Shadowrun_returns_logoWhere is my Shadowrun Returns? We've seen this question a bunch since the game's launch on other platforms and its continued non-existence on the App Store. We don't have a solid answer as to when just yet, but we do have a why for it dragging behind. According to Harebrained Schemes, the tablet version has been delayed a couple of weeks to get it as polished as possible. No big deal.

"While we wanted to get the mobile tablet versions out at the same time as the PC and Mac versions, our main priority is creating the best game possible on all platforms," Harebrained told us via e-mail.

"To that end, we are going to delay the tablet versions for a few weeks to make sure that the game meets all our high expectations and delivers the best gaming experience possible on mobile tablets, so we have not announced a release date for iOS yet."

Look, if there's anything I've learned about games or even banana bread, it's that you don't take either out of the oven too early unless you want to have a bad time. While the wait will suck, at least it's for a good reason. No-one likes undercooked games. Or banana mouth.

  • fives555

    I'm more than willing to bet it's been delayed so they can get more first run sales for the more expensive PC version, which has the level editor bundled with it. They'll release for the other platforms at a lower price once initial sales level off.

  • Rivalsan

    I love how Brad could not resist putting in a banana mouth reference 😀 TouchArcade podcast for the win!

  • fredfnord

    It would be nice if they polished it up a tad more before taking it to iPad, because the initial release on the Mac was, shall we say, pretty damn rough and ready. Graphics glitches that make some things (e.g. stores) work very poorly? Check. Idiotic triggers that (e.g.) instead of checking for presence of a 'decking' skill in your entire party, ONLY check for it on your main character? Oh very much check. And so forth.

    I will say, though, to their credit: no crashes, and not a single bug that I couldn't work around, though one came close.

    • bluspacecow

      Is it OK on the Mac now after their recent patch ?

    • BobGarrish

      I got my share of bugs on the initial release. Brand new Macbook Air (bought it that day), nothing installed on it but Steam and SR Returns. They had a bug where you needed to edit a launch file manually or the game would lock up on launch, and that was still in there post patch because I had to edit it again after I patched. Unless there's a second patch out, that bug is still there.

      There was a bug with the scripting on the first quest where the cop wouldn't move. Not sure if they fixed it or not; there was a workaround on the forum so I used that. After the first quest, and the launch bug, I didn't run into any bugs except for disappearing dialogue text.

      It's very much less an RPG successor to the previous SR games and more an X-Com clone with more RPG like progression and story, but less interesting combat. Because the RPG elements are so light, I don't think it's going to get the traction with content creators we all hoped for, like Neverwinter Nights et al did. It's about as deep as the SNES game was, probably less so...very shallow compared to the Genesis game...and that's a result of the game mechanics themselves being so shallow rather than story writing. I liked it, but it's only worth one playthrough and that's as a fan of SR from before there were SR video games.

  • Michael Anderson

    They just released a Steam patch, so I definitely get they iOS delay.

  • Joltrabbit

    (Insert random what about iPhones comment if your choice)

    • Michael Anderson

      And don't forget the obligatory 'where is my Android port' comment ...

  • Taeles

    Almost bought it on steam about 5 minutes ago then surfed touch arcade, forgot this was coming. Is the ipad version a complete port with identical content or is it unique?

    • GOU_NoMoreMrNiceGuy

      identitical but with no level editor.

  • countermind

    iOS 7

  • Techead81

    Will this be universal, or iPad only? If its not going to be universal, I will be extremely irate!

    • Bool Zero

      Prepare to be extremely irate, but honestly, I don't know how anyone could read it if it were on an iPhone. There is quite a bit of text to read in the game and just playing the PC version I can image the difference it will be with the iPad version. UI alone would be cramped on a iPhone screen for that matter...

      • Zaraf

        They mention "mobile tablet version", so I guess that means iPad only.

  • Techead81