy that developers are required to make their games in this manner and empower then with the libraries to do so, much how MS does. In essence it would be a way to cut down upkeep costs and allow shifting of resources for Apple in the way of personnel to other much needed areas.

      • Eseres

        But if you can DL a demo and open the full game in the IAP menu, then the demo and the full game would be the same file size.
        I would rather have a full version in the store, as well as a demo version. Then the demo version could rather be a chopped down version with a lesser file size.
        Just like on PC or something. A short demo does not require the same file size as the actual full size game.
        Why download a 1 GB demo version that only lasts for like 30 min.? It would be better with a 250 MB demo that would have less download time.
        THEN if the game is something you enjoy, you chould choose to DL the full 1 GB game and wait an hour or so for it to download.
        Spending 1 hour on downloading a 1 GB demo witch only gives you access to 1-5% of the game is stupid in my opinion.
        It can't be hard to do this on a ported PC game for mobile devices when they can manage to do it on a PC version.
        Why they choose to do it as they do now is beyond me... But then again, im just a simple mortal being who probably isn't supposed to understand this.
        Im sure some god-like creature will explain this to me when i die some day 😛
        Then i'll come back as a burning bush to let you all know LOL!

  • Nyan

    Out of curiosity, how does this game play on the iPhone? I haven't bought it yet because, well, it seems like a game that is better enjoyed on the iPad.

    • andrew9oh7

      I play it on my iPhone 4S and the text is pretty small and it has crashed about 4 times which isn't bad and has minor slow downs every now and then.but by and large it is amazing!getting a iPad soon,I'm sure it's much Better on that

      • speedyph

        Yea much better on ipad

      • xx99

        I've had the same experience on a 4S. Small text, occasional crashes (a good auto-save system makes this less punishing), and occasional lagginess. That said, it's very playable and I could get through the whole game on iPhone only if I ever give it the time.

    • iammane

      It's better on the iPad, but totally workable on the phone. Running it on iPhone 5 and it's crashed maybe twice, not bad considering I play this every day usually an hour a clip, sometimes multiple times per day

  • John Francis

    Love the game and happy its on iOS but I'm skeptical this will be viable short term. You have the Baldur's Gate fiasco and then you have TT doing iOS dev from the ground up. There's stuff like KOTOR which I hope was a big success but for the the next year or so I think it's gonna be tough to set up a good port path for games.

  • oooooomonkey

    From my view its not the price that puts me off as I bought battle academy at the same price, its the size of the game! If they could somehow shrink games down or convince apple not to charge a freaking stupid amount of money for hard drive space then I'd be all over this but I can't spare 4gig for one app.

    • Bool Zero

      What we really need is for Apple to allow for iOS devices to have expansion ports like every other touch, tablet and phone device on the market rather than being contained and hardware caged as they are now. But that is a whole different topic for discussion in another forum...

      • joydiv

        What we really need is people with a respectable amount of self control who don't feel the 'need' to buy games

      • Bool Zero

        Don't know exactly how to interpret that comment but I feel that perhaps your point is neither here nor there in what I was commenting on. My comment has nothing to do with necessity for if we want to raise that debate, we don't "need" these devices either, just as we don't "need" the games, apps, music, books, movies and other content we utilize them for if you want to take your position to the next level of contentious debate. These are luxury items after all and not a necessity to begin with if we want to take the discussion to that level...

        Besides, what I was commenting on is about more options for the consumer rather than being beholden to hardware that's hardware prices are intrinsically inflated on the option of its available storage capacity rather than the operational hardware specs of a device. Necessity of games was never in debate or the sole reason for my point as it is subjective position and quite honestly a moot opinion.

        Let it be said; Apples store is what keeps me loyal, not necessarily its hardware. I love my idevices, but they wouldn't be nearly as enjoyable without my iTunes account!

    • vicsark

      Btw, does it have iCloud support?
      I'd like to play it, but I surely couldn't keep 4 Go occupied all the time for it.
      So I'll need my save safe somewhere.

      • ianlogsdon

        yeah icloud save support, works fine keeping my pad and phone synced

    • Eseres

      You do the right thing, man. The game is cool and all that, but save yourself the trouble.
      1.89 GB file size in store description = twice the size to install on your device (3.78 GB).
      On my device (after installing) the game used over 3 GB of space, NOT the 1.89 GB as stated.
      When update came august 2nd, i needed OVER 6 GB to install update.
      And since i could not delete the game when updating after getting messages of too little free space to finish the DL, just right before the update was about to be completed, i had to start deleting stuff i really needed just to complete the download so that i could delete this game...

      So NOT worth the trouble!

      I agree with you. The file size is too large for a mobile device, and the devs. should have cut down on the file size.
      1 GB on a mobile device is enough. 2 GB tops, but thats it! The apple devices discspace is measured in GB's and not TB's.
      Most iPad owners got devices with 16 GB. Some got over 30 GB. Mine got 16, and 8-9 of them are used for more important stuff than games.
      Its almost like the devs. of X-Com are trying to "freeze out" games from other devs. on my device LOL!
      They probably want me to delete Deus Ex: The Fall from my iPad LOL! Nice try! NOT! Bye, bye, X-Com!

  • Alexythimia23

    Thats great news, as it is a great game and the price tag is 100% justified. Theres always going to be debating about prices as it seems people just like to complain, firstly they want top aaa games available and when they finally get them they complain about the price?? I know for some its a gamble because they don't all have the money to spend, but I've said it before and i say it again, we need to welcome these games with open arms, if we want it to become a viable gaming device with top games we need to show the developers they made the right choice, and in all fairness there are hardly any other games close to this price tag, apart from some ffantasys and a couple of others, so for me personally i welcome this news with open arms and open mind, so thats my 2 cents.

