443676_largerWhen it was announced that the next entry in the beloved Deus Ex series was going to be a mobile title, people got upset. Then when Deus Ex: The Fall [$4.99] launched last week, some of those people changed their minds, as it was actually a pretty awesome game. (Some people were still very upset, it should be noted.)

Then, people found themselves with another thing to be upset over, as Square Enix and Eidos Montreal snuck in some anti-piracy measures that prevented anybody playing the game on a jailbroken device from firing their weapon. Not just people playing pirated copies, mind, but also people who bought the game legitimately and just so happen to be jailbroken.

Following the backlash from this move, the developers decided to back off that tactic with a future update, and hopefully this roller coaster of emotions can come to an end as that update is now live in the App Store.

The jailbreak fix isn't the only thing in this update though, as there is also improved enemy AI, increases to the credits and XP dished out during the game, improvements to Shotguns and the Combat Rifle, and reduced costs for some weapons. Oh, and Squeenix seems pretty open to additional feedback to, as they've set up a support link to provide them with more if you see fit.

If you're a jailbreaker who had been waiting to play Deus Ex: The Fall, all systems should be go for you. And if you haven't checked out the game yet but like action games and are generally good with playing first-person shooters on the touchscreen, then The Fall is a somewhat short but sweet ride that you should definitely consider taking.

  • iOSPeace

    And still no iPad 2 support....

    • loophole

      Does the ipad 2 have the same processor as the ipod 5? And the ipod 5 is supported

      • homosaur

        I thought it was the same as the mini....

    • err404

      The iPad 2, iPad mini, iPhone 4S and iPod 5 share the same CPU. The iPad 3 also has the same CPU, but with more RAM and faster GPU for the hi res display.
      Hardware on the iPad 2 is not the issue. Most likely the found some bug late in testing and decided to release instead of holding the launch for one device. The dev has said that iPad 2 support will be added soon.
      I bet they rushed the latest patch due to the jailbreak outcry and as a result put the iPad 2 fix on the back burner.

    • Arpan Bagri

      iTunes wont let you install! Use iFunbox instead! Works flawlessly on iPad 2!
      Source: Did it myself! 😛

  • greatnoob

    Apparently they will be bringing iPad 2 AND iPhone 4 support. Any news on that? I can't see how such a high-poly and shader intensive game (at least in the mobile gaming market) like this can be optimized for an iPhone 4 and its weak single core GPU even at very low settings.

    • http://bytefair.com/ Paul Graham

      I could be wrong but last I heard they were dropping the idea of supporting the 4. I too cannot imagine how they would manage this. If they can't get it to work on the iPad 2 without changes, they wouldn't be able to get it to work on the iPhone 4 without a complete engine overhaul.

  • oooooomonkey

    I think they should have left the jail break thing in there to stop the pirates.
    I wouldn't be surprised if apple force this kind of thing soon anyway.

    • dancj

      Pirates will always find ways around things like this. The only people this hits are the ones who jailbreak for reasons other than piracy and have legitimately bout the game.

      • dancj


      • PallaZ

        It's like Assassins creed: you were forced to be online in order to play, but as soon as the game was released it was hacked. And the only players hurt by that attack where those who actually bought it legally. The gamers with a cracked version were still able to start there game.

      • http://bytefair.com/ Paul Graham

        Legit players wouldn't have been hurt if Ubisoft didn't make the ridiculous choice to pursue always-online nonsense.

    • Xissoric

      The issue is, there are people with jailbroken iPhones that paid for the game. Jailbroken iPhones/iPods have many features that people like to have.

      • Boris Nguetie

        yep like me i'm jailbroken, i paid the game and i'm playing it with my ps3 controller!! i think that reason is more than enough to jailbreak!!

    • http://bytefair.com/ Paul Graham

      Yay, more people worrying about what others are doing. You guys need more hobbies or something, get a life.

      • MrAlbum

        So spending a few minutes reading an article and typing out a quick comment constitutes not having a life?

        My bullshyeet-o-meter has dinged a 4. You do not want to know what happens if it gets a reading over 10.

      • http://bytefair.com/ Paul Graham

        Hopefully you STFU and go away?

