395608_largerA new update to Temple Run 2 [Free] hit the other afternoon, and it seems like a good one for all of those Temple Run 2 pros out there who've devoured the game.

Starting with the update, you can now run as one of three new characters: Zach Wonder, Francisco Montoya, and Montana Smith. Also, this update added some UI tweaks allowing quick access to challenges and stats.

Temple Run 2 is pretty good, by the way. You should have been playing it yesterday, if you still haven't picked it up. It adds to the original's mechanics without busting up what made it good in the first place, and generally gives players a whole bunch more to do with the loot they earn from a good run.

Oh, and if you haven't played Temple Run in a while check out a neat easter egg we managed to slip in there -- go to the menu, tap the more games button, and there's the best games we've reviewed on TouchArcade.

  • Angelflies4fun

    You guys are late. This came out a couple of days ago

    • Karzay

      You obviously didn't read the first sentence of the article.

  • phonecats

    temple run updates and angry birds toys.

    jesus someone plz power lvl mobile.

  • hourglass

    Temple Run 2 isn't anything special. Endless runners are everywhere these days.

    • themostunclean

      So are comments like that 😉

      • Jetjet

        And when will you review Tiny Thief ?????

      • xx99

        TA already did...

      • Jetjet

        Loool ! Just when I asked it ! Marvellous said dirty Harry !

  • fleshman

    Stil no (i)Cloud, stil not interested

  • Fablalous

    Oh so you find Limbo a 3-star game but say Temple run is "pretty good".You guys must be trolling -.-

    • http://www.artificeguild.com/ Briony of Artifice

      That's why no one trusts TA's "star" ratings - there's no standard, just an arbitrary star based on how the reviewer feels that morning.