  • ltcommander_data

    Hopefully this convinces 2K's brother studio Rockstar to develop a made for iOS GTA not just porting over older titles.

    • tinkie277

      I would love to see a port of manhunt, but I feel San Andreas will be next.

  • usagisan

    Yes, but cost the same as XCom must also be HOW XCom (and sorry for my bad English)

  • Eseres

    Downloaded the game, and it looks cool enough.
    But this is BS! Before downloading it, the file size was 1.89 GB. (See appstore description.) After downloading, the game took over 2.3 GB.
    And when a update (aug.2nd.) came, the size was all the sudden over 3GB.
    Cleared up 4.5 GB of space and the game stopped downloading the update just right before it was done.. WTF!?! How much space does this sh*t need?
    I know you usually need twice the space of a file size to install, and i had enough.
    But im not going to free up like 8 GB of space for a 2-3 GB large game just to have space for a update. As great as this game may be, it is NOT worth the space!
    Deleted this game in favor for some less space demanding games instead.

    The dev. should state the CORRECT file size in the description! And IF they make changes in an update so large that it doubles the entire file size, they SHOULD say so in the update description too, BEFORE people starts downloading the update.

    I was forced to delete alot of software just to be able to kill the download.
    Im not going to demand any money back because im disapointed and not happy with the product. But i am NEVER going to buy a game from these devs. ever again. I just want to warn others about this, so that they know about this and can avoid the same mistake. This because i know some people play more than just one single game on their devices, and they probably would like to keep those games and their saves on their device. And IF there are more people like me who got other softwares than games on their device, they probably will keep them instead of a game they play only when they got the time. I use my iPad for other stuff too, like drawing, music editing, writing and much more. My device is used more for work related stuff than gaming. I only play games when im taking a breake or are bored at home. So this file size crap is stupid and the dev. just lost a customer...

    • revolverblue85

      All I needed was 5gigs. I held off on this game due to the crashing issues with the mini since it is my main gaming device. Price dropped yesterday and I was stoked to see an update right as I was debating getting this. I bought and first mission as you enter the warehouse it crashed, two times. Hard reset and ever since I'm like 5 missions in and no problems. Really happy I went with the purchase.

      • Eseres

        Well, 1.89 GB. in the description is still far away from 5 GB you needed to download.
        Im not entirely sure why a game/app needs twice the filesize to be installed.
        But i belive it might have to do with some kind of back-up function while downloading.
        Still, double the 1.89 GB in the description required to download and you end up with less than 4 GB. (I had 4.3 GB free space before i started downloading.)
        So, what about that extra GB? Did the game grow an extra 500 MB with that update?
        If so, i still think that the devs. should have stated so in the description of the update.
        Before i update any game/software on my iPad, i allways check how much space it currantly uses on my device before i update just to make sure i have enough space. In this case there was a entire GB not accounted for, witch half of it was additional to the existing file size allready on my device.
        The other 500 MB was freed up together with 1.89 GB after it was done installing.

        This is why i think the description in the store should say "discspace needed" instead of the size of the actual file.
        It makes sense, doesn't it? Your device needs twice the space to download and install, so if a game is 50 MB, then the description should say that you need 100 MB of free space. On top of that, why did it start to download at all when it didn't have the required space? Thats the first time its happen to me.
        Usually you can't even start a download on a iPad if you don't have enough space. Why did it stop right before it was done and all the sudden start to complain about the lack of space? I couldn't even stop the download since it had already started. I had to let it finish all the way.
        And to do so, i had to delete a bounch of other apps and games to free up the space.
        All that trouble got me pissed off and ended up with deleting the game after it was done downloading too.
        Now i got to go through all that downloading and crap again to get those other apps and stuff back, just because the X-Com devs. didn't state that the file size of the game had changed. You see my point? If the filesize had been according to the description, and if they had said something about the larger filesize, i wouldn't have started the update download without making sure i had the space. But when the description says 1.89 GB, you kind of assume that 4.3 GB is enough, don't you?

        Then again, i might be just stupid. I admit, im no rocket scientist. But still... I think i have a valid point to all this.

      • Eseres

        Oh, i almost forgot. The description says 1.89 GB, why did my iPad say 3.something GB after installing in my setting menu?
        That is over 6 GB required discspace for the update if you double the size during downloading...

      • dancj

        This is. General weakness in the App Store. Apple should provide an a field for developers to state the download size and the installed size separately.

      • blackharon

        That field is not supplied by devs but automatically filled by Apple. It's not their fault that you feel misled.

      • Eseres

        Yeah, im sorry. You're right about the file size issue. Maybe it really is Apple's fault. But if so, can the problem be fixed?
        Im a AppStore user since i have a iPad, and i love it. But don't get me wrong. Apple tend to suck at this kind of tech support 😛
        Great products but im no "live4apple" person, and those Apple people are kind of "weird" if you know what im talking about.
        Hard-to-deal-with and stuff like that. You ever read that user agreement thing that comes with a iDevice? Oh, my...

        But anyways, at least now i know 🙂

  • CapitainHarlock

    I gave my $20 for a protest against in-app casino masquerade. And also because I like this type of game. I'm waiting for multiplayer coop.

  • oooooomonkey

    Wow the size this app is growing it could be free and I wouldn't download it as I just don't have the space on a 16gig iPad.