      • MrAlbum

        Actually , a 9 is where I go trollishly nuclear. Thank God I haven't hit a 10.

        I STFU at 0. Sorry about that XD

  • NeonVoidJP

    I'm still waiting for an update to their most recent console title to fix the many game breaking bugs!!!

  • hourglass

    The game still crashes a lot on iPad Mini, often at completely random moments.

  • phonecats

    Still can't believe they made it anti Jailbreak. They could've targeted pirated copies, but went with every jailbreaker.

    You ever get tired of slide to unlocking your iPad? JB.

    Have as many icons per page as you want? JB.

    Display iPhone games as retina on iPad? JB.

    Anyways, too little too late [ ]ENIX

    • http://ask.fm/MidianGTX MidianGTX

      List of boring reasons to jailbreak? JB.

      • homosaur

        The fact that Apple doesn't support retina on iPad natively is frankly ridiculous iPad protectionism. Software looks great with RetinaPad

      • dancj

        It is silly, but they're fixing that with iOS 7

      • Ryan

        How about this: screensavers, call blocking, access to internal files, customization of icons, expanded WebKit, adblockers, widgets, app translator, safari translator, real multitasking, emulators (including DS and soon PS2) etc

  • Alexythimia23

    The first update should have been ipad support!! Instead jail breakers

  • Alexythimia23

    The first update should have been ipad 2 support!! Instead of giving jailbreakers who regardless of what they say, take advantage of the free downloading!! Instead legitimate users are being second class citizens? Sorry but i dont buy the whole " well im a jailbreaker who follows the rules" whatever!! Its not just about "personalising" your ios devices or fixing a emulator to play old games which you have played a million times before or any other fickle reason. I for one think its bull that ipad 2 support was not put first!! Jailbreakers getting there knickers in a twist should have saw that coming, instead they play the old " im a genuine consumer card" when we all know thats mostly NOT the case. So regardless of whether or not an update is on its way, its a shame they have bowed down to those demands first, regardless of whether it was easier to do or if there is a bigger jailbreaking market, not cool ladies, not cool.

    • Xexist

      Im glad you are unhappy, because you are a tool. I am sorry I had to be the one to tell you.

      • Alexythimia23

        Haha lmao firstly I'm not unhappy about it, secondly im glad i touched a nerve, as i take it judging from your response your definitely the type of freeloading jailbreaker s i was talking about, and thirdly how ironic you use the word "tool", as in the same thing you used to jailbreak your ios device just to bitch when a developer makes your "tool" fire blanks, pun intended, if you were as honest as the guy who wrote beneath you who said that most do it for free downloads well maybe my response would not be as harsh, but as it is your 2-bit one liner of a failed comeback.... totally deserved this response, peace out kid.

      • Xexist

        so you ARE happy about it? Good, so I am. I misunderstood your post and I thought you were a tool because it seemed you were complaining that they decided to fix a game that they broke ON PURPOSE for some customers. Which we both know, deep down, doesnt really make sense.

        My mistake!

    • dancj

      You miss the point.

      Yeah, most jailbreakers probably do do it for the pirate apps. There are plenty who don't though - and punishing those ones when they've chosen to pay for the game is unfair.

    • http://iqsoup.com/ iqSoup

      Plenty of jail breakers do so to customize their iPhone. Apple likes to have things their way and tends to force it down people's throat. Just because you can pirate apps with a jail broken device doesn't mean everyone does. You can pirate apps on a Droid, doesn't mean everyone who owns a Droid is some kind of thief. If you paid for your iPhone you should be free to jailbreak if Apple's OS is too cookie-cutter for you. And if you paid for a game you should be able to play it--plain and simple.

  • datoamo


  • boo7600

    Still waiting on iPad 2 support

  • CacciaCM

    I always go to AppsGoer for first-hand reviews when some promising games are released, because they are fast and professional.

  • jimmyhazard

    Remember when an artist put their work out and didn't care about "feedback". I want those days back.

    Imagine Ninja Gaiden with fixes from "users"...

    Imagine any of Dali's paintings redone to feedback from people who didn't get it...

  • iOSPeace

    Still yet waiting for iPad 2 support. This is making mad having to wait for the iPad 2 